Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Half Charmed Phone

I was upset that one of the charms off my phone broke off. :( Now I only have one charm on it. That is a sign I need to get some new charms and a new phone. Luckily the charm broke off in my pocket, so I didn't completely lose it.

Here is something funny the teller at the bank had same first name as me. She wasn't wearing a name tag. But how hard is it to find somebody with the same first name as me?

Bought some of those pretzel M&Ms. Maybe I'll post a blog on them. I heard they are like the crispy ones which were sadly discontinued. They were my favorite variety. :(

I've been studying pictures of Rainbow Brite and Tickled Pink (old style) to see how I can make a Tickled Pink costume. I want it to be modest though. I wonder if I can get away with wearing pink Converse with the costume. I'm hoping that can be my costume for next Halloween 2011.

I think I should post a book review soon. I was going to post it a while ago, but I kept forgetting.

I heard security is a stable job. Maybe I should get into that. I do have to get a card. Last time I applied for a security job I didn't take it because my dad told me not to. I stupidly listened to him. This was back in 2004.

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