Wednesday, June 9, 2010

High School Pt. 2

I thought I should post this blog early because I have an early class and I have to get to bed early. But I might just stay up to see the war between Fallon and Ferguson.

I forgot to mention this about the book cover. A lot of people in the class are really vain and submitted pictures of themselves for the book cover. I guess to be like a real author. If I ever did get a book of mine published I wouldn't put my picture on it. Maybe I'd put a drawing of myself or something. I could be like Kiss or something, and I'd have another persona and wear a disguise or something. I think putting my mug on a book would make it not sell. I don't like plastering pictures of myself everywhere. I was never into that. I never use to put pictures of myself on my binders when I was in school. The only picture I have up of myself in my room is the one of Shirley and me.

I hope the class party is not dedicated to the popular guy or even worse it gets canceled because *ack!* he doesn't show up! They can't go on without him. Oh Boy! -_- The whole idea is really high school signing a book and leaving messages to each other!? :/

I heard "Time of Your Life" today on the radio. It made me think about reciting that song to the class. I really hope the party is somewhat enjoyable (within reason). I'll just tell myself what I did before I went to Golden Apple if I don't like what's going on or it's not what I expected I’ll leave. I’ll go hang out at one of the local fast food restaurants. They are within walking distance from the school. I’ll get myself some fries.

I loved the speech Will gave to New Directions about life being a journey. I used it for the farewell speech I'm going to give my class. I'll say it's from Glee. I'm not plagiarizing it or anything. The reflections paper was an assignment! D'oh! Oh well! I did put some thought into it. I was more worried about my farewell. XD

Speaking of Glee I would read Sue's book if it was real. :P

I was thinking about using “Supervixen”, but it seemed kind of inappropriate. I was also going to use “Metal Heart”, but I thought it was too political.

Maybe the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup because they have committed to being straight edge. @.@

There is a clue about the song I'm choosing for class in this blog. See if you can find it. :P ^-^

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