Thursday, February 4, 2010

Goody Gum Wrappers!

The alternate title to this blog was going to be "Wrap it Up". This blog is to showcase my collection of Sanrio gum wrappers I saved and collected over the years. I though it would be fun to post some blogs showcasing some of my collections.

I'm going to sort the wrappers by year and character.
Here are 3 Hello Kitty gum wrappers that came in a 5 pack there were 2 other wrappers I think they were pink and green. I think the pink one was strawberry flavored and the green one was melon flavored.
This one shares a design with other 3, but it contained a larger piece of gum. I did use to enjoy Sanrio peach flavored gum as a child.
This is Little Twin Stars. I like them and I've written about them before.
This is a Just For Fun wrapper. Yeah that bear is named Just For Fun. I didn't know that back then. I just liked the way it looked. The colors are very 80s.

You will also notice that these wrappers also have the flavor names in Japanese.
Here is a Pochacco wrapper from 1995. He was a popular character in the mid 90s. You will notice that this wrapper doesn't have the name of the flavor on it in Japanese. You will also notice that this wrapper has the old Sanrio logo.

Here are 3 wrappers from 1997; 2 of them are Keroppi and one is Badtz-Maru. I think I bought the Badtz-Maru one because I just wanted to try the cola favor of gum. I also wanted to try the kiwi flavor too, and I like Keroppi.
If this Little Twin Stars wrapper from 2003 looks a little funny it was because I decoupaged it to a book and it didn't scan correctly. Sorry the quality is so bad, but the picture is so cute!
Here is another Little Twin Stars wrapper from 2003 again it's a peach flavored gum. I think I bought this one because the wrapper featured Lala with pink hair and Kiki with blue hair instead of Lala with yellow hair and Kiki with brown hair.
Here's a Pinki Lili wrapper from 2003.
This is a Frooliemew wrapper from 2004. The only reason I bought it was because I had never seen that character before. In 2004 it was a new character.

I did not include my other 2 shiny Pochacco wrappers that had Chiclets type gum in them, but if you want to see them I will post them.

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