Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Story of my Life

My interview didn't go as bad as I thought it would. Usually due to lack of experience I'm promptly shown the door. But I wasn't, and that was strange in a good way. Plus I used that interview trick I learned in sales class. It's nothing shady. Perhaps I should write a thank you letter?

I wouldn't want it to be like that lyric from "Story of my Life".
"I went downtown to look for a job,
I had no training, no experience to speak of.
I looked at the holes in my jeans and turned and headed back."

A few minutes after the interview I got a call; from Career Advisor. Those fuckers don't quit. They have called me 4 times today! >:( I thought they gave up on me since the last time they called was on June 25th. Speak of the devil! I was writing about them calling me and they called again! They have called me for a 5th time!

I'm trying to get caught on my paper journaling.

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