Monday, July 12, 2010

With Honors

My position in the Honor Society was questionable at best. I never felt I was really in the club. Most of this happened during my messy junior year. Half the time I wasn’t even sure if I was in it. That was due to my academic probation and the “no F” rule. Which meant that if you had an F in any class you were immediately kicked out of any extracurricular actives you participated in. Or at least that’s how I understood it. Whenever anybody else (student or teacher) explained the rule to me it got “changed”. The details of this rule were sketchy at best.

The club really only needed me for “grunt work” or when people didn’t show up for something. Let’s see I was only really “needed” 3 times.

I was needed to help make the “flower” tissue paper banner for the graduating class. It’s a large number banner that is hung over the football scoreboard, or at least it use to be. The other thing that I didn’t like was that the club was always taking random pictures of the members doing mundane things. Does somebody really need to see a picture of me cutting up tissue paper? Those pictures weren’t even used for the year book or anything.

I had to help at the graduation as an “usher” I‘m using the term loosely. It was so horrible! First I didn’t have the right clothes; which was a white collared shirt with a black bottom. Everybody knows that collared shirts are more fancy than uncolored shirts. Aside from the clothes I wore; I was being told to do different things from different people. One person told me to get drinks then as I got them somebody else told me I was not suppose to get them. Huh? Then a bunch of people just bitched at me. Including office workers who were just there attending the graduation, and had no part in the club. They didn’t even let us have the unopened leftover water bottles to drink!

When I was a senior the club needed people to help garden the school. They wanted the members to go and help garden the school during the winter break! We had to bring our own tools! It was so boring! Hardly anybody came because who would want to spend a morning of your break off from school at school? They must have been pretty desperate for people to call me up. I would not have been on the “second string” list I would have been on the “desperate” list. I think I got a call about it the night before. I only went because I was desperate for service hours. After I graduated sometimes I would pass by the school during winter break, and see students going to school carrying gardening tools. The teacher who advised the club was a gardener. She use to grow beautiful orchids.

This is why I like to take easy classes I’ll excel at more than hard classes I might fail. I’d rather look smart than be up for a challenge. For some reason people are impressed with good grades no matter if you took remedial math and aced it or if you got an A in calculus.

There is another antidote about me going to a club meeting that I can write from memory. It happened in 2000 because I was a junior and I remember thinking about Survivor. I’ll save that for another time.

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