Monday, June 7, 2010

We Can't Even Think of a Word That Rhymes

I didn’t want my reflections paper to look like an Airing of Grievances from Festivus. I got the idea while I was watching basketball yesterday. I remembered how people get mad when I say something bad about a celebrity. It doesn’t need to be intentionally hurtful. Perhaps the celebrity photographed badly or something. I like to edit what I say about celebrities; especially the ones I like in case it gets misconstrued as something “bad”. I'd rather write I love (fill in celebrity‘s name here) they are the coolest! Instead of (fill in celebrity‘s name here) looks fat in this photo. Those green pants are not flattering. I’ll just pretend I took the class with a bunch of celebrities I admire.

I have written more. I've written at least a paragraph.

My sales final didn't seem as hard as I thought it would be. I wasn't stressing about it even though I should have a little. I didn't really study for it either. I was so stressed out about what I was going to write for my writing class. Out of the 3 things I attempted writing nothing is finished. I'm also thinking that people might not bring food, so I'll need to eat something before I go. I was going to anyway. Maybe if nobody eats the food I bring I'll take it back like Mr. Costanza and the marble rye. Maybe I should take a marble rye to class. All I need is a farting horse.

Huh? My dad told me that silly phrase after I take a test again. "Were you sure of all your answers?"Of course not!

I don't have another final until Thurs. I'm going to try and sleep in tomorrow.

I'm still narrowing down my writing that I'll have to share with the class. I'm leaning strongly towards a particular song, but I don't want to name it yet. Here are some other songs I'm considering: Simple Minds "Don't You (Forget About Me)", Alice Cooper "School's Out", Everclear "Everything to Everyone", Fatboy Slim "Praise You", and Green Day "Time of Your Life". I really want a song that says "Goodbye, I'm probably not coming back".

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