Friday, September 30, 2011

Japanese Palate

I got a call back! I never get those! I agreed to it before I was told the location. Stupid rookie mistake. The interview call back was at a different location than where I put in my application.

I was gonna have my dad drive me, but he was already super crabby and I didn't want to deal with it. It's the same as usual.
Dad: If you don't let me drive you. You're gonna fail and get lost! Don't complain about it!
Me: Fine! (thinking) I already had to endure a job fair with you yesterday.

The place wasn't too hard to find. The biggest problem was that I had to get up really early. I hadn't slept in for days. I did sorta get lost. (But I wasn't going to tell my dad) The map lied it looked closer on the map then it was in real life. Even though the map estimated it was 1/11th of a mile.

When I finally got there. I was still early. But listening to music on headphones in really frowned upon. I learned that at a job fair. :(

Here's how I interpreted it. They really needed another person for back up, and my application was at the bottom of the barrel. It made me think about my questionable membership in the Honor Society and how they needed me to help garden.

Who knew being unemployed and sitting on your ass watching UTB would pay off? Obviously the guy had really no idea what was being shown on the channel, but he works so, he's not sitting on his ass watching the channel. I mostly watch food shows anyway.

I was trying to figure out who this place was catering to. The Japanese? According to the guy the Japanese population spread out, and don't really live in the area. So they are catering to Korean and Chinese tastes since they are use to that type of food. I guess more so than a western taste. I have an idea for the place buy some ad time on UTB or in the local Japanese publications. But I didn't say that.

It was funny when he asked about anime. Since I put it on my resume because of that template I found on the web. If the resume did work I can't believe it did. Especially since it was "bad".

I'll know by Friday if I have the job or not.

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