Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Iz Famous!

Look! I was quoted on a website. It's the last post on the page. My screen name is "pikachulover" there.
Obviously this person does not know my father who still instates "quiet time".

I don't know why people think that Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear is a real toy. It's not, sorry. I found an anachronism in the commercial it's suppose to be like from 1983, but the lunchbox the girl has is definitely a late 80s design. I do give them props for making the commercial vintage looking and inspired by 80s toy commercials. The commercial reminds me of a mix of the Heart to Heart Bear, Care Bears, Tuggabows, and My Buddy/Kid Sister commercials.

Here is something interesting that came my way mid-blog. People are emailing the memoir class teacher messages and stuff. Everybody or most everybody was sad that the popular guy did not include his email in the list. I felt I was pressured to do it. I "cracked". :P Bad Me! ;P
Here would be my email to the teacher/my class: "Doing nothing, basketball is riveting! Actively looking for work. That will help me produce more stories."

Working on a new sticker blog. A continuation of the last one Stick it to Me.

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