Friday, June 25, 2010

Where were You?

Anybody know what today is? The anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson. Funny thing is that I associate it with some long ass interleague baseball game my dad was pretending not to follow on the computer. The blog I wrote was about other celebrity deaths that happened and not just Micheal's. And I took a nap. I really wanted to go online to find out about what was happening. I just had to get my info from tv and the radio. I saw the tv coverage after my mom told me. I was still pissed off at my dad for hogging the computer. I remember seeing the ambulance on tv. I also remember seeing all the people crying on street corners and blasting his music.

In his memory today I sung the chorus of "You are not Alone".

The funny thing is that I usually associate world events with other random things that happened that day. Except for September 11th. Let's see I associate the Gulf War and the January 16, 1991 air strike with the late birthday present I revived from my uncle in the mail that day. It was a My Little Pony! Actually I was going to write that story for my memoir class. That was one of writing exercises in one of the books we used. The exercise was to write about a major world event. One of those "Where were you?" type stories. Of course I don't remember WWII, Korea, Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam, Iran hostage crisis, death of John Lennon, Iranian Revolution, and the Adam Walsh murder. I wasn't born back then, silly! I barely remember the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 or much of the cold war.

My dad told me that one of the places I applied for was on fire. The funny thing is I can't find anything about it. Not online, or on the local news. He has a tendency to make up stories for attention, and to try and discourage me as much as possible. I take most of what he says with a grain of salt. But if you do come across a story about it pass it along. *yelling* I need logical research!

Something my dad has been lacking in for awhile; even though he demands I do it. >:(

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