Monday, February 22, 2010

Back to Schooling

I know the title is a little off it's suppose to be like Engrish.

I'm back at school now. Today was my first day in like a year and a half after my "hiatus". We'll just use that term loosely.

Actually the day started off strangely. I had to convince myself that I was tired and go to bed early. I haven't done that in such a long time. Anyway I was online like at 12:30 AM; then my dad gets up to go to the bathroom. He gets mad at me because I'm up at 12:30. He tells me he will stay up with me until I go to bed. What am I 12!? No 2AM Mister Ed viewings for me anymore. :(

I ended up waking up extra early for me (7AM) to catch my Japanese morning drama. My dad got mad at me because I wore old clothes? So what? I don't want to look like a college noob. You know those people who show up with new supplies including a backpack/bag and wear new clothes and shoes.

The bus ride over there wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I've had worse. It wasn't that crowded. I thought it would be since I'm traveling from a longer distance now.

I do like to get there early though to take precautions. I don't wanna lose my place on the roster. Especially now that a lot of unemployed people are going back to school. Of course I would not be in that demographic since I was unemployed before all this happened.

I didn't know what to expect since I've been gone for such a long time. It's the same old same old with the students though. Most of them look scared and/or confused. When I get there I feel a little lost; not because I'm unfamiliar with the place. I've been there from spring'07-fall '08; 3 semesters. I got a little confused because there is some new construction/buildings that were not there before. There were info booths and usually they give away little planners with the school's name on them, but I didn't see any. I was disappointed. :(

While I was walking around I found this funny car ad posted! LOL! XD
Sell Car? It made me think of that "Book 4 sell" sign.

To be honest there weren't as many older people at school as I thought there would be. Actually there was an elaborate prank I had in mind to get rid of some of them if I had a class with a lot of them., Maybe I'll post my prank idea. I haven't decided. Maybe they all signed up for early morning and evening classes? Younger people usually like to take midday/afternoon classes.

The funny thing is that when my teacher took roll I noticed there are 2 other girls in there with the same first name as me. It makes me think about how common my first name is.

My teacher is a USC fan ugh! And she's pro Vector *whispers* MLM scam. She can't be all bad she did also attend CSUF! Maybe she likes Tuffy too?

The bus was crowded like I predicted. I hope it will thin out in a couple of weeks.

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