Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wed and Thurs in Review

The title is a little throwback/reference to the old "Week in Review" blogs I use to post on myspace when I went to school. They are in the same vain as the miscellaneous blogs. You know the same concept. Well most of the time they had creative titles, but when I couldn't think of one I just called it "Week in Review". Have I posted one in the archives? The tentative title was "Lookout Weekend" that would have been my second blog this month titled after an 80s song. "Computer Love" was the other.

I'll try to refrain from making this a rant blog although my dad has been pissing me off in the past few days a lot. Anyway he's thinking I'm being neglectful about things I'm not.


In class the teacher was talking about how she is an infomercial/as seen on tv junkie. She says she owns like all the products. So she starts talking about Ron Popeil AKA Ronco. Nobody in the class seemed to know or remember who he is. I started mentioning some of his products including the spray on hair. (when I mentioned this the class laughed at me) This was a real product; look it up. Honestly it's no different than the funky colored ones you can buy during Halloween in colors like pink and green. Actually when I was a kid I use to like watching his infomercial for his food dehydrator. I would imagine myself making massive amounts of beef jerky.

I watched Olympic men's hockey, and I felt bad about it because I was boycotting NBC's coverage of the games. I didn't watch much though. I needed my after school nap.

My dad was complaining about the the rules at his new school. Seriously how could he not know know he was going to have to wear scrubs? It's a medical trade school. Really? He is No Scrubs ;) :P

He was also mad because they are giving him a backpack with wheels which he deems a "kid's backpack". Actually my spare had wheels, so that would be no help to him. He wouldn't use a Powerpuff Girls one either. It would be funny imagining him using one. Actually all my "plain" backpacks broke, and I threw them out when I moved.

I managed to find Conan O'Brien on Twitter. Yay! I should celebrate by "string dancing". :P
Speaking of Twitter since my phone is broken I will refrain from Tweeting on my phone for now.

There is a message board for my writing class, and I'm very reluctant to post on it. It's funny because I love writing on message boards. I guess it's because I willingly join those others. I know I'm not good at introducing myself pretty much anywhere online or in person. Plus she would like us to post a photo of ourselves. "No thank you". Plus what would I even say?


My dad was getting mad at me because I keep trying to take stuff out of my backpack to make space. I've written this before, but I need all the backpack space I can get. I don't even take a purse to school anymore. It's just a hassle and it takes up a lot of valuable backpack space.

Before I got to class I was looking for a bathroom in the building. I wanted to apply my gloss in there. I hard the hardest time finding a bathroom in that building. I should lay off the gloss though Dr. Oz said so.

I did manage to get a better seat; didn't end up sitting by that annoying couple. I let them annoy somebody else. They kept talking about their names. It was pretty funny, or at least I thought it was. I wonder if by the end of the semester they get so annoying nobody will want to sit by them?

Being in my class and seeing all the older people in there makes me wonder if I will be an old scholar. You know right now I think the one thing I'm best at is being a student. No Joke!

My knee is hurting a lot. I think this storm will be pretty hard.

I went back to that class message board. I've read some of the messages, but for now I'm just a lurker. :P
You'll have to coax me to do it. Plus I can't think of anything funny, witty, or interesting to say. :/

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