Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Treasure Hunter Pony

I did finally break the news to my parents about my flagged application I think it has to do with my last name I really need to change it. It's totally unlucky. Surprisingly they weren't mad. *phew!* -_-"

Remember a unicorn without a horn is a horse. Unless it talks then it might be Mister Ed. If it's a pony with no horn or wings it might be Sweet Stuff. She is good at solving riddles. I always thought pegasi and unicorns were different races of horse. Which reminds me: buy a Sweet Stuff pony. (when I have the money) She doesn't look a lot like her animated counterpart.

Why does my dad want to work on my resume with me now? He never cared before or knew that I made one.

I really hope the Conrad Murray case doesn't get blown out of proportion like the OJ case was. The OJ case led to the cancellation of a lot of tv shows because people were just watching the case.

I watched another Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills episode. The preppy guy kind of reminds me of Chandler a little. At least they don't wear their colors you know like the nerdy guy only wears yellow clothes because the outfit he fights in is yellow. I'm trying to figure out how many sets are used in the show. So far I've seen; Drew's yard, the coffee bar, the lockers, the place where they transform, the place where the bad guy is, and where they fight.

Subgatory is a funny show. I reminds me of the 2 years I lived in a place like that. It was a little different since people drove vans back then instead. (it was the early 90s) It was funny when the girl passed by the glee club practicing, and there was a guy in a wheelchair and a cheerleader.

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