Thursday, June 3, 2010

Girls Write Shit

I was going to write about there being 2 more classes left, and reflecting, and all that good stuff. I'll get to that later in the blog. I was going to write about that or basketball.
Here is some funny graffiti I saw in the bathroom. Love the commentary. Guys wouldn't write commentary like that.

Ok now onto basketball. The Lakers and Celtics are meeting in the Finals for the 3rd consecutive time in a row. Each team has one title Celtics '08 and Lakers '09.

Speaking of basketball Wooden is in grave condition. How old is that guy?

Speaking of celebrity deaths Rue McClanahan died. Betty White (Rose) is the only Golden Girl left. Blanche was one of my favorite characters in the show.

Now onto school. When I got to class nobody was there for a long time. I thought class was canceled. I rocked out to some Garbage for like 15 minutes.

I was worried that my final would not be held in the same room. This has happened to me before I just had to ask to be sure. I've been in college for about 8 years. I'm like a seasoned veteran.

Remember that portfolio I worked so hard putting together? I turned it in like I was supposed to. Then somebody else in the class tells me they didn't do it. Why tell me? What can I do? Really? That just confused me.

That popular guy didn't come to class today. Everybody loves him and such. As a joke I wrote this in response to his absence. *ack* *heart attack* (that wasn't supposed to rhyme.) No momentum. Seriously he sets the tone and momentum for the class.

Saw the cover of the project I handed over. Not something I would make, but it wasn't in my hands anymore. So Kudos to her for doing it! I would not have been able to handle it. She did do it by hand and not with software eventually.

For the final people in the class were getting crazy. They wanted to have a party with breakfast foods. I'm like "Ok...What?!". I think there was too much rapid talking, and it got out of hand. Some people wanted to come to class in pajamas. I'm not leaving the house in those. I want my hair to look good in case pictures are taken. Somebody even wanted to play games. That's cool...I guess... As long as we don't play Heads Up 7 Up. I hate that game!

My mom convinced me to bring pastries or something like that, I'm cheap and don't want to spend a lot of money. I should really ask everybody else what they are going to bring.

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