Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fashion Anthem Comeback

When Will mentioned anthems on Glee the first song that came to mind was Good Charlotte's "The Anthem". I had my own Brittany fashion moment. Once when I was like 19 I bought leg warmers because I thought they were arm warmers. In my defense it was at a Hot Topic store and they were on sale. When I got them home I realized there were no thumb holes and, then I read the label they were leg warmers. I only wore them a few times. I think they snagged on my boots. It was funny when Brittany said she didn't know if it was summer or not because she didn't know how to read a calendar. It reminded me of when I was in 4th grade and some girl told me to always wear shorts when the sun is out. Until my mom mentioned that the sun can be out on snowy days!

Rachel trying to start a trend was so funny! A similar thing happened to me. I'm convinced that I started the Pokemon t-shirt trend at my high school. Like Rachel it didn't catch on until cheerleaders started to wear them. I didn't convince a cheerleader to wear the look.

Have you seen Watson? My dad complaining about not being able to see it because ABC 7 was having technical difficulties.

I saw Gwen's hair dye commercial it has trite song references. It was ok, but it could be better. I mean "Rocksteady shine." Come on! *groans* I could have written a better script for Gwen.

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