Friday, June 11, 2010

Experience Required

Here are some things I forgot to mention in my last blog.

Before class I listened to "Run Baby Run". I thought it would be rather fitting since it was the song I listened to right before my first day of that class. The funny thing about “Run Baby Run” is that I can’t remember if I purposely listened to that song before my first day of class, or it was the next in the queue. I just want to say something else about it. I would pay good money for an official physical release of that video.

I know some people think I'm crazy because I'm worried about what other people think about me. I just want to say that if I didn't I'd end up doing a lot of crazy/bad things. Doesn't everybody lie about their life to make it sound better?

The funny thing is that a few people in the class wanted to write about relatives they didn’t really know. That just sounds shady. I wouldn’t write about my great grandma. She died in the 70s. I never met her. So excuse me if my writing sounds self centered, but I only want to write about myself. I know that person so well. Of course my family members will appear in the stories and stuff. Why would I write about somebody else? I'm not in their head. Everybody has a different point of view. My cousin and I can be at the same party and feel totally different about it.

Here is something that bothered me about my class. Some people had so much blind faith in that popular guy. They just blindly followed this guy, and put him on a pedestal. They would be prime cult property. Funny, I always thought I was, and I believe in blind faith. Hell, I'm a Cena fan. That is blind faith right there.

There was another person who didn't show up. I found out they are a Conan fan. I really wanted to write them a message that had the phrase "Go Team Coco!" in it.

When I received my book I realized that there is so much to read in there I should take it for jury duty. Maybe I should just bring my Tokyo Mew Mew manga instead.

You know like everybody wants job experience. You even need experience to bus tables. DAMN!

I went to the Hometown Buffet and you know what!? They didn't have fries! They always have fries. Potato wedges are not fries. I sound like the grandma from the show Maybe it's Me. She said "Coleslaw is not a potato."

I’m not taking educational advice from my dad ever again!

That is all.

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