Saturday, February 27, 2010

Official and Protective

My dad is a stickler for official looking things I'm not sure why though he really doesn't like to follow the rules. Anyway I had to go book shopping for a few books I couldn't find online. I needed the syllabus to know which books I still needed to buy. Anyway it was raining when we left. Before we left he demanded I put my syllabus in a folder. I hate when he does that. I was just going to fold it up and put it in my pocket.

You know how I am about carrying extra stuff. I mean I hate taking anything to school. If I could I'd come to class with nothing more than a few sheets of paper, 1 or 2 pens, a book, and maybe a bottle of water. I don't like purses because in a lot of places they are not allowed. I'm not like my mom. I don't need a purse; just give me some pants with large pockets. It was like when I was in school 5th-12th, and they would not let us bring any type of bag to school during the last week. They feared we would bring contraband vandalizing tools. Like eggs, shave cream, paint and stuff like that.

When we get to the school it's raining pretty hard, so he tries to justify his logic in this by saying that since it's raining hard my papers would get ruined. I said they wouldn't get wet if I would have folded up the papers, and put them in my pocket. I mean if it was raining, and I was wearing my jacket with the papers in my pocket there would not have been a problem.

This reminds me of the time when I was first going to college back at CSUF, and he made me carry around all my finical aid papers in this "official looking" pamphlet. That thing didn't have pockets like a folder and the papers would usually fall out. He would get so mad about that. After a while I was so sick of the papers falling out the pamphlet that I suggested we use a folder. (hey it had pockets). He refused. He said the folder shouldn't be used because it had cartoon characters on it, and that the pamphlet looked much more official.

When we get to the bookstore they tell me I can't bring my folder in. You know for security measures. My dad makes a scene in the store as usual... :/ So I had to check that in. Why doesn't he ever listen to me? *shrugs*

Friday, February 26, 2010


I did not put them in a jar. A little No Doubt reference for you. ;)

Actually I over looked my last few blogs and there were a few things I forgot to mention. So here they are in this leftovers blog.

Here are some of the things I forgot to mention. Ok, on Monday my dad was getting mad and needed constant tech support to use the printer. I still can’t stand the sight of it, but I needed to get ready for my first day of school. I didn’t have time to bother with his computer illiteracy antics. Luckily I ignored him and he just stopped bothering me.

I was so sick of him complaining about all the rules at his school. I told him “Just shut up and go to school”. I mean really?

I noticed that on Wednesday and Thursday the massive crowds at school seemed to thin out. Maybe the people who wanted classes couldn't add them?

I forgot to mention that I’m trying to come up with stories for my class. Anyway you are suppose to get ideas from anywhere, and I got an idea from a story by hearing none other than the song “Sunday Morning” by No Doubt. It was like I was suppose to hear that song. That song has a lot of memories attached to it including a lot of funny stories. Then I remembered that crappy novel I wrote back then that I could use for a source. A lot of those stories just need to be cleaned up. That will be less work for me if the stories are somewhat out there. They should really be typed though.

I've still be trying to figure out why I can't force myself to post on that board, and it sort of came to me while I was on Shirley's facebook page. I post things on her page all the time, and most of the time they are pretty inane things. I thought "Why?". Maybe it's because I'm in similar company with the darklings? Sorry if this sounds repetitive here. I guess I'm just trying to get my thoughts out or something.

Aside from still trying to get myself to post on the board. We have make something artsy that shows off your personality and bring it to the next class session. I guess there is a use for all those pictures that I've been saving for something...

Speaking No Doubt I've been thinking about Gwen lately. I had this really funny dream about her this morning.

You know my dad still doesn't know how to flag an email on yahoo. I have to show him like every time.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wed and Thurs in Review

The title is a little throwback/reference to the old "Week in Review" blogs I use to post on myspace when I went to school. They are in the same vain as the miscellaneous blogs. You know the same concept. Well most of the time they had creative titles, but when I couldn't think of one I just called it "Week in Review". Have I posted one in the archives? The tentative title was "Lookout Weekend" that would have been my second blog this month titled after an 80s song. "Computer Love" was the other.

I'll try to refrain from making this a rant blog although my dad has been pissing me off in the past few days a lot. Anyway he's thinking I'm being neglectful about things I'm not.


In class the teacher was talking about how she is an infomercial/as seen on tv junkie. She says she owns like all the products. So she starts talking about Ron Popeil AKA Ronco. Nobody in the class seemed to know or remember who he is. I started mentioning some of his products including the spray on hair. (when I mentioned this the class laughed at me) This was a real product; look it up. Honestly it's no different than the funky colored ones you can buy during Halloween in colors like pink and green. Actually when I was a kid I use to like watching his infomercial for his food dehydrator. I would imagine myself making massive amounts of beef jerky.

I watched Olympic men's hockey, and I felt bad about it because I was boycotting NBC's coverage of the games. I didn't watch much though. I needed my after school nap.

My dad was complaining about the the rules at his new school. Seriously how could he not know know he was going to have to wear scrubs? It's a medical trade school. Really? He is No Scrubs ;) :P

He was also mad because they are giving him a backpack with wheels which he deems a "kid's backpack". Actually my spare had wheels, so that would be no help to him. He wouldn't use a Powerpuff Girls one either. It would be funny imagining him using one. Actually all my "plain" backpacks broke, and I threw them out when I moved.

I managed to find Conan O'Brien on Twitter. Yay! I should celebrate by "string dancing". :P
Speaking of Twitter since my phone is broken I will refrain from Tweeting on my phone for now.

There is a message board for my writing class, and I'm very reluctant to post on it. It's funny because I love writing on message boards. I guess it's because I willingly join those others. I know I'm not good at introducing myself pretty much anywhere online or in person. Plus she would like us to post a photo of ourselves. "No thank you". Plus what would I even say?


My dad was getting mad at me because I keep trying to take stuff out of my backpack to make space. I've written this before, but I need all the backpack space I can get. I don't even take a purse to school anymore. It's just a hassle and it takes up a lot of valuable backpack space.

Before I got to class I was looking for a bathroom in the building. I wanted to apply my gloss in there. I hard the hardest time finding a bathroom in that building. I should lay off the gloss though Dr. Oz said so.

I did manage to get a better seat; didn't end up sitting by that annoying couple. I let them annoy somebody else. They kept talking about their names. It was pretty funny, or at least I thought it was. I wonder if by the end of the semester they get so annoying nobody will want to sit by them?

Being in my class and seeing all the older people in there makes me wonder if I will be an old scholar. You know right now I think the one thing I'm best at is being a student. No Joke!

My knee is hurting a lot. I think this storm will be pretty hard.

I went back to that class message board. I've read some of the messages, but for now I'm just a lurker. :P
You'll have to coax me to do it. Plus I can't think of anything funny, witty, or interesting to say. :/

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chaotic Randomness Sent you Here

I woke up late and I was thinking about the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland (1951 cartoon). I know a lot of people have the new movie on their mind. I was thinking about the little song he sings when he is late.

On my way to class I found a penny and it was face up so I picked it up. Lucky! I was going to pick it up even if it was face down because it's money. I was listening to "Run Baby Run" before class, and for some reason it was getting me pumped.

My teacher looks like somebody familiar, but I can't place it. Maybe it was somebody I saw on tv? I really bothers me because I can't place it.

This class has a lot of old people. The problem I think I have with this class is that a lot of the people know each other a from a previous class they took together that the teacher taught. She said it was cosmic...something...uh I forget the exact wording she used. That sent you to her class. You know it's the same concept as "Chaotic Randomness" or fate or God or whatever else you want to call it. When she was talking about this I was thinking about Shirley and my mind just wandered. ;P

She wanted to know about us, and I said I run a blog; naturally. Although I didn't mention the name/url of it. You know in case I write something "mean" about one or more of my classmates (see below). The teacher said it was my soapbox. Isn't that what my rant blog is for?

Some lady who said that she's a cat lady thinks I like cats because I have a Hello Kitty backpack. I don't like Hello Kitty because she is a cat. I like her for what she represents. I like a lot of cat characters like Tom Cat Sylvester Garfield.

I'm more of a dog person; I don't like cats' finicky personality. I like the dogs' needy personality. You know if a dog was a person they would be pretty annoying. They would constantly want to be evaluated. They might get sued by Wade Blasigame though.

We have to read a memoir for class and do a presentation on it. Was Jericho's book a memoir or an autobiography? I think a lot of people in that class won't write about a wrestling book.

The most annoying thing that happened in class was that there was this couple sitting next to me kept having me explain the assignments, and I couldn't really listen to the teacher. I had to explain it to them twice, and they still didn't get them! After class was over they asked the teacher. I won't be sitting next to them next class, or I'll try not to.

I think I broke my phone. I dropped it a few days ago while I was trying to answer a call. I fell on the cement with phone in hand, and the battery fell out. It stays on intermittently. I don't even do anything to it. I think it would be easier just to get a new one.

It's already my 2nd day of school and I'm already tired of it. I sound like Kiyomi from the Japanese morning drama I watch. :P

Monday, February 22, 2010

Back to Schooling

I know the title is a little off it's suppose to be like Engrish.

I'm back at school now. Today was my first day in like a year and a half after my "hiatus". We'll just use that term loosely.

Actually the day started off strangely. I had to convince myself that I was tired and go to bed early. I haven't done that in such a long time. Anyway I was online like at 12:30 AM; then my dad gets up to go to the bathroom. He gets mad at me because I'm up at 12:30. He tells me he will stay up with me until I go to bed. What am I 12!? No 2AM Mister Ed viewings for me anymore. :(

I ended up waking up extra early for me (7AM) to catch my Japanese morning drama. My dad got mad at me because I wore old clothes? So what? I don't want to look like a college noob. You know those people who show up with new supplies including a backpack/bag and wear new clothes and shoes.

The bus ride over there wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I've had worse. It wasn't that crowded. I thought it would be since I'm traveling from a longer distance now.

I do like to get there early though to take precautions. I don't wanna lose my place on the roster. Especially now that a lot of unemployed people are going back to school. Of course I would not be in that demographic since I was unemployed before all this happened.

I didn't know what to expect since I've been gone for such a long time. It's the same old same old with the students though. Most of them look scared and/or confused. When I get there I feel a little lost; not because I'm unfamiliar with the place. I've been there from spring'07-fall '08; 3 semesters. I got a little confused because there is some new construction/buildings that were not there before. There were info booths and usually they give away little planners with the school's name on them, but I didn't see any. I was disappointed. :(

While I was walking around I found this funny car ad posted! LOL! XD
Sell Car? It made me think of that "Book 4 sell" sign.

To be honest there weren't as many older people at school as I thought there would be. Actually there was an elaborate prank I had in mind to get rid of some of them if I had a class with a lot of them., Maybe I'll post my prank idea. I haven't decided. Maybe they all signed up for early morning and evening classes? Younger people usually like to take midday/afternoon classes.

The funny thing is that when my teacher took roll I noticed there are 2 other girls in there with the same first name as me. It makes me think about how common my first name is.

My teacher is a USC fan ugh! And she's pro Vector *whispers* MLM scam. She can't be all bad she did also attend CSUF! Maybe she likes Tuffy too?

The bus was crowded like I predicted. I hope it will thin out in a couple of weeks.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Entitled to be Reckless

I feel that since I spent my teenage years not doing much and not having a lot of fun. I guess it was because of my strict parents. Anyway I feel that I need to have that fun. Usually this kind of problem is present to somebody who had to grow up quickly as a kid/teenager. I still feel restless. I still want to do something "crazy". I feel I can because I don't really have a commitment to anybody. I mean it's not like I have kids or anything, and that is one of the reasons why I feel like I can do this.

Computer Situation

After the whole situation with the computer and the printer to be honest I can't stand the sight of it. Especially the printer.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sporadic Blogging

Sorry my blogs have been so sporadic lately. I've been having a lot of computer problems. This has been the 3rd time I've tried to write that My Little Pony blog. I haven't really posted one today. Possibly I post one tomorrow.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Computer Love

I was trying to think of a good title for this blog. For the record the title of this blog is taken from the Zapp & Roger song. I really like that song.

I guess I should start this story from the beginning. I was going to post a blog on the 8th about my meeting with a Cena fan (female) at the Old Navy. I started writing it, but when I went back to finish it my computer died on me again! It happened to break (to quote Miss Mallard here) at the most inconvenient time. The problem is that when something breaks 2 things need to happen: first my dad needs to see the said broken thing, and secondly he needs some long drawn out explanation about why it it broken.

I hate going to the store with my dad to get the computer repaired because he pretends he knows what he's trying to explain when he has tech problems. I mean the computer was having a problem before it broke anyway. The starter fan was making a lot of noise.

The bad thing was that the new hard drive that got put in October broke, and he got all pissed off. Luckily it was still under warranty (not by the store, but by the company who manufactured it) I personally didn't think it was so bad. Well not as bad as I thought it was. I mean if it was like a year later there would have been nothing he could do.

Sometimes it's good for the computer to break. Maybe I could use a break from it. My dad won't admit it, but i think he's addicted to it too. Like I've said before getting my dad to admit to anything is like getting water from a rock. Anyway he's usually more concerned about his contests, and stuff like that. He did something like this the last time it broke.

I wasn't too upset. I didn't have much saved on that hard drive the only things I was sad about getting deleted were some tweets I had archived, and a blog I was working on.

It sucks though because I was working on 4 blogs concurrently; the one about the Cena fan, one about My Little Pony, one about Valentine's Day/Lunar (Chinese) New Year (year of the tiger), and one about the Winter Olympics.

Luckily I got my Jhudora Day av after years of forgetting and trying. I also got to register for classes.

Later we find out it's a broken mother board too. I never realized they are so expensive to replace. Actually the cost of a new board for my old computer was about the same price for a new tower. I'm not sure how long he thought an old repaired computer would last. He was really mad about it breaking, and for some reason I felt it was my fault. I'm not sure why. He's lucky it lasted from 2002-2010. That's 8 years! Incredible! Especially since it was an E-Machines. To be honest I thought it would be dead back in 2008. That's when it was starting to have continuous problems. When the hard drive broke the the 1st time back in October I advised my dad to get a computer because they were cheap because they were trying to get rid of the ones with Vista at the store.

The one thing I liked about my computer was that it was "mine". I paid for it, so this new computer is "his" since my dad paid for it.

I gave the tower to the store to recycle. At first I was reluctant to because I thought they were going to charge me. A lot of places charge like $20 for e-waste. Shouldn't cities and organizations be paying you? You know like when you recycle a can and get like 5¢ back. Here is my thinking: "It's not really useful since it's really old and from 2002, and I'm cramped for space where I live anyway that will be one less thing in the house". My dad was more reluctant to give it up than I was. After I gave it up he got mad at me, and told me something about being too trusting of human nature or something in that context. According to him the store was too willing to take it from me, and that there was probably something valuable inside it. (the hard drive was removed) It's because I'm stupid right? Or should I not listen to him because this is coming from a person who thinks he won a million pounds from an email. He is also the one who also said his dead uncle left "valuable" electronics and a music collection behind.

I'm still trying to get use to Windows 7. I did use XP for 8 years.

Since I'm feeling generous, and didn't get to post these here are my 2 blogs about the Winter Olympics and Valentine's Day/Lunar (Chinese) New Year (year of the tiger)

Winter Olympics

This was going to be posted on the 11th. First off I'd like to wish my cousin's a happy 4th wedding anniversary. No, I don't keep tabs on this (sorry). The only real reason I remember this is because when they got married the Olympics were in Torino or Turin (there was a whole debate about the name of the city 4 years ago)

I wasn't feeling well before we went to the reception, but I thought it was just because I was hungry or something. I didn't eat much that day. I decided I was going to eat something at the reception. I just ate salad. I felt sick, so we left early. When I got home I had a fever. Slept for a while. After I slept it off I felt better. When I woke up late at night I ended up watching Olympic coverage.

The funny thing is last time my dad got mad at me for not caring the Winter Olympics. That time I was more interested in the Arrested Development finale. This year I'm not interested because I want NBC to lose a lot of money on the games! Maybe I should be interested because I was born during an Olympic year. This was back when the Summer and Winter games were held during the same year. Sarajeov '84. The joke was that since I didn't really like to sleep during the night as a baby (has anything really changed here?) my mom would stay up watching the late night coverage. My family would ask if she had a medal count.

To be honest I don't recall much about the 2002 games. I think the only thing I remember was there were pictures of snowboarders on the Poptarts boxes. The only reason I remember the 2006 games is because I associate it with my cousin's wedding and the Arrested Development finale.

Too bad I know my dad'll watch the 2010 games because he's a sports junkie. He pretty much watches any sports on tv. I'll probably associate these games with Conan leaving NBC and my computer breaking.

Valentines Day/Year of the Tiger

I was preparing for this blog before the computer broke. I was online collecting pictures of tigers for this blog.

Since I'm not big on Valentine's Day for 14 continuous years. Like I've said before since I'm not in school right now the blow doesn't seem as hard or "in your face". But I already wrote about that last year. Actually I try to find an excuse not to celebrate it. that sounds like something Liz Lemon would do. She said she was celebrating the birthday of Anna Howard Shaw. I decided to celebrate Lunar new year instead.

Did you know it is customary to give/send cards/envelopes with the picture of the new years animal on it. Character cards are popular too like for the year of the dog you could give a card with Snoopy on it, or for year of the rat you could give a card with Mickey Mouse on it.

I received this one from my cousin from her trip to Japan.
Isn't it cute? The scanner cut off the pink border on the top for some reason. I think those trees are either plum or cherry trees. They scanned funny. They are more fuchsia in color.
This is the reason I used a Valentine's Day picture with Tigger in it for the back ground of my Twitter page.

Anyway here are some tiger character pictures for you to enjoy.

Hello Again!

I'm back online with a new machine! I'm still getting use to it. I'll write a large and verbose blog about everything.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl, Super Blog

In observance of the Super Bowl I'm taking to day off from blogging.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Miscellaneous Blog #30

I know I just wrote a miscellaneous blog a few blogs ago. Well I got a lot of different things to talk about.

I still haven't started on my Halloween costume. I haven't drawn any preliminary sketches. I'm leaning towards a nun costume. I'd really like to re-purpose my old black graduation gown. I'm still trying to figure out how to make the head piece. I don't want this to be any old nun costume though. I'm going to put my spin on it. I'd really like to get started on it since it's February already.

I was thinking about making a "Bleed Like Me" costume, but I don't want to get too ambitious. Maybe I'll try making one next year. We'll see.

I signed up for classes today. I was surprised I would get any; since I got such a bad registration date. I know I was going to. I haven't been in school for a year and a half. My dad got mad because I did, but really what could I do about it?

He wanted me to get 4 classes, but I'm not crazy. I'm not getting too ambitious here. That would be a mistake. I'll cut back on being cynical here. I just want to ease into it. Actually I would have been happy with one class. Usually when I come back from taking a hiatus from school. I usually end up getting only one class.

I got 2 classes. They weren't exactly what I wanted, but what the hell I'll settle. I mean there was really nothing available. I ended up signing up for a class on how to be a salesperson. I think that could really help me. I'm a horrible saleswoman. When I was in high school and I had to sell candy for the various clubs I belonged to I could never sell the whole bag/box/case of candy I was suppose to sell. Not even one! Although Toblerone bars were always big sellers. Maybe I can be a good sales person like Dwight? I hope this isn't the death of me.

The other class I got was a creative writing: memoirs class. I figured this was right up my alley. I'm always writing in my diary and blogging. I think I have a good memory. Actually when I signed up for this class I thought about the Mister Ed episode "Love and the Single Horse" where Ed writes his memoirs. Then my mom brought me back to reality, and asked me what would I write about since I haven't really lived. Thanks mom! Actually I think I could write a whole book just telling stories about my dad and I. It made think of this Senifeld quote from George: "You know if you take everything I've ever done in my entire life and condense it down into one day, it looks decent."

Of course I had to check ratemyprofessors. It would be foolish not to. Usually when I start school I feel either optimistic and/or cheerful. I feel neither of these this time. There are a lot of things I need to do before I get ready for school like fixing my hair. I haven't dyed it since Halloween. I could use a cut/trim too. How about something choppy? Or angular? Or a bob? I haven't decided how I will blog about my classes. But I'll definitely try to blog about the first week. The first week is the best! Some of the funniest stories happen that week. I'll try to set a schedule or something.

Speaking of people going back to school my dad is going back to school to get some career training. He's going to pharmacy school. First he was thinking about pharmacy school; then after the underwear bomber he wanted to work for the TSA. After he realized they weren't hiring for TSA agents in the area he went back to looking into pharmacy school. He wouldn't listen to me that I looked into pharmacy school. Doesn't matter. I'm not going to do that; then people would think I'm trying to copy my dad or something. This is why I won't get a business degree either.

Hopefully my dad will be too preoccupied with other things so he won't be bothering me at school, trying to go to school with me, and constantly correcting me.

My horoscope for this month is that a big opportunity will present itself to me. I think the money scam I was suppose to be weary of was my dad trying to persuade me to pool my money into their account. (probally so he could micromanage that too)

One of my favorite Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episode "Foul Play in the Sky" is going to be shown soon. I hate to think how they will deface that episode. Maybe the word "plane" or "flight" will flash across the screen. Gotta love the Snizard though. I even have his figure.

I've been having really strange dreams lately. I had a dream about veal though, and in 2 nights in a row. According to this site veal is a lucky dream symbol!

Don't be alarmed if I go missing for a few days. My computer has been making this strange grinding noise. I think it needs a new fan.

Friday, February 5, 2010

A Football Blog

I didn't really think about this today until I watched The Price is Right this morning. I forgot there was going to be football themed episode in honor of CBS showing the Super Bowl this year. I mean every time CBS gets to show it "Nipplegate" just comes to mind. I think this was one of the things Drew talked about when he wanted the fans to suggest a showcase.

Football was the theme on a lot of shows today. It just goes to show that it is one of America's most popular sports.

I was thinking about last year when that Conan O'Brien Bud Light commercial premiered. If Conan is reading this blog or his people are I'm going to throw out another idea for him why not make more commercials? They could be foreign or domestic.

You know there a few similarities between Conan O'Brien and Chevy Chase. Let's see they were both in Super Bowl commercials. They both hosted a late night show that lasted for less than a year; although Conan's lasted about 5 times as long as Chase's. They both worked on Saturday Night Live.

You know what annoys me is when people write "Super Bowel" instead of "Super Bowl". Why do people add the letter "e" to words when it doesn't belong? For example they spell the word "damn" as "dame".

Oh yeah for anybody throwing a Super Bowl party I have a fun tip for you. Buy some of those fancy M&Ms in team colors and display them in large clear bowls.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Goody Gum Wrappers!

The alternate title to this blog was going to be "Wrap it Up". This blog is to showcase my collection of Sanrio gum wrappers I saved and collected over the years. I though it would be fun to post some blogs showcasing some of my collections.

I'm going to sort the wrappers by year and character.
Here are 3 Hello Kitty gum wrappers that came in a 5 pack there were 2 other wrappers I think they were pink and green. I think the pink one was strawberry flavored and the green one was melon flavored.
This one shares a design with other 3, but it contained a larger piece of gum. I did use to enjoy Sanrio peach flavored gum as a child.
This is Little Twin Stars. I like them and I've written about them before.
This is a Just For Fun wrapper. Yeah that bear is named Just For Fun. I didn't know that back then. I just liked the way it looked. The colors are very 80s.

You will also notice that these wrappers also have the flavor names in Japanese.
Here is a Pochacco wrapper from 1995. He was a popular character in the mid 90s. You will notice that this wrapper doesn't have the name of the flavor on it in Japanese. You will also notice that this wrapper has the old Sanrio logo.

Here are 3 wrappers from 1997; 2 of them are Keroppi and one is Badtz-Maru. I think I bought the Badtz-Maru one because I just wanted to try the cola favor of gum. I also wanted to try the kiwi flavor too, and I like Keroppi.
If this Little Twin Stars wrapper from 2003 looks a little funny it was because I decoupaged it to a book and it didn't scan correctly. Sorry the quality is so bad, but the picture is so cute!
Here is another Little Twin Stars wrapper from 2003 again it's a peach flavored gum. I think I bought this one because the wrapper featured Lala with pink hair and Kiki with blue hair instead of Lala with yellow hair and Kiki with brown hair.
Here's a Pinki Lili wrapper from 2003.
This is a Frooliemew wrapper from 2004. The only reason I bought it was because I had never seen that character before. In 2004 it was a new character.

I did not include my other 2 shiny Pochacco wrappers that had Chiclets type gum in them, but if you want to see them I will post them.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Parade Pony

The title is a little funny, and sounds like the name of a kids' toy or something. The title is relevant to the blog.

Actually I had a back up blog in case this one didn't get posted. I'll post that one tomorrow.

So I made a bank account on my own. No meddling from my dad like last time. The funny thing was I was telling the banker that when I had my old account at Citibank they use to charge me for a lot of stuff even though I had a basic account. He asked how long it had been since I had an account. I mean it's been like 7 years since I opened one, but I closed it like 5 years ago. He also said that they don't explain the accounts very well at Chase or back when they were still WAMU. I guess a lot of people had the same question I did.

After I was finished opening my account the banker came out with all the literature for you about your account and such and a plush horse. I accepted it; I'm not opposed to horses or anything. I'm not obsessed with them like Lucy from Scrubs. As I'm walking out of the bank with it everybody is staring at me. I felt kind of childish with it. When I got it my mom thought it was some type of bag. I guess she thought it was a horse shaped bag? Maybe she thought it was a plush bag like the kind little kids mostly use. What do you think I did after that? I named it of course. First I was going to name it Rose, but then I thought I should give it a much more fitting name; Parade. You know after one of my favorite Garbage songs.

According to the tag on it the name of the horse is "Al". It's a promotional Rose Parade 2010 item. There are some roses on the bridle. According to the sign at the bank the promotion ran from December 1, 2009 through January 31, 2010. Perhaps they had extras?
Here's a picture of it. It's hard to make out the face because it's dark.

Now that I have an account. I really want to open a paypal account. When I do open it I'll post the address here on the blog. Who wants to buy my stuff?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lost Picture?

My experience at the DMV wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The funny thing was that a boy that was ahead of me in line they lost the picture they took of him there! Actually that was the one thing that took a long time if his picture would have been found. I would have been in there for a shorter amount of time. (read the rant blog about why I had to go)

I'm craving change so badly. I want to do something really out of character for myself. Something that would shock everybody. Something naughty, but not like something my dad would consider naughty like watching a musical or something. I feel so restless.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Miscellaneous Blog #29

It's the first of February. I can't believe I made it through a whole month without making frivolous purchases. I'm so happy that I could do that for a whole month! I got some good material. I think I will use this blog to showcase some of my collections. I various collections of various things I've picked up over the years.

While I was looking for something else I found this. Look at the name on it! LOL! :P
It makes me think of some celebrity, but I can't remember the real name of him.

Shirley happened to post a rather interesting note on facebook. I love the part about her encounter with Patti Smith. Too bad Shirl isn't like me and say inane and possibly incoherent things to celebrities. Well she is famous herself.