Friday, February 5, 2010

A Football Blog

I didn't really think about this today until I watched The Price is Right this morning. I forgot there was going to be football themed episode in honor of CBS showing the Super Bowl this year. I mean every time CBS gets to show it "Nipplegate" just comes to mind. I think this was one of the things Drew talked about when he wanted the fans to suggest a showcase.

Football was the theme on a lot of shows today. It just goes to show that it is one of America's most popular sports.

I was thinking about last year when that Conan O'Brien Bud Light commercial premiered. If Conan is reading this blog or his people are I'm going to throw out another idea for him why not make more commercials? They could be foreign or domestic.

You know there a few similarities between Conan O'Brien and Chevy Chase. Let's see they were both in Super Bowl commercials. They both hosted a late night show that lasted for less than a year; although Conan's lasted about 5 times as long as Chase's. They both worked on Saturday Night Live.

You know what annoys me is when people write "Super Bowel" instead of "Super Bowl". Why do people add the letter "e" to words when it doesn't belong? For example they spell the word "damn" as "dame".

Oh yeah for anybody throwing a Super Bowl party I have a fun tip for you. Buy some of those fancy M&Ms in team colors and display them in large clear bowls.

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