Thursday, June 24, 2010

Puppet Hair

Still trying to work out the new direction of my blog. Well now for the summer. How about if I just post some random stories and stuff?

Why do people need 10 years experience for an entry level job? I feel like a failure! Maybe I should stop thinking like that.

Here is some fluff stuff. Does anybody think that Red from Fraggle Rock
and Abby Cadabby
have the same hair?

Heard “Special” again on the radio. How often do they play that song? Why am I questioning this? It’s a Clear Channel station.

I found a mistranslation in the Lupin III episode I saw today. It takes place in 1980, but the president mentioned in the subtitle is Obama? Wouldn’t Regan be president in 1980? According to some research I did that episode aired on June, 9, 1980. That really bothered me. Who translated that!?

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