Tuesday, June 1, 2010

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First blog of June!

I have another celebrity death to report. Louise Bourgeois. I can't recall if I'm familiar with her art or not. Shirley mentioned her death.

I was still fretting about my hair. I think no pictures were taken today, but I can't be 100% sure. But it needs to look good for the next 2 class sessions. The hardest part will be to make my hair look good for the final. I need to be at school before 8AM. I hate early classes. >:(

I wasn't in the mood for writing today. During class I wrote a crappy paragraph about candles. I was thinking about something else. I actually wrote in my notebook "This story is crappy I'm not reading it."

I was more worried about there being enough ink to print the rest of my stories for my portfolio. I just wanted class to end, so I could work on the assignment. I was also worried that I wouldn't meet the minimum requirement of 30 pages.

The funny thing was that 2 people did a report on the same book. It wasn't Just Kids or the Mister Ed book I read.

Here are some silly doodles I drew in class.

I want an internship with Conan. For his new show. I probably won't get it, but maybe one of Conan's people will read this or something.

When I got back I got straight to it. I didn't want to do anything else, but work. I had to fight for the computer. My dad kept trying to get me away from it though. By trying to distract me with food and other stuff. The good thing was that since the pages had to be double spaced when I formatted them I had more pages. A story I wrote about Shirley ended up being 9 double spaced pages. That was just the right amount to meet the quota of 30 pages. If I didn't have enough pages I was just going fill it up with 1-2 page vignettes to meet the quota.

After I finished my dad wanted to know if I was watching baseball tonight. What?! It's running against Glee, and I haven't watched Dodger game all season. The Dodgers and the Raiders are something for my dad and my cousin to enjoy. Not me. I'll just Gleek out over here or something.

I missed the end of Glee. Well it wasn't my fault there was another power outage in the neighborhood. I liked the "Loser" part with Finn and Puck. It reminded me of that "Better Days" video by Citizen King. I did see most of it though it cut off at the part when Rachel was getting egged by Vocal Adrenaline.

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