Thursday, June 10, 2010


Ok first off if you managed to find this blog from being in my class welcome!

Now on to the blog. Did you figure out what the song was? I'll get to that later in the blog.

I stayed up late to see Jimmy Fallon wave to Ferguson.

I woke up from a strange dream about George Costanza.

I remembered I accidentally forgot my wallet. I hoped that nothing bad would happen to me. On the ride over there I kept dozing off. I really should have drunk a Mountain Dew for breakfast.
I was surprised other people brought food. I thought everybody was going to fight over the donuts I brought. I ate a lot of fruit and donuts. Donuts other people brought. Mmm donuts! *drool*. I sound like Homer. Somebody brought coffee and I don't know it sort of reminded me of a box of wine.

That popular guy didn't come to class due to health problems. In honor of his absence an empty chair was placed in the middle of the room. I thought that was kind of absurd.

Somebody asked me about basketball and which game that the Lakers were playing (game 4) and how many wins the Lakers have. This person was lucky; I know a little about sports. :P I wasn't representing in Laker colors. I was wearing something red. When I see somebody in purple and gold I think they could be a Laker fan or a Viking fan.

I was right everybody ate up that Glee quote like I knew they would. ;P Apparently there are some other Gleeks in the class besides me. Thanks Glee writers and Matthew Morrison who plays Will Schuester.

The song I recited was "Run Baby Run" ^-^ Did you find the clue? It was "fries". The funny thing was that people in the class were really into me reciting the lyrics. I didn't sing them. I wouldn't even try. Nobody was really familiar with the song though. Somebody asked me if they could find the video for the song on youtube. I was even asked which album it's on. I even wore something red. I just want to say something about the video that I never noticed about it before. There is something red in pretty much every shot.

A lot of people were getting choked up and stuff. It's a good thing I didn't recite those Alice Cooper lyrics. Or even some "Zero" lyrics.

"intoxicated with the madness
I'm in love with my sadness

bullshit fakers enchanted kingdoms

the fashion victims chew their charcoal teeth
I never let on that I was on a sinking ship
I never let on that I was down ".

It was a good thing I didn't wear the shirt that says "I don't care" on it.

During the sharing various people were lamenting about his absence. What could we do he was in the hospital?!

When we were getting ready to leave they kept taking pictures and dawdling around. The people from the next class were getting angry, and I wouldn't blame them. They kept taking pictures, and roping me in them. Well at least I didn't have bad hair. *phew!* I really wanted to hide somewhere, but where was I gonna hide in a classroom? When nobody was looking I quickly packed up my things and ran out the room. I was there so long I didn't even go buy my fries. :( Well I didn't have much money on me anyway. After I got the book I realized how thick it was. It's pretty heavy too. At the bus stop I was flipping through it. The funny thing is that my email is printed incorrectly in the book. Hope nobody goes looking for me on facebook or anything. Maybe it's a good thing the address is wrong. Maybe I won't get bombarded with emails.

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