Monday, September 26, 2011

Things from the 1990s

When I was watching The Monkees at 3:30 AM, and this totally ironic commercial for a medical trade school came on asking if the person watching is up late stressed out about not having a career. The reason it was funny was because it was shown during the episode "Monkee versus Machine".

I tried to watch this cartoon called Mona the Vampire. I don't get it. Is she a kid pretending to be a vampire or a real one? I fell asleep during it. Maybe I can watch it tomorrow.

I recorded Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills. I tried to watch it, but my mom was bothering me while I was trying to watch, so maybe I'll watch it tomorrow. I watched the theme song. That's as far as I got. From what I saw it reminds me of Photon. By the pure cheesiness of it. This was made in 1994? It looks like it was made in 1987. At least Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad had the Gridman footage to fall back on which made it a lot more like Power Rangers than this show. I really hoped that UTB would have subbed Gridman. It sounded interesting. Some of the plot lines of the episodes were very similar to the ones from the US series. Here's a SSSS fun fact the exterior shot of the high school that Sam and his friends go to is a shot of Toll Junior High in Glendale California. I know because I use to go to Mark Keppel elementary which is like across the street from Toll. But when I tell people I went to Mark Keppel they think I went to the high school instead. The high school is in Alhambra.

I attempted I draw some Benard pictures just to get a feel of drawing him again. It was hard for me to replicate the crudeness. I drew the first comics before I took formal art classes. I even tried to outline one of the drawings in blue because I use to outline my Benard comics in dark blue pen because I had a lot more dark blue pens laying around than black ones.

They got a little smudged. I used gel pens. I'll post colored versions I did in paint later.

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