Monday, February 7, 2011

There is no Love

Let's go a little old school with this blog. Carnac the Magnificent style. Me, my father, and a person with a bad head cold. Name three things that have no taste.

I was thinking about what I said yesterday about the halftime show. Was I too harsh? Do I really have no taste? I'm nobody important and most of the time what I say has no leverage. I really tried to like the show as I was watching it. I was trying view it with an open mind, but I'm sorry I can't force myself to like it.

It sort of made think of that Gwen vs Fergie debate about who copied who. They are contemporaries deal with it.

Here are my picks for next years show:
Dave Grohl
No Doubt getting a whole halftime show the last time they shared the show with Shania Twain
A tribute to the 1990s
Weird Al Yankovic
John Mellencamp
David Lee Roth
Jim Davis draws cartoons set to music and an appearance by Garfield too bad Lorenzo Music and Lou Rawls are dead.

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