Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jane vs Jane

The clip was of the debut of Cliff Hangers. The debut of the big wheel which looked like one of those carnival wheels. It wasn't the standard one they use today. They were 2 clips I don't recall seeing before on an anniversary special.

I had this really strange Glee dream. It really made no sense at all. I hate when I have dreams that really make no sense. But it wasn't anything surreal though.

X Factor got bad ratings. I though it would have been bigger in the US. I hate all the sob stories, just get to the singing. I fell the US version is like the spiritual successor of American Idol or at least it wanted to be. Or maybe present itself as the antithesis? I think it's funny that they have the rival sponsors. AI: AT&T, Coke and Ford. XF: Verzion, Pepsi, and Chevrolet.

Maybe I'll go back to watching survivor I haven't decided.

Community was great it reminded me of something similar that happened to me. The writers must know me or something. It was funny when Abed was saddened by the ending of the British version of cougar Town. Which made me think I would not want to see an American version of Keeping Up Appearances. I'd hate to think what American Rose would be like. Elizabeth would probably be some loudmouthed lady. (Elizabeth is quite reserved) If anybody were to remake it keep the flower themed names for the sisters.

I'm having a hard time getting use to the absence of Michael Scott in The Office.

I can't get into the new Prime Suspect. It moves way too fast. I hate Jane's hat. It bothers me. There was a joke about Scotland yard. The cases are too short they are 1 episode long. It moves too fast. They use of too much American music in the scenes for no reason. The first case is different some children saw a killing there was no George and the sex dungeon. They did keep the charity boxing event, but they cut out the girly standup comedy by the men. I wish they would have kept the part about her dad recording the wrong program. She doesn't smoke.

But I have strange preferences in tv shows.

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