Friday, September 30, 2011

Japanese Palate

I got a call back! I never get those! I agreed to it before I was told the location. Stupid rookie mistake. The interview call back was at a different location than where I put in my application.

I was gonna have my dad drive me, but he was already super crabby and I didn't want to deal with it. It's the same as usual.
Dad: If you don't let me drive you. You're gonna fail and get lost! Don't complain about it!
Me: Fine! (thinking) I already had to endure a job fair with you yesterday.

The place wasn't too hard to find. The biggest problem was that I had to get up really early. I hadn't slept in for days. I did sorta get lost. (But I wasn't going to tell my dad) The map lied it looked closer on the map then it was in real life. Even though the map estimated it was 1/11th of a mile.

When I finally got there. I was still early. But listening to music on headphones in really frowned upon. I learned that at a job fair. :(

Here's how I interpreted it. They really needed another person for back up, and my application was at the bottom of the barrel. It made me think about my questionable membership in the Honor Society and how they needed me to help garden.

Who knew being unemployed and sitting on your ass watching UTB would pay off? Obviously the guy had really no idea what was being shown on the channel, but he works so, he's not sitting on his ass watching the channel. I mostly watch food shows anyway.

I was trying to figure out who this place was catering to. The Japanese? According to the guy the Japanese population spread out, and don't really live in the area. So they are catering to Korean and Chinese tastes since they are use to that type of food. I guess more so than a western taste. I have an idea for the place buy some ad time on UTB or in the local Japanese publications. But I didn't say that.

It was funny when he asked about anime. Since I put it on my resume because of that template I found on the web. If the resume did work I can't believe it did. Especially since it was "bad".

I'll know by Friday if I have the job or not.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Resume Toast!

My dad took me to a job fair that was being held in the old district I use to go to high school in. When I read the paper they gave out before the job fair opened. I noticed it said "introductions" and "short speech". Knowing that this was being held at my old district no speeches are "short".

This one guy was trying to boost his cred or look like an everyman or something. Saying about how he went to the different schools in the district as a child/teen. And that he went to my former high school. He wanted people in attendance to applaud it. Because according to him "it's the best school around". Huh? :/ My old high school sucks they are not good. I wasn't proud that I went there. I would not applaud it. He also said he hangs out with his mom on the weekends who happens to still live in the neighborhood. TMI dude do I really need to know? As this was happening I was thinking "Blog in a bag! Slam dunk! This stuff writes itself."

It reminded me of when I was a junior in high school and my art class had to give a presentation about our projects. One of the principals or vice or co-principal (I forget which the administration at my high school was weird and never really cohesive) This person was no higher than a principal. Gave a speech for the art project presentation. I didn't see the need of it. It was just a presentation we did in the classroom. It wasn't an assembly or awards ceremony or anything.

Maybe they are members of Toastmasters or something. (When I was a freshman in college I thought Toastmasters had to do with toasted bread.)

I finally got my resume evaluated. With my input..sorta. Like always my dad kept talking over me. His bad advice was to use a bunch of stuff I did in 8th grade. He wanted me to put a club in high school I got kicked out of? He wanted me to make a resume like a writer. I'm not sure how that would work. I'm looking for entry level jobs. Non-writing jobs. I'll look for those after I get some degree.He didn't even want me to list that I went to high school and have a diploma. Of course I'm supposed to that is the highest level of education I completed. Sure I went to college, but I didn't graduate.

I was told to tailor my resume to every different position I'm applying to. That is way too complicated. I'll just sort of tweak it like I wouldn't send a food themed resume to an office job.

When I asked about providing a photo the lady gave me a WTH face. Even though I said "What if a really ugly person wants a job?" She told me since I'm not looking for modeling or acting jobs most places that require a photo are not legit. Well maybe a restaurant wants a really cute girl to cook burgers or something.

I personally think that too many non-job awards on a resume will make it look bloated. I was also told to get rid of hobbies. I only included that because I found it on a resume template.

My dad got mad because he didn't know what linkedin is. Why did he get mad when I said I wasn't going to do all the changes I was told to. It's my resume. I'm the one who's going to be using it.

The thing was mostly a bust. Most of what was there was agencies. I don't trust them. A lot of them just want your info. There were also a few MLMs scattered about. They didn't even have a map or diagram for all the places that were represented there. I shouldn't expect much since it was held in my old district.

He thought I had never been to a job fair before? What the fuck!? I've been to plenty at all the different colleges I went to.

And of course I got in trouble because my dad wandered off and couldn't find me. I hate when that happens! He blames it on me!

What the hell is a "dignitary senator" anyway? That title sounds made up. I even put it in Google with no explanation of the title. If you know what it is please leave a comment in the comments section.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Treasure Hunter Pony

I did finally break the news to my parents about my flagged application I think it has to do with my last name I really need to change it. It's totally unlucky. Surprisingly they weren't mad. *phew!* -_-"

Remember a unicorn without a horn is a horse. Unless it talks then it might be Mister Ed. If it's a pony with no horn or wings it might be Sweet Stuff. She is good at solving riddles. I always thought pegasi and unicorns were different races of horse. Which reminds me: buy a Sweet Stuff pony. (when I have the money) She doesn't look a lot like her animated counterpart.

Why does my dad want to work on my resume with me now? He never cared before or knew that I made one.

I really hope the Conrad Murray case doesn't get blown out of proportion like the OJ case was. The OJ case led to the cancellation of a lot of tv shows because people were just watching the case.

I watched another Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills episode. The preppy guy kind of reminds me of Chandler a little. At least they don't wear their colors you know like the nerdy guy only wears yellow clothes because the outfit he fights in is yellow. I'm trying to figure out how many sets are used in the show. So far I've seen; Drew's yard, the coffee bar, the lockers, the place where they transform, the place where the bad guy is, and where they fight.

Subgatory is a funny show. I reminds me of the 2 years I lived in a place like that. It was a little different since people drove vans back then instead. (it was the early 90s) It was funny when the girl passed by the glee club practicing, and there was a guy in a wheelchair and a cheerleader.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Televised Teenage Angst

I can't believe my dad got mad at me because an email I was trying to send wouldn't send. He was acting like I was incompetent again. It said that my email host could not find the address.

I've been trying to make a facebook page for my comic, but it's not going very well. I mean making the facebook page. I have a deviantart and twitter for it though. They are pretty sparse though. I might just delete the facebook page. Update: facebook page pending deletion. It's in the 14 day waiting period.

I watched all of the episode of Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills. I watched the first episode, and took some notes. After watching it the show reminds me more of Photon than Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad. It's got a bunch of loud music and slow motion scenes for no reason. At least Dic didn't waste the money on the rights to popular music of the time like they did with Photon. But when Dic made Photon they were a relatively new company. I think if I would have saw this as a kid I might have questioned the production values. It did come out when was 10. Is Drew (the blond girl) supposed to be adventurous or rebellious she was wearing a leather-like vest. The show did mix it up a bit by having an AA nerd character. He's like a mix of Billy from Power Rangers and Urkel. Dic also mixed it up a bit with SSSS by having Syd (a female) be the smart one. That was one of the things I liked about SSSS. It was the same thing with Gadget in the Rescue Rangers. I like to relate to the brainy girl character if the main group is of mixed gender. Except for Recess. I liked Gus the best. But not when the group is of the same gender like the Winx Club. Tecna is not my favorite one; it's Stella. The preppy boy is funny. He reminds me of a bit of Niles Crane, Calvin from Ghostwriter, and a character from California Dreams. The coffee bar they meet at is supposed to be like the juice bar from Power Rangers. Then I was thinking did they copy Friends? I think it is more of a coincidence since both shows premiered in the same year. The outfits they wear are totally Power Ranger knockoffs. They have a little bit of pro wrestler or American Gladiators mixed in. The masks totally are a Power Ranger knockoff with the silver lips and all. they have similar weapons. One of them has an axe and one has a lance. I don't think the show is a pure Power Rangers knockoff I think there is a little Saved by the Bell mixed in there and maybe a little bit of Photon.

I also watched a whole episode of Mona the Vampire. I still don't get this show, and I don't like it. I heard that she solves cases. I thought it was going to be like Miss Mallard which I really liked. I think Mona has supernatural powers or something like that. In the episode I saw she imprisoned a vampire in a comic book. It's funny because she calls her diary a "vampire diary". What is up with her vampire hair? I do like the theme song.

I was hoping to rewatch the Wonderful World of Oz, but I don't think that will be possible. I'll still try and record Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills. That is too much of a train wreck of a show not to watch.

Here are my colored in Benard comics. I colored them in with the crayon brush in Paint. I use to color my Benard comics in by hand with crayon. I showed the contrast between the pink and the blue bear.

Glee was ok I really liked when Will confronted Quinn,and told her to grow up. I could take a lesson from Glee. PS if anybody wants to use me in a campaign video feel free to contact me. But why was Kurt twirling daggers? It reminded me of the Ninja Turtles.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Things from the 1990s

When I was watching The Monkees at 3:30 AM, and this totally ironic commercial for a medical trade school came on asking if the person watching is up late stressed out about not having a career. The reason it was funny was because it was shown during the episode "Monkee versus Machine".

I tried to watch this cartoon called Mona the Vampire. I don't get it. Is she a kid pretending to be a vampire or a real one? I fell asleep during it. Maybe I can watch it tomorrow.

I recorded Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills. I tried to watch it, but my mom was bothering me while I was trying to watch, so maybe I'll watch it tomorrow. I watched the theme song. That's as far as I got. From what I saw it reminds me of Photon. By the pure cheesiness of it. This was made in 1994? It looks like it was made in 1987. At least Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad had the Gridman footage to fall back on which made it a lot more like Power Rangers than this show. I really hoped that UTB would have subbed Gridman. It sounded interesting. Some of the plot lines of the episodes were very similar to the ones from the US series. Here's a SSSS fun fact the exterior shot of the high school that Sam and his friends go to is a shot of Toll Junior High in Glendale California. I know because I use to go to Mark Keppel elementary which is like across the street from Toll. But when I tell people I went to Mark Keppel they think I went to the high school instead. The high school is in Alhambra.

I attempted I draw some Benard pictures just to get a feel of drawing him again. It was hard for me to replicate the crudeness. I drew the first comics before I took formal art classes. I even tried to outline one of the drawings in blue because I use to outline my Benard comics in dark blue pen because I had a lot more dark blue pens laying around than black ones.

They got a little smudged. I used gel pens. I'll post colored versions I did in paint later.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Benard is Back!

Back when I was about 11 I started making some comic about a bear named Benard. It was supposed to be Bernard, but I couldn't spell.

The problem with Benard was that it was too abstract. The comic dealt with things like relevant Halloween costumes, Benard's family and other stuff. I didn't make too many Benard comics. About less than 5. The 2 I remember making was his introductory comic and Halloween. I was really close to the Halloween one I thought it was really funny.

Back when I was in 8th grade there was an announcement that the school paper was looking for a cartoonist. I bought some of my best work to show the teacher in charge of it. One of the drawings I brought was of Minnie Mouse, and the teacher said they couldn't use it because that is a copyrighted character. The teacher didn't think the Benard comic was funny. She wanted a comic that dealt with school issues.

I tried to make it work, but it was hard. Benard is preschool aged or maybe he was in Kindergarten? He was no where near junior high age. He did have an older bother who was about 10, but the comic focused on Benard.

Originally the was pink, but I changed his color to blue, so people reading it wouldn't think he was a girl. He did wear a bowtie. He had a girlfriend named Bernia. I forget how it was spelled. I even wrote a song about Benard it was set to the tune of the English Beat's "Mirror in the Bathroom". It was pretty dumb. I wrote around the time I was getting into 2 tone ska.

Here is a drawing of Benard.

Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm not Inclined to Resign to Maturity

My dad got let go from his job. It didn't work out. He says they wanted him to know things he's never done before. It was gone like that *snaps fingers*

My dad wants me to go to the mall and ask who is hiring. He is up to something I can feel it. I sound like Shawn Spencer. LOL XD ^-^

Maybe I should try and solve crimes instead. Too bad I don't have a grounded best friend anymore who drives a compact car. She drove a Ford. I need to buy some Mitchum and a pineapple.

Why does my dad get mad when I say places need retail experience? It's not like I can magically get some without being hired anywhere, and get a job. Stupid!

The last Price is Right clips of the week were Drew's first show, and the first playing of Any Number with Bob.

The end of All My Children was dumb. It was too Sopranos for me.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jane vs Jane

The clip was of the debut of Cliff Hangers. The debut of the big wheel which looked like one of those carnival wheels. It wasn't the standard one they use today. They were 2 clips I don't recall seeing before on an anniversary special.

I had this really strange Glee dream. It really made no sense at all. I hate when I have dreams that really make no sense. But it wasn't anything surreal though.

X Factor got bad ratings. I though it would have been bigger in the US. I hate all the sob stories, just get to the singing. I fell the US version is like the spiritual successor of American Idol or at least it wanted to be. Or maybe present itself as the antithesis? I think it's funny that they have the rival sponsors. AI: AT&T, Coke and Ford. XF: Verzion, Pepsi, and Chevrolet.

Maybe I'll go back to watching survivor I haven't decided.

Community was great it reminded me of something similar that happened to me. The writers must know me or something. It was funny when Abed was saddened by the ending of the British version of cougar Town. Which made me think I would not want to see an American version of Keeping Up Appearances. I'd hate to think what American Rose would be like. Elizabeth would probably be some loudmouthed lady. (Elizabeth is quite reserved) If anybody were to remake it keep the flower themed names for the sisters.

I'm having a hard time getting use to the absence of Michael Scott in The Office.

I can't get into the new Prime Suspect. It moves way too fast. I hate Jane's hat. It bothers me. There was a joke about Scotland yard. The cases are too short they are 1 episode long. It moves too fast. They use of too much American music in the scenes for no reason. The first case is different some children saw a killing there was no George and the sex dungeon. They did keep the charity boxing event, but they cut out the girly standup comedy by the men. I wish they would have kept the part about her dad recording the wrong program. She doesn't smoke.

But I have strange preferences in tv shows.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Japanese Literature

I went to apply for a Japanese restaurant It was sort of hard to find it's located near a Japanese market.

My dad had a hard time finding it luckily I remembered what the logo looked like from watching their commercials on UTB.

After I finished filling out my application I checked to see if there was any interesting Japanese literature. Like free publications. But there weren't any I guess there weren't because it's close to the end of the month.

On The Price is Right they showed some Drew clips to mix it up. I was getting bored of seeing the same old classic clips they showed on the 25th anniversary episode. Most of the memorable moments would likely include Bob since he hosted the show a lot longer.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Better Than You!

The Price is Right showed more classic clips. Today it was the infamous tube top contestant and the first car given away on the show.

My phone is finally fixed! It took them long enough!

I was working with that dismantled dress and trying to do something with it. When I tried to use it as a clown collar it looked like something from Pagliacci or a bib. I can't decide.

Glee was good. I'm still soured from season 2. It's official Sam is gone. Too bad Lauren quit the club too. I liked her badass-ness. I really wanted her to sing "Skintight" by The Donnas. Rebellious Quinn is funny. "We Got the Beat" brought back thought of mandatory high school "rallies". (At least math class was shorter on those days.) My high school marching band use to play that song. They also use to play the USC fight song. Go fig. *shrugs*. When Blane was singing Tom Jones my mom wanted to know if she heard Tom Jones. I wanted to Carlton dance. My favorite part had to be when Rachel and Kurt went to the mixer, and they realized those people were better than them. Then it made me think about the mediocre and crude "Benard" comics I use to make in junior high. I should bring those back. The crudeness in the art work has a childlike quality to it. I think I drew it when I was 11 or 12. Kurt for senior president? I hope this isn't Mary Sued out! pre-rebellious Quinn would have made a good candidate. From what I got from the episode grade wise was: Brittany, Santana, Finn, Kurt, Rachel, Quinn, and Mercedes seniors. Tina and Artie juniors.

The New Girl isn't that good. I kept feeling like I was watching a bad impersonation of Liz Lemon. Liz is believable. Jess is not, and been around a few awkward people in my life. I'm giving it one more chance. Other people are comparing her to Liz Lemon, so it's not just me.

I thought the September 11th joke in Raising Hope was a bit distasteful. I liked the part when the family seemed to recall different tv very well. Sounds like something I could do. Especially when they referenced Family Guy because that's what I was thinking.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Phone in a Costume

My phone is broken again! It keeps telling me I need to buy more time, but I don't have to until October. I had to call 3 different times, and argue with 3 different people telling me the same thing. Just because your computer says my phone is working doesn't mean it is!

I bought some red skirts at the dollar store for a costume. They fit little kids, but I can alter them. I might need more though to accommodate my girth.

I stained my hand by accidentally touching one of those balls that have fake blood inside them. The ones they usually sell around Halloween. Whatever they use for fake blood stains your hands.

When I called the bakery to ask about the specifics of the position. The bakery told me they filled the position. There is no need to go. Now I can stay home and watch The Office.

I was disappointed that there wasn't much of a tribute the the 40th season of The Price is Right. There were only 2 old clips with Bob. One from the first episode he hosted and the debut of Pinko. But no footage of the disco ball.

I just hope Garbage is not covering "Poker Face" "Love You Like a Love Song" "Baby"

I dismantled an old dress. A really old dress from when I was a kid. It yellowed, but I think I can do something with it. ;)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Garbage covering a Sunday's song (came to me in a dream) Which is nothing more than a hypothesis.

Jane lynch was a good host but not as good as Conan was when he hosted it. People say she is funnier than Lucille Ball, but I don't see it. I think Conan is funnier than Jane Lynch.

I think Modern Family is the Frasier of this decade.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'm not Coming Home

The cooler weather got me thinking about fall, the start of school, football season and homecoming. I'm not going to my high school's homecoming. Gosh no! It's been 10 years since I left the place. I'm just happy that I'm not in high school anymore, and worried about coming up with different "costumes" for all the theme days. The horrible and inexplicable themes we were presented with. Especially since my school had to come up with 2 different ones. Themes for the people running in the homecoming court and the other students.

Which got me thinking when did the tradition of "spirit week" start? The traditions of dressing up and stuff like that. I asked my parents and they had no recollection of it. Just a football game, a dance and a court. (They collectively went to high school from about 1965-1975. They aren't the same age either.) Was it like the 80s? Because I remember my neighbor had a float frame the garage. Her and other high schoolers would come to her house and build it. This would have been circa 1987.

If anybody has any insight on this please leave a comment. Thanks.

Friday, September 16, 2011

September Free Day!

I got a free day! I haven't had one in months. I didn't do much. Slept in since I hadn't gotten much sleep in the past few days. I was going to work on some crafts, but I never got to. :(

My dad got a job! Maybe the good luck will rub off on me. Order was somewhat restored. He got a graveyard shift which reminded me of Everybody Hates Chris. Because that's what Julius the dad works.

I don't know why he got mad at me if I asked if he was a 1099er AKA independent contractor. Jobs that aren't 1099s are really hard to find.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bleaker than Bleak

So my application for school is still flagged until I can show proof of unemployment. I have no idea how I can do that since I never had a job to begin with. Doesn't matter I won't tell my parents, and they obliviously don't read my blog. ROFL! XD

I was thinking of 30 Rock and here are some job dealbreakers to me.

Scheduling open in person interviews and posting an ad for it the day before.

Telling people it's not a 1099 (independent contractor) when it is.

Having to use your own stuff to do the job, and not getting paid for it.

Asking for 3 photos or more for a non acting or modeling job.

Not getting paid for mileage for a job that requires constant driving.

A high turnover rate.

That's a job dealbreaker!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Babies and Nerds

Cochran is a cutie. I like nerdy guys. I think it would be funny to date a nerdy guy and totally rebel against my dad. Not a bad boy they are too unstable. Not a jock, cause my dad is a former one. They would just compete against each other. I'm not sure if I can commit to this season. I might watch X Factor instead. I've been waiting for it to come to the US.

I didn't really like "Up All Night" the baby in that show is really cute. The only funny parts to me was when the dad was explaining hockey to the baby and when he bought the wrong cheese.

I fell asleep during "Free Agents".

Monday, September 12, 2011

Yahoo Answers Doesn't Count as "Experience" or "Qualifications"

The Cookie Jar/This is for Kids line up looks pretty bad although I'm curious to see how bad Tattooed Teenagers from Beverly Hills really is. I wish they would have paired it up with Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad. I love that show it was so campy. Syd was my fave character. She usually wore hats. I might watch Mona the Vampire. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is not a bad show.

I plunked down another $3.50 on Glee merchandise. I bought the notebook on sale for half price, but why does the store have to stock the Glee school supplies next to the Glee DVDs?

I bought a pack of WWE trading cards for $1, but for some reason they smell like perfume or something. The bag didn't smell, but it did when I opened them. The cards I got were; CM Punk, Eve, John Morrison and Nikolai Volkoff.

They didn't call back for the Halloween store :( I guess being a Halloween contributor on yahoo answers doesn't count as "experience" or "qualifications".

Sunday, September 11, 2011


It's been 10 years since. I remember it pretty well. I did mange to write about it in my diary. I was a senior in high school. September 11th is like Columbine in a way. Both events were tragic and I got the wrong info. In my time zone it happened early in the morning. At first I didn't know what was happening. My mom woke me up and told me what was going on. I thought she was joking or something. It was early and a long walk down the hall to the tv in the living room. I just turned on the radio in my room. It was hard to find the story. I ended up hearing an update on the Rick Dees show. I misheard the information and thought there were more planes headed to LA.

I got up to see what was on the tv. I couldn't stop watching it. It was addicting. I didn't know if there was school or not. When I called the attendance office I couldn't get anyone who spoke English. I went to school anyway.

When I got there I was asking around to see if anybody else knew what happened. My friend didn't know. When I went to school I was asking around about WWII and Pearl Harbor. I asked a few of my favorite former teachers if they knew what was going on. But everybody was too young to remember it. In first period we watched the news. Somebody in the class (not the teacher) insisted we watched Good Day LA. After first period I went to check on a different friend. In second period the teacher said she was aware what was going on, but we should work on our pots. (it was a ceramics class) In 3rd period we watched more footage. I procrastinated, so I needed to take my SATs soon. I was trying to fill out the form in class. Other people were telling me not to do it because all the planes were grounded and it would never make it to the place on time. This one guy in my class who was a conspiracy theorist said that America attacked itself. That guy was weird, and believed The Martix was real. He was a blowhard who had the answer for everything. I'm glad I don't see that guy anymore. I wonder why he was so popular? My French teacher didn't seem to care about it. At lunch I wasn't hungry, and I didn't feel like eating. I thought I should be nice to people. I was upset there wasn't a tv in my 6th period class. I asked the teacher what he thought about it, and how he'd rate it on a historical scale. I said I thought George W. was asking his dad for advice. Back then I use to confuse Gaddaffi with Bin Laden.

I wanted to watch Sailor Moon S on Kids' WB. I was sort of upset that I couldn't watch Sailor Moon. There was really nothing on, so I just watched old Saved by the Bell episodes. It was like the only thing on that wasn't coverage. It was the episode when Screech invents a pimple cream. I think I also watched some Sailor Moon videos.

Listening to the radio was strange. They were mostly playing Moby songs; like "Natural Blues". They said they weren't going to play songs like "Fuck Authority" by Pennywise. Loveline did a good job of covering it; like they did with Columbine.

Everything just felt dream-like.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mundane Before the Terror

I saw an ABC news story looking back on September 10th 2001. It was about Michael Jackson's comeback concert. It was reported by Peter Jennings. Both of which are dead. We were concerned about what Gary Condit did or didn't do.

I was very happy that Sailor Moon was on Kids' WB. they were showing the Cloverway S series dub. The Cloverway Serena voice is so annoying. It was worse than the Dic voice.Drawn on September 4th 2001.

I used my best Sailor Moon stationary to write a letter to my dead friend who was alive at the time. She said her stationary was more conservative. I had bought the stationary many years ago. (I think in 8th grade) My dad convinced me to buy it at a Hot Topic store.

I should watch the old video I made recording the episodes for nostalgic purposes.

The episodes they showed were:
Crystal Clear Again
Damp Spirits
Hello Sailor Mini Moon
People Who Need People
Related by Destiny
Art Appreciation
Mimet's Mess

I was engrossed my first week of my senior year of high school. With people and their crazy hair styles. Liking and disliking who I had classes with. Struggling with math from the beginning. A computer class I didn't sign up for that my friend had, and we would joke around in. My frustration with ceramics class, and working with clay. I like to draw. People who recognized me, and I thought they didn't. I felt like the chansey in the Pokemon episode "Ignorance is Blissey". Feeling shy in my English class even though my friend was in the class.

I remember Blink-182 had a concert scheduled for the next day.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rockabilly Jim

I went to fill out an application and be interviewed for a Halloween store.

The girl standing next to me was dressed in the hippie trend. She had fringe boots that reminded me of the ones Peter wore on The Monkees tv show. She also had a matching fringe vest. Love beads would have looked nice. You dig?

I stupidly forgot my pen. I had to borrow one from the hippie dressed girl. I did bring a clip board which I was instructed to. So I said she could used my clip board in exchange for the pen. And she did.

It took such a long time! Two and a half hours long! It reminded me of the celebrity signings I went to. Except there was no reward of meeting a celebrity at the end of the line. I was so tempted to call for a pizza to deliver to me at the line. (Somebody did this when I went to Golden Apple) They were taking people in 2 by 2. And there was a huge line!

I took a seat and sat in a strange position not because I was nervous, but because my back was sore.

There were 2 managers. The first guy did not speak properly. He kept saying "ax" for "ask". The other guy looked like a rockabilly version of Jim Halpert/John Krasinski. The rockabilly guy had distinctive tattoos. Some of anime characters, but I won't name the specific characters or series. I was going to mention it in the interview, but I wasn't sure.

My "qualifications" were that I'm one of the top contributor to yahoo answers Halloween section. Plus the address I use on my resume is the one I use for yahoo answers. I make sure not to write anything too silly or offensive. For some reason they liked that especially "Rockabilly Jim" :P I do like to help and get my jollies on there. My other one was that I love Halloween.

I'm going to use opposite logic this time and say I hope "I don't get it", so that I will. The chances are slim though. They are interviewing today and tomorrow. They are giving preference to people with retail experience. I probably have no chance in hell. *cue Vince's music*.

I'm upset that the paint already wore off my Maneki Neko. One of the eyes rubbed off. I quickly repaired it by drawing it back in with a ball point pen. @o@

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Beckon some Cash!

I went to the mall to buy some shirts. I was upset that I was rushed. But I did get to go to the Japanese store.

I finally bought a Maneki Neko. I asked the worker about every single one, and what they meant. The guide on the display was on Japanese. I don't read Japanese
that well. Here is what I wrote in my phone for notes, so I would know which one to buy. "Right paw gold or calico holding coin". The are so many different kinds they sort of remind me of Catholic saint statues. Black is good luck in general. Which is the opposite view of black cats in western culture. Green is for exams. I accidentally picked up the gold one which is for job promotion. The blue one is for good health. I wanted the one that beckons cash. I have wanted to get one of these for a while. Perhaps I'll buy more.

Does anybody know what the writing on the cat says?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Club Baseball!

I forgot to blog yesterday. I was at the baseball game. It was a concert series game with Ne-Yo. I thought it was going to be as bad or worse than the Ludacris concert.

I don't want to sound like those "fashion experts" or anything, I noticed that when there are concerts people come in strange outfits like they are just going to a concert, and not a concert after a baseball game. This isn't a club! What if there was baseball game fashion police for all the games? Wouldn't that be funny/weird?

Later on there were some rowdy seat hoppers. Which reminded me of a Seinfeld monologue about seat hopping adults who pretend there is a problem with the ticket. Which I can't seem to find online for some reason. I forget which episode it's from; possibly "The Letter"? It was funny when some of them didn't know that they stopped serving beer at the 7th inning.

This concert was also sponsored by Power 106.

I'm happy that the telethon has been cut down in hours. I don't have to watch some lame acts like puppets. It was kind of mean how they booted out Jerry though.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Why does it seem like most jobs are commission only now?

If somebody is a bad sales person and sells something for $5 at 20% commission they only earn $1!
They "claim" most people earn between $100-$200 which is between $20-$40. Pure commission jobs lead to ruthlessness. It's not smart to take one as a novice sales person. Especially if you are selling junk!

I called some other place, but then I realized it was to be a chugger- charity mugger. Plus the jobs were either door-to-door or being out on the street. The person I talked to on the phone was trying not to use the word "quota", but instead used "target". Which is to get 2 or more people to donate. I declined. Sounds too stressful.

I think I should stick to trying to get hourly jobs.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lame Resume

Can't believe it's September already. Now it's the faux end of summer. Remember that fall truly starts on 23rd this year.

My dad took my resume to get checked out at a job fair. I couldn't go because I was dealing with the printer.

He knows noting about me! He thought I was on the school newspaper! Really?!

I had to work reformatting my resume. Seriously I have no idea what to write. With no work experience what do I write? My dad told me to write descriptive words and phrases. I really wanted to write "good looking"and "brunette". I looked at some resumes online and stole a few things ;P

I don't want somebody in HR seeing my lame hobbies and thinking they are childish and putting the resume in the round file.