Friday, April 27, 2012


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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This new interface SUCKS SO MUCH!


I hate it so much I'm moving to a different blogging platform/website.

Sorry blogger you F-ed UP!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Riff Raff Chorus

This weeks episode of Glee brought back bad memories. Well mostly because they sang "Stayin' Alive" at the end. It all stems from a bad school production I was in. It was mandatory.

I was in the "chorus". Which was a code for "dumping ground for all the other students". If you weren't an actor or a dancer that's where you belonged in the dreaded chorus. It was mostly filled with misbehaving students. It took 3 teachers to wrangle us. We were that bad.

Do you know how hard that song is to sing? I will never attempt to sing that song in that style again! Ever! The teachers would get mad at us because we didn't or couldn't sing falsetto. Plus I think who ever transcribed the lyrics transcribed them wrong. We sang "The New York Times, a paper man". The real lyric is "The New York Times' effect on man. "

There were other problems like lack of people to cast and lack of props. But this story is so good it belongs in my comic. It's that absurd!

That whole school production was a giant inaccurate mess. I think the teachers wrote it on whim or something.

You know Brittany's idea about being on Hoarders or Fear Factor sounds like something I would think up. I don't know why Mr. Shue is so focused on everybody having a post high school plan? Things can change when they leave. I know that happened to me. I had big plans and aspirations. I was a lot like Rachel, but without wanting to be performer. But I chased too many Waterfalls and ended up where I am now. Rivers and lakes are best. There might possibly be cream here. No rabbits or Clapton. Or there could not. My dead friend use to believe in me and my writing skills. I know she isn't here anymore. But I wouldn't want her to see me like this. Even though I know she is; just not in an earthly form.

I thought last weeks episode would have had a theme. Since Blane's brother appeared. It would have been "musical siblings". Actually that should be a future episode theme. With the Jacksons, the Stefanis , and a bunch of other musical siblings.

I'm still hoping for a New Jack Swing themed episode. Here are some songs I think could be featured. "I Want Her", "What About Your Friends", and "Poison".

Friday, April 13, 2012

Exposure Don't Pay The Bills.

Cheap asses piss me off. Now I know I'm a cheap ass too when it comes to things like supplies and food. But I mean people who want people to do things for free. I don't mean volunteering. That is something different. I mean people who want you to work for free for exposure. Hey exposure don't pay my bills. GET A CLUE PEOPLE!

They write ads like these looking for free work.
"Beautiful Models Needed
Lovely beautiful models needed to pose for pictures. I'm really classy. There is no pay but you can build your portfolio."

"Looking for a cartoonist
I need a cartoonist to help promote my pizza food truck. I cannot pay you, but you will get all the pizza you can eat and a lot of exposure."

Thanks. Pizza can really pay my phone bill.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Everyday they are Shufflin' (until tax season is over)

I saw a lmfao box head person in a partial statue of liberty costume. (they were one of those sign wavers) I would have fashioned a crude looking crown to the box to make it more in tune with the dress code. It's in violation of the dress code not to wear the crown. Maybe they (the boss) thought the box head would garner more attention? They were also doing some kind of strange dance move. I'm not sure what it was because I'm not hip anymore, and up on the latest dance moves. The last dance I learned was the train dance that went along with that Quad City DJs song "C'mon 'N Ride it (the train)"

I was going to take their picture, but when I looked down the street they were gone.

Here is a crude paint rendition of what I saw.

Everyday they are shufflin'. I can't believe I made a reference to LMFAO in my blog! :O

Their job will be over in a few days. Tax season is ending soon.

I better work on a routine for next year in case I need a job. I'm not telling what it is. I don't want people copying me. But includes no box heads. That is a give away.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fake Easter Cakes

This was my Easter booty:

3 Japanese erasers that look like cakes. I got a bar cake, a pink round cake and a yule log.
(They make great doll props. And the yule log reminded me of something I saw on 3 Minute Cooking.)
jelly beans
a turtle candy
gummi bears
a My Melody pen
a Hello Kitty pencil
Teacup Families Twins monkey babies (I go crazy for little flocked animals)
Hello Kitty Mega Blocks blind bags (2)

My dad said I made a good basket. I can make the best baskets for myself. I know what I like. This will be the closest thing to a Saniro basket.

I was sort of disappointed that I didn't get another Hello Kitty in a rain coat. I have one, but the face got all scuffed up after my dad accidentally dropped mine under the heater.

I filled up on my bargain ham.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Conan Look-a-like

The contest winners were finally announced and I didn't win. :(

It was a drawing contest. I drew a picture of Kogoro. I thought he was the easiest to draw. Ran's hair was too hard to draw.

The entries were drawn at random. They were good drawings.

Speaking of Conan I found this picture on a food truck that looked like him.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Intentions

The Easter Bunny was at the mall. But surprisingly the line to see him wasn't long. It had a nice little Alice in Wonderland theme. I was there looking for stuff to fill my basket with. There were some kids running around, but not many. Maybe because it was a Friday morning/afternoon. *shrugs*

I've been looking for a quality screen cleaner for my electronics. The "quality" one I got from the capsule machine doesn't count. I couldn't find one. Instead I found some colored duck tape. I can use that for stuff. I think I'll make something for my doll first with it. There are a lot of tutorials out there. I was funny because when I was shopping in that store I heard the Toad the Wet Sprocket song "Good Intentions". I love that song! I feel old now that I'm enjoying department store and supermarket music (in English). They play a lot of 90s music now. I'M SO OLD! :O XD X-X @-@

I didn't find much to buy or many job leads. But I also secretly went to the mall to participate in a photo contest. It was hard to be sneaky and take the photos. My new phone is not as stealth as my old one use to be. I still miss it. :(

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bargain Ham

I thought I bought a bargain ham for $8.20, but the price tag on the ham was wrinkled. It really said $18.20. I has so hard to read even the cashier couldn't read it. Here is a picture of the deceptive ham price. Oh well I learned next time to carefully read the price on a "bargain" ham.

My dad was getting mad because I don't want to go out with him for job hunting. I was thinking "I'm going to go out and look for jobs with you again to even hurt my chances more than my record of lack of experience?"

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Insert Wittty Garbage Themed Title Here

I saw the "Blood for Poppies" video by Garbage. Uh... No Comment. I wonder how "Not Your Kind of People" will be accepted as a whole since the whole album isn't out yet. I wonder if "Battle in Me" will also have a music video?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cats, Detectives, and Wrestling

I really liked those April Fools adblock cats! They were really cute and better than looking at ads. I thought it was funny when the adblock hand turned into a paw. Ironically the best adblock cat pictures I saw were on a website with Hello Kitty pictures. It was funny because later in the day my dad found pictures of a cat my grandma use to have before I was born. He got mad because I compared it to Lord Tubbington from Glee.

I had been watching Detective Conan/Case Closed for about 8 months and UTB is starting it up again back from the beginning. They showed 130 episodes and went into part of season 5. The last new one they showed today was The Weather Girl Kidnapping Case. I'm using the English episode number count.

I like Ran.
I like the way she dresses in the early episodes. The ones I saw ran into 1998. She dresses like the way I use to in junior high. I think if I lived with only my dad I would act like her. She has to keep him in line. Kogoro (Ran's dad) sort of reminds me of my dad.

I saw a few episodes of the dub. I hate Kogoro/Richard's dub voice. It's too soft. In the Japanese version his voice is very deep.
He sort of reminds me of Zenigata from Lupin the 3rd. Upholds the law, square head, deep voice.

Wrestlemania was ok. That really short title match was perplexing. Cena's intro was weird. I was very disappointed that Cena lost he's lost 2 years in a row now. I think it record is 6-3?

Saturday, March 31, 2012

You Are Not A Winner

I did have all the numbers! On 5 separate games! Oh! Well I knew I was a loser when it was announced that the 3 winning tickets where not sold in my state.

I guess it's back to being my poor self again! @o@

Friday, March 30, 2012

Lottery Fantasy

When my dad gets home he tells me he might have accidentally played the wrong lottery slip. I'm upset and confused. Didn't this happen as a tv show plot? I'm ruling out Martin, Hangin' With Mr. Cooper, and The Simpsons. I think it was a show with live people and not a cartoon.

At least my family didn't get lottery crazy and try to read a copy of "The Lottery" for lottery tips and ignore our sick dog. We don't have a dog.

Then I watched that 20/20 special on the lottery and fantasized about what I would buy. At the end of the show the numbers were read. I thought I had some of the winning numbers. I just hoped for the best.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Annie's Cinnamon Roll Bunny O's Cereal

I tried some Annie's Cinnamon Roll Bunny O's Cereal. It was very good and smelled very sweet. It took some getting use to because I'm so use to preservatives in my cereal. You know eating the common stuff like Cocoa Pebbles.

After I ate some I thought it would taste really good with some fake maple syrup just to taste. It was great, but unhealthy. I could be arrested for eating something like that.

Then I remembered my neighbor ate something similar. This was back in '93. Anyway he would put Cheerios in a bowl (I forget if it was plain or Hunny Nut) and milk and heat it in the microwave and then top with honey or maple syrup. Or did he top the cereal first heat it and then add the milk? I'm getting old and forget!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Maybe Robots Could Help

I had to go see my worker again. To prevent myself from falling asleep waiting. I was listening to some Garbage.

I got a flier from them to be a poll worker. The people who work the polls are idiots!

This happened to me before I was trying to vote after I had moved to a new city in the same county. They told me to go back to the city I use to live in to vote. It would be really absurd if somebody came from another state. This would be their conversation.

Voter: I'm here to vote please give me a provincial ballot.

Poll Worker:
Where did you live?

Salem, Maine

Poll Worker:
Well you can't vote here. You need to go back to Maine and vote.

But I moved to California.

Poll Worker: (sighs) Fine! (unenthusiastically) Take this.

It would be a great job for me! I can be an incompetent jerk!

They gave me a flier for a job fair, but I'm not going to that. Like I said before they are depressing, and there is most likely nothing for me. They are usually cluttered with staffing agencies anyway.

They told me to use snagajob. That website sucks! Plus they sold my info to those telemarketers. I'm going to try and tell everybody I can not to use that website; unless they want their info sold.

They are trying to put a bandage on a broken leg. They think they are helping, but it's really doing nothing.

They want me to get training in something like a nurse. I can't be a nurse! You gotta learn a lot of stuff and memorize anatomy. And all the body parts have strange names an ear is not an ear. I think it has some Latin name that they refer to it. I remember they taught that class at my high school, and a lot of the people who took it had a hard time memorizing all the terms. It'd probably be like that Family Guy where they all vomit. The thing I really don't want to happen to me is that I train for some career and then there is nobody hiring in that field. That happened to my dad.

They also said for me to be a live in care worker. I can't lift people. They are heavy! I could possibly lift a medium sized dog. Too bad we can't use robots like they do in Japan to lift people. They said to ask people I know for jobs or leads. If I knew people I would probably have a job by now.

It's like what the guidance counselor told me a few years ago about being a nurse. I'm smart enough to know I don't have the personality for that.

I loathe going there! Every time I go it just makes me more angry!

Monday, March 26, 2012

I Learned it on Soul Train

It was funny when I was watching Soul Train. It was a 90s episode. My mom said one of the dancers danced like me. I thought I told her that I just saw the saw the dance moves on the show and just copied them. I copied them poorly. I use to be very good at the butterfly, but I can't dance it anymore it hurts my knees, and knee pain makes me feel old.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Might Possibly be a Winner

I'm upset because I entered a legitimate contest and the winners were supposed to be announced today on tv. And they weren't! I guess I'll wait until next week. Maybe they forgot.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Sneaky Snake!

The people are real sneaky snakes! They mumble on the phone so people can't get their names while looking for jobs.

I should shout it to people like that character from Madtv played by
Michael Mcdonald (not the singer)
Like this skit:

This is what I hear "Hello thisistardcafepleplspeaking". What they are sneakily saying is "Hello this is The Red cafe Penelope speaking". When you ask them to repeat what they said they get mad and/or hang up.

Although this is a good tip when I get a job because I'll do the same fucking thing. I'm going to protect the job I have once I get one. I'll even go as far to defend the company on the internet.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lies, Lies, Using Lies as Alibis

The 30 Rock joke about Krang was so funny! And I'm not even a TMNT fan! When they said that line I was laughing so hard. I read a blog where the blogger use to blog about Krang so much. (not my blog)

Why do I hate Hazel so much? Am I suppose to? She kind of looks like some girl I went to high school with. (The girl just looked like her I did not go to school with Kristen Schaal) I didn't realize the actress who plays Hazel also does the voice of Louise from Bob's Burgers. Louise is my favorite character.

The part where Kenneth says he lies to himself was also really funny. Kenneth:“I lie to myself every morning when I wake up. I don’t know how much longer I can do it.”
It sounds like something I'd tell myself. While wearing a
scowl or sour look on my face.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Sandwich Experiment

I made the Cordon Bleu sandwich. I wanted to make it like a mix of Denny's sandwich and the one Abry's use to sell. I think they still sell it; just not in my area.

Here's what I used sourdough bread, Swiss cheese, ham lunch meat, and frozen breaded chicken patties.

Essentially I just made them like a grilled cheese sandwich. I first cooked the chicken patties before I put them in the sandwich. Then I just made the sandwich like a grilled cheese. Here's the order in which I put it together in case anybody wants to know. Starting from top to bottom; bread, cheese, chicken patty, ham, other slice of bread.

I used Dijon mustard as a dipping sauce. I'm going to try and make another version on a bun like Arby's.

Colton leaving Survivor was great! Seriously I thought he would have gone far. Christina was dumb to comfort him. I would have made fun of his ass. Especially if I was treated the way she was. They (Colton and Alicia) were so mean to her I was screaming at the tv.

People wrote some pretty mean stuff about him online. I'd hate to think what people would say about me if I was on Survivor. They probably want me to drown in the ocean or something like that.

But like I've said before I could not be on the show for a lot of reasons. I can't swim, I have skeletons in the closet, and I don't think I could handle the stinkyness. Nobody is bathing including yourself.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Still Don't Work Here

I ate a twice baked potato at the Hometown Buffet I put extra bacon and cheese on it. It was so good and fatty.

When you go there at lunch they have more lunch foods. They had stuff like corn dogs and slider burgers. I did come up with a new drink; I mixed cherry Coke with Coke and cherry Icee. It was sweet and cold.

There were some obnoxious girls at the craft store they were taking up the whole small aisle and just being really loud.

At the grocery store I wore the wrong color shirt because a really old lady mistook me for an employee. I felt like Harry in the 3rd Rock from the Sun episode "Superstitious Dick" where Harry wears the wrong color shirt at the hardware store and is mistaken for an employee. That's happened to me a few times before one time at a Walgreen's I was mistaken for an employee. The worst thing was that I wasn't even wearing anything like what the employees wear there. Maybe I should go back to cartoon shirts. You'd have to pretty out of it to think somebody in a Sailor Moon shirt works at a supermarket and is on duty.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Definitely make Another Sandwich

I tried the Cordon bleu sandwich at Denny's and I didn't like it. they used breaded chicken strips instead of a patty. It was pretty dry. Plus the order of the ingredients in the sandwich was chicken strips, ham and cheese. I'm going to figure out a way to make a better version at home. That is a challenge I'm going to take. Maybe I'll make a hybrid of the Denny's sandwich and the old Cordon bleu they use to sell at Arby's.

I had this strange dream about Shirley. We were talking and I told her I was going to buy "Not Your Kind of People" and she was like "Ok." but in a nonchalant way.

Is it just me or does Christian Borle from Smash look Like John Linnell from They Might be Giants? I was wondering if other people my age who don't follow the theater know Bernadette Peters for anything more than voicing Rita the cartoon cat from Animaniacs?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Corned Beef and Ramune

I did a lot of non-Irish things like watch anime and drink Japanese soda. Well it was a green colored soda. I drank this.

I had this really strange dream about working at a restaurant. It was a mom and pop place. I was like a cashier. A bun ch of people kept coming up to me while I was taking their money as the cashier and saying "This place sucks!" I'd snap back; "Well, you suck too!". I forget if I got fired in the dream or if I had to work in another place in the restaurant.

I did some Irish things like listen to some songs by The Cranberries. I haven't heard "Salvation" in a while. I forgot how much I liked it. I ate my corned beef too.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Soured on this Place

I went back to the staffing agency there was nobody else there. At first I thought I was the victim of a prank or something. Or it was some kind of hazing ritual for new people who sign up for the agency. Until somebody who works there tells me that I got an automated message and there is no need for me to even be there. I was getting more soured my the minute.

People are right the chorus of "Blood for Poppies" does get stuck in your head. It was stuck in my head when I was cooking. That happens to me a lot. Songs that are stuck in my head come out when I'm cooking food.

My dad is such a helicopter! Seriously I'd be better off if I was parented by an actual helicopter! At least that is inanimate. Just let me do a job search and don't FUCKING MEDDLE!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's like Goat Cheese

I went to a staffing agency. Was sort of soured on the idea of it since I read all this bad stuff online about staffing agencies like they post fake job ads and they take people's information.

But I thought I should treat it like goat cheese, and try it first before I see if I like it or don't. I say about being open minded. I wrote about it before.

They were showing a safety video in Spanish. I was hoping there would be some nightmare fuel or some silly safety stuff. But there wasn't even any of that. I couldn't date the video. I want to say anywhere between 1995-2000.

The computer had a broken monitor. They said I could use it. They supplemented the broken monitor by using a projector. But they wanted me to put in personal information. I didn't want to sound like a bitch there, but I was not going to do that. Let some other idiot do that.

The person before me took a long time using the working computer for the personality test, but I know how to ace it now. I got a perfect score. Tip: just don't make yourself look like a psychopath.

After leaving there I was pretty soured.

I got an automated call from them. Telling me to come in at 9AM.

Then I was thinking about what I would buy with my first paycheck. I think some silly thing like a vintage toy.

I finally heard all of "Blood for Poppies". I missed it on the radio though. :( But I did get the free download from Garbage. ^-^ I put it on my MP3 player.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Worst Job Fair Ever!

My dad made me go to a job fair to get more jobs for my list. On the way over there I heard "Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow" by The Monkees on the radio.

This lady comes out; a fellow job seeker; tells us that the job fair has been moved. The lady was blond and looked ditzy. My dad was telling her something about the streets and the freeway. She gave him a look like she had no idea what he was talking about. I don't know why he says things like that to random people. Not that all blonds are ditzy though.

Signs you know you at a bad job fair. It got moved to another location and they didn't tell you.

That was it I'm not going to any job fair anymore with my dad. The last one I went to was bad, but this was a disaster! I don't mean on the part of the people hosting. Although that was bad in its own right. He just gets too annoyed with everything. He can be annoyed BY HIMSELF!

My dad signed up for it with a fake phone number; area code 666-6666 because he's evil. I gave a fake one too, but I just made up numbers. Why do they need your phone number anyway?

There wasn't really anything good there. Mostly staffing agencies. Which I'm still skeptical of. But I asked one place if they would take me with no experience and they said they would. I don't care if I gotta meet those job quotas. The thing was a bust anyway. I'm through with job fairs! Maybe I'll go to one if they happen to be at a school I'm attending if I got back to school again, but nothing else. To quote Comic Book Guy: "Worst Job Fair Ever!"

I saw an old episode of Soul train from 1993, and got all nostalgic. They danced to "Rump Shaker" in that episode. I love that song! All the old 90s fashion; chokers, crushed velvet dresses, booty shorts, boots, sports jackets and jerseys and more. Maybe if I watch more 90s episodes I'll take notes on it for my comic. (for the fashion)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fashionably Bored

That Fashion Star show was like watching one big commercial. Oscar is annoying. And it got pretty boring. I watched the whole show, but I just wasted 90 minutes of my time. I spent most of the time reading catalogs while the show was on.

And what qualifies Nicole Ritchie to be a judge? If I had a show about cooking (that was not on an NBC owned network) I'd have Conan O'Brien as a judge because he eats food.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Daddy Still Can't Type

So my dad found out that he needs to type 35 WPM. Good Luck with that. He says that he will take typing tests online. Which will suck. It will be like when tried to learn Excel. A bunch of screaming and expecting me to know it. The worst part was the stuff he was doing at home wasn't even his FUCKING HOMEWORK! HE WAS JUST PRACTICING! WHAT THE FUCK!!!!????

I AM NOT HELPING HIM!!!! He is on his own! I'm back to frozen hamburgers eaten over the sink and leaving for "quiet time".

I type 26 WPM which is a little below average. In the job class I took my teacher said the average was 30. I took a test online, and that's that it told me.

There is no way my dad is even close to that. His typing has improved, but not that much. Is typing is so bad I even wrote a parody song about it.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Distracting News Ticker

I don't know was going on with KNBC but they had a distracting news ticker. What the HELL!? I don't remember seeing that last week. Please get rid of it!

There was another J-Pop America Fun Time Now skit. I was hoping that Lindasy Lohan was going to do one, but her Housewives of Disney was funny. I liked the part about the hat. Too bad Ariel wasn't featured, or maybe not. Since she is my favorite princess. It would have been a funny joke if she like cooked Flounder or something.

Well at least J-Pop America Fun Time Now had a boy guest. The last 2 guests were female. (The last 2 were played by Anna Faris and Katy Perry) It was funny when they kept saying they had Japanese ancestors. I did better on my Japanese tests than they did. I read Japanese poorly and have a hard time writing hiragana. I've been trying to practice my Japanese recently. It might help me get a job. I felt the mumbling was as or more annoying that the news ticker. I could barely hear him talk. Love the rasta look! LOL! I wonder what that show was called "Rasta Now!"?

Friday, March 9, 2012

"It's art if I say it is"

I was thinking about how much people hate anime and manga style drawings, and how to them they all look the same. I think a lot of people hate that like everybody does it. I felt my art felt contrived. Maybe I'm any kind of artist. I never said I was really good at it. Just intermediate at best. (I'm being generous with myself)

I was thinking of hanging up the pencils.

I will be like Marcel Duchamp "It's art if I say it is." If you are up on your art history you know who he is.

Maybe I can use this to my advantage. (I can't say how yet. I'll see how everything plays out.)

I was supposed to get a call back from the store I interviewed at, but I didn't get one like I thought so. :(

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bounce with Me

We got Bounce TV in LA now on KCOP's subchannel 13-2. I haven't watched much only classic Soul Train.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lookin' 4 Somethin'

I don't get why I keep getting emails for insurance sales jobs. I'm totally unqualified for that. I don't even have a license. I think they are like $250. Anyway I don't want to get into insurance sales. A license costs more than a Guard Card. I'm still wondering who this insurance will be sold to? Most people can't afford it. This is for life insurance.

Well I don't want what happened to my dad in the 80s happen to me. Back then he took classes to sell insurance because some "company" wanted to hire him. He needed "quiet time" back then and would send my mom and I off to the mall. (this explains my affinity for malls) Anyway by the time he got all his qualifications the "company" was closed and he stayed at his old job. This is also why when my dad does something really hard or needs a lot of concentration at home now I would voluntarily leave. (he put it in my head way back when)

I have a very simple and plain resume maybe it's because I'm simple and plain. Or just simple minded, but not too much.

While I was stressing out about the interview I was writing this down. "Brainstorm better job hunting persona name..." I also felt like I have to fight a battle to get a job. A battle against all those other people. I was going to use the word "war", but I thought it was insensitive to people who really fought in wars. I thought I'd use the word "strategery". I was also thinking about how much I like the song "Laugh". It's a goofy little song.

I can't listen to "I Wanna Be Free" anymore. It makes me too sad. I can't listen to Johnny Cash's cover of "Hurt". It reminds me of Eddie Guerrero. I'm fine with the NIN version. I reminds me of the small span of time I was in yearbook. It was less than a month. But that is another story.

I also met a fellow jobseeker there who introduced himself to me. I hope he didn't think I was writing about him. I was writing about songs and how writing and drawing de-stresses me.

They had us stand in line to wait to be interviewed. It was funny because I was the 4th person in line! It was good I was high up in the line because there was only one person interviewing. It brought back memories of the Halloween store. The interviewer didn't look like any character from The Office.

I had seen a turkey hunting game at the mall on Friday and today I had to try it out. It's called Turkey Hunting USA. It looks like this. I don't condone hunting, but I thought it was a different video game theme besides the usual arcade game themes like racing, fighting games, games based on movies and DDR.

As I'm getting ready to leave some older gangster looking lady comes up to me and asks where some store is. I tell her where the directory is and she tells me she can't read. :/ :O Anyway I eventually found the store by reading the sign on it. (it was hard too because she was looking for a phone store and there are so many of those in the mall now) Maybe she should just memorize logos. That's how I use to find my favorite stores at the mall before I could read. Eventually I went to the mall so many times I just memorized their location.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Star Collector

Rodney did a pretty good show for Davy. He played some good songs. Some of my favorites like "Star Collector". He mostly played songs that Davy sang lead on. He also played some Monkees covers like covers of "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You" and "Pleasant Valley Sunday".

His playlist is here.

Who can forget his work in the series as Ludlow?

Sunday, March 4, 2012


I had to take a break from the Monkees marathon. I fell asleep watching it and had strange dreams.

I took a break to watch Detective Conan and some of the Lakers' game.

That GCB show really makes no sense are people really like that after high school? If they are I should say away from the town I went to high school in even though I still live in the same valley metro suburb region. I even have the same area code.

I don't get it though. All those people decided to stay in that wealthy suburb of Dallas? They didn't move to another state or country especially if they are rich. It's not like poor people who live in the same neighborhood because they are too poor to move.

Me not liking this show is funny since I usually like shows about rich people.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday's Child

After watching part of the Monkees marathon honoring the memory of Davy Jones. I remembered why I liked it so much as a kids and why I still like it now. Back when I was a small girl and I use to watch the show. I was so young I couldn't read yet. I just liked the physical comedy and the romps. Back then my favorite episode was "The Case of the Missing Monkee". When I re-watched the show as an adult I could get all the jokes I missed back then like references to LBJ and jokes about being unemployed. I think my favorite episode now is "Monkee Versus Machine". But I mentioned that before.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Nail Polish Personality

At some places when you ask for their name unless it's on a name tag or something. The worker(s) give you that "Oh Shit!" face. The only reason I do it is because I'm required to. It's part of the assignment. Here is all the required information I have to fill out : date, business address, name of person that you spoke to, and business phone number.

I've noticed that the bigger more established stores like Express are more forgiving. They don't seem as snobby/scared. Maybe because some of those company's have a referral section on the applications

I was dawdling in the Best Buy. I was looking to see if all the Monkees CDs were gone. Well after a singer dies their CD/single sales rise. Sad but true fact. They did have an ample selection of box sets of the tv series season 1 and 2. On a side note there was an ample selection of Whitney Houston CDs.

I've narrowed down my job hunter persona names I'm thinking either "4" which is a reference to the Amazoness Quartet and the number 4 being bad luck in Eastern culture. Plus 1+3=4 like western 13.

My other name idea was "pink eye" since pink eye is something people don't want and avoid it. Like annoying job seekers going door to door who ask questions and take names. (That sounds like a wresting promo) It's a reference to the Amazon Trio. All the members of the trio have a name with eye in it. There is Fisheye, Tiger's Eye, and Hawk's Eye. It also made a reference to South Park, but it wasn't intentional. And possibly Pepper Ann too.

Maybe I should keep working on it. :/

I was in the sephora store trying out nail polish. I think the glitter and the black look great. The orange and green aren't for me. They are too bright, but they are trendy. That glitter is great! It reminds me of the glitter nail polish I wore in junior high. They are the ones in this ad. I never bought them through the ad. I use to find them at the Long's Drugs. I like this ad because it says about the personality type/mood. My mood is "Party". That is totally me! LOL! I use to wear jet multi-glitter. There was so much glitter in that old color. The black was really nice too. It's an iridescent black. I've never seen that before without mixing custom colors.

Had a fun time watching somebody on the bus air drums and guitar. They were switching between drums and guitar or maybe it was and/or bass?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Job Security

After I thought about it I know what job I should get if I can get cheap training for it. Security. I can be a jerk and get paid for it. It could be like that Seinfeld episode the Maestro "Stop It! Stop It! Stop It!" I can confiscate stuff too like gum, markers, lipstick and wallets. (Almost had my wallet taken by security for no reason. It didn't even have a chain on it.) I think a lot of security issues could be solved if people were told beforehand what they can and cannot bring to places. I don't mean like no brainer stuff like handguns. More like if a place doesn't allow gum or lipstick. Since these are common items that many people might have on them. Seriously I went to a place where one security guard took his job way too seriously, and another who played with his phone all day and smoked outside. They worked together. I guess they were the yin and yang of security.

I think another problem can be solved by banning purses from a lot of places and telling people beforehand that they are banned. I don't like purses. I think they get in the way and the styles are always changing. Plus I didn't start using a purse until I was 18 by choice. I find them so bothersome.

Or maybe I need to learn Mandarin. A lot of the jobs I see require that and English. Glee was wrong.

The thing is I just so frustrated about hearing what I can't do or why I'm the WRONG person for the job. Hell just lowball me now! But not for free.

You know you are in trouble when a job ad has the word "fun" in it. ex: "LOOKING FOR FUN PEOPLE!!!!!!" "A FUN SALES JOB!!!!!!!!" "*****NEED FUN AWESOME PEOPLE FIRED THE BORING PEOPLE*****" "NEED A FUN ROCKSTAR PERSON!!!!!!". What does "fun rockstar person even mean?"

You know I was thinking that moving out on a leap year in February isn't a bad idea. You get an extra day. February is still the shortest month.

If you saw the most recent episode of The Office and saw Jim spinning a sign. I spin signs like Jim. XD LOL!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Take a Giant Leap

I'm very saddened by the death of Monkee Davy Jones. He was probably my favorite member. :'(
This is very strange about last week I had a dream that Michael Nesmith died. I was a little off. Wrong member. Maybe I'm sort of good at predicting celebrity deaths. I did for Whitney Houston.

Antenna tv will be showing a Monkees marathon on Saturday and Sunday; March 3rd and 4th including the movie Head. I like in the show how he would always say "You must be joking!" I've been listening to Monkees songs all day.

I will cry and eat some candy, and not just because it's Leap Day.

Happy birthday Jenny and Pochacco! Although I don't understand how he is born on a leap year in 1989. Pochacco was cool to like in the early 90s. He was popular with boys and girls. Especially tomboys. He usually had sporty themes and designs. I gathered up a small collection of Pochacco items in the 90s. I don't know why he has fallen out of favor. His merchandise is hard to find now.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Alter Job Ego

I got the same assignment again! Well except I have to look for more jobs than last time. 40 this time, and I have to do it for like 5 months. 5 FUCKING MONTHS! That means the 142 jobs plus the 40 per month for 5 months equal 342 fucking jobs!

More scared employees. More snobby workers. More everything! I'm goin' insane! I'm not gonna lie! Maybe my alter ego needs to come out. And not the job searching one either.

I'm not doing anything tomorrow it's a holiday! Leap Day!

I'm just going to cry and eat some candy and not because tomorrow is Leap Day. (cause I'm stuck with a crappy assignment)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Leap Day William

The 30 Rock episode Leap Day introduced me to a lot of new things.

There were a lot of Leap Day traditions I took from the 1996 Frasier episode "Look Before you Leap". Things like singing "Buttons and Bows". I that watched 16 years ago.

But I learned some new traditions like wearing yellow and blue. (that reminded me St. Patrick's Day) Carols and a movie marathon (like Christmas) Candy for kids (Halloween) A holiday mascot (various holidays).

All the people wearing yellow and blue made it look like they went to one of my old ementary schools or maybe UCLA Bruins fans.

Cloud this be the new Festivus? I would only celebrate Leap Day every 4 years anyway.

Hey NBC are you reading this?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Two Job Noobs

So I went to another place to get another one done for my assignment. When I get there I just start talking to some random people. I ask them about the job. They tell me they are not affiliated with that job. I felt like such job noob! Anyway I did find the right person and got an application. Good thing I did because a little while after the guy ran out of applications.

I know it's not really for me to say, but shouldn't employers know that a lot of people and I mean a lot or a copious of applicants. And make more than enough copies of a job application rather than just asking for somebody's phone number and/or email address.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Faker than Fake

I feel like Liz in the most recent episode of 30 Rock. "The Tuxedo Begins"

This job hunt is going bad. First off the people are mad because I ask for their name unless I read it off a name tag or something. Somebody gave me a fake name! I'm only doing it for that stupid assignment if I wasn't required to I wouldn't do it. (When I do that it is not mandated by the government I never ask for names)

Do I look that crazy, threatening or weird? I wasn't even wearing improperly secured odangos. (that is my "deranged" hairstyle which happened by accident)

I didn't notice that I had grey in my hair due to a hair product I use. If I use too much dry shampoo it looks like I have grey streaks. I stopped caring; plus I am old and it blends in with my mouth wrinkles. (yes I'm that old!)

I do not look like a villain from Batman. Although I wish I had Harley's body shape. Maybe I should just go around in red and black clothes, wear pigtails and talk with Brooklyn accent. I forgot the white face paint! I think I could pass for a deranged tourist or something. Maybe I'll dress as a Sailor Moon villain instead.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Vaguest of the Vague/I Have Nothing

The first half of this blog is about job searches online. The second and edited half is about Whitney Houston.

Job searches can be so boring online. I
usually find myself doing something else like reading up on my fave celebs or something like that.

One of my favorite things to do is troll. I don't troll on message boards; I think that is annoying. I like to troll job sites and CL. I mean who do these people think they are!? Like the people who only want good looking people to work for them, the people who want free work and it's not a volunteer job, and the really vague ads like this.

"$$$$$$Want to earn MONEY??????!!!!!!$$$$$$

email me a message and I'll tell you how".

Uh...ok? *shrugs*

I like to reply to those with really strange and vague things. Hey, they started the vagueness first!

Ok, this is weird! This morning I was up online looking for this anti-smoking PSA that they use to show in California, and it had Paul Schrier in it AKA Bulk from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. (still haven't found that one)

Anyway I found this D.a.r.e. PSA. I thought about the future irony of it. Now it seems trivial, but wasn't at the time. I gotta cover my ass here.

My favorite songs are "I Have Nothing" and cover of "I'm Every Woman" which Oprah used as her theme song. "I Have Nothing" is such a hard song to sing. I hate when people sing it on talent programs, and just ruin it. I have it a feeling it will be sung a lot now.

Anyway then I started thinking about the Maya Rudolph impersonation and that scene from Martin where he going to sell shirts at a Whitney Houston concert.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Both Reeking of Desperation

It's the worst time to be mandated by the government to be out going around looking for jobs. The holiday season just ended, and summer hasn't started.

I thought I'd kill 9 birds with one stone, and go to the mall. There are a lot of places to potentially work at in one place. (I had gone to one place earlier in the week)

Here are some tips when you know a place is hurting: The store is pretty empty one associate/worker and hardly any items in it, the worker inside it reeks of desperation (ex: you are walking by the store and they are ready to pounce on you), the store looks like it is closing.

Let's see one place I went to they were so desperate they were giving some gross looking food samples. Here is something that bothers me why is it when people give samples of food they don't ask if you want some kind of sauce with it. They just assume and ruin the sample by putting sauce on it. I pass it by. They look confused, but I didn't ask for sauce. I'm not including pre-sauced items like a piece of chicken with glaze already on it.

I kept going into the Forever XXI. Not because I was interested in items. Ok a little, but only because I was looking for the new Glee items that were mentioned on Twitter. They were not in stock. I just kept going through there because it leads to an exit, and it was near the restaurants I was trying to apply to. I gotta look for food jobs.

When I was walking to the bus stop I noticed there was a carnival being setup in the parking lot. There was a very interesting fish painted on the merry-go-round. It made me think of Mr. Burns and CM Punk. It took me a few tries to get a good picture of it with my phone. This was the best one.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Spanish or Mandrarin?

I felt Glee was heavy handed in it's message. It's slowly creeping into season 2. People will only be speaking Spanish? What about Mandarin? At least Sugar got a scene in the episode. How did Will get a Spanish teacher job did he study with Senior Chang from Community? That confused me. And does Sue even teach anything? Besides the coach as the Cheerios?

No Selena or Shelia E. or Reggaton!?

Raising Hope was funny when Burt had all his finical papers all over the floor. It reminds me of my dad when he is doing any finical paperwork. Boy am I glad I'm an independent for the student aid now. Now I don't have to deal with my dad doing something like that.

Plus the dad made them leave so he could concentrate my dad always does that! It's funny when he does stuff like that now and I voluntary leave. What!? (You put that in my head dad :P)

I calculated how many jobs I had to look for It's 142!

10 the first time
120 the second time
30 this time

Hello!? there are none!

I also wouldn't be so pissed, but my piece of junk printer broke again! I'm letting my dad deal with it since he is "the smart one" XD and he knows so much about computers!

He wanted to do stuff at the library! I'm not putting my precious and untainted drive in some crappy ass virus riddled computer at the library. The library is no good anyway; you only get 1 hour to do something. There are computer vultures who hover and swoop them even when it is not their turn! Anyway that is not enough time to fill out an online application anyway. You have to spend at least an hour doing those evaluation tests.

This is just like the last time when they wanted me to do 10 jobs with printouts and my internet decided to act stupid and cut off like every 10 minutes. Try finishing a job application online while that is happening and not get mad!?

Also because the printer broke and it's an all in one and I can't find the old scanner and I really wanted to enter some drawing contests. I love you broken printer!

I just want to get this stupid assignment over with I don't even care about the trickery anymore. I don't care if every single place I went to threw away the applications themselves out of fear. As long as it was done!