Monday, June 14, 2010

Miscellaneous blog #32

I took the weekend off from blogging.

I have a celebrity death to report Jimmy Dean has died. So eat some sausage in his honor. Unless you hate it. If you do ignore that statement. (This was not meant to be of a sexual nature)

Ok now that I got all my bases covered with that let’s move on. How was that finals game? It was pretty intense at the end. I’ll end up having no eyebrows. I superstitiously pluck my eyebrows during the finals if the Lakers make it that far in a season.

I don’t follow soccer/football. As to not confuse the readers. I tried to back in 1994 when the World Cup was being held in the USA. It was really close too. It was being held at the Rosebowl. Back then I collected the pogs with the different countries names on them. I bet I still have a few of them lying around somewhere…
(picture found on ebay)I still really don’t know the rules of soccer. @.@

If my writing was represented by a food it would be
donuts and cheese. Quirky yet something people think wouldn’t really go together.

Since my summer has sort of officially started. I'm not going to say it officially has until I serve my jury duty next week. What should I wear? A "costume"? I want to wear something wacky. What will I do with my time besides looking for work? Making homespun DVDs! ^0^ And probably writing in my journal.

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