Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Play a Different Garbage song!

I want to say something to 98.7 in Los Angeles can you please play a different Garbage song at the rewind at noon? The only song I ever hear on that segment is "Special". It's not that I hate that song or anything like that. It's probably one of my favorite songs off of "Version 2.0", and one of my favorite videos. I just heard it last week on the 7th. The only reason I know this is because last week when I was trying to rock out to it while my dad was bothering me for tech support again! >.< (but that is not the subject for this blog) Please play a different Garbage song. Here are some suggestions "Only Happy When it Rains", "Androgyny", "Why do You Love Me", or "Push It".

Aside from the lack of variety of Garbage songs played on that station another idea came to me (not Garbage related). I was thinking "What if I get annoying emails in the fall telling me to sign up for other classes?" That thought didn't occur to me until today! :/

Did I mention that some of the people were having withdrawals because the class was ending?

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