Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chaotic Randomness Sent you Here

I woke up late and I was thinking about the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland (1951 cartoon). I know a lot of people have the new movie on their mind. I was thinking about the little song he sings when he is late.

On my way to class I found a penny and it was face up so I picked it up. Lucky! I was going to pick it up even if it was face down because it's money. I was listening to "Run Baby Run" before class, and for some reason it was getting me pumped.

My teacher looks like somebody familiar, but I can't place it. Maybe it was somebody I saw on tv? I really bothers me because I can't place it.

This class has a lot of old people. The problem I think I have with this class is that a lot of the people know each other a from a previous class they took together that the teacher taught. She said it was cosmic...something...uh I forget the exact wording she used. That sent you to her class. You know it's the same concept as "Chaotic Randomness" or fate or God or whatever else you want to call it. When she was talking about this I was thinking about Shirley and my mind just wandered. ;P

She wanted to know about us, and I said I run a blog; naturally. Although I didn't mention the name/url of it. You know in case I write something "mean" about one or more of my classmates (see below). The teacher said it was my soapbox. Isn't that what my rant blog is for?

Some lady who said that she's a cat lady thinks I like cats because I have a Hello Kitty backpack. I don't like Hello Kitty because she is a cat. I like her for what she represents. I like a lot of cat characters like Tom Cat Sylvester Garfield.

I'm more of a dog person; I don't like cats' finicky personality. I like the dogs' needy personality. You know if a dog was a person they would be pretty annoying. They would constantly want to be evaluated. They might get sued by Wade Blasigame though.

We have to read a memoir for class and do a presentation on it. Was Jericho's book a memoir or an autobiography? I think a lot of people in that class won't write about a wrestling book.

The most annoying thing that happened in class was that there was this couple sitting next to me kept having me explain the assignments, and I couldn't really listen to the teacher. I had to explain it to them twice, and they still didn't get them! After class was over they asked the teacher. I won't be sitting next to them next class, or I'll try not to.

I think I broke my phone. I dropped it a few days ago while I was trying to answer a call. I fell on the cement with phone in hand, and the battery fell out. It stays on intermittently. I don't even do anything to it. I think it would be easier just to get a new one.

It's already my 2nd day of school and I'm already tired of it. I sound like Kiyomi from the Japanese morning drama I watch. :P

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