Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tear Apart the Room!

After what happened yesterday I was inspired to write a song. A new song; original material. It's in the same vain as my classics "Government Lunch" and "Earthquake Drill". "Earthquake Drill" was a pretty lame song, and I wrote it in 8th grade. So here is my punk style song "Tear Apart the Room".

Tear Apart the Room

You took my stuff x3
Tear apart the room!
I can't find my stuff x3
Tear apart the room!
Who moved my stuff? x3
Tear apart the room!
This room's a mess x3
Tear apart the room!
Tear apart the rooooom!
Tear apart the room! (yelled)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yu-Gi-Oh! Engrish Comic of the Bootleg Kind

So a few years ago when Yu-Gi-Oh was popular and was everywhere there were a lot of bootleg items around. Here are some of the bootleg items I have; a cup, a bowl, a bag/purse and fake cards. I think I paid no more than $2-3 for any of them. Here is a picture of the fake deck box. Sorry the box is crushed. I accidentally stepped on it at my old house. I have no idea who that guy is on the front of the box with the fire coming out of his hand. Maybe he is The Pyro Mr. Volcano. The other guy is obviously Joey. I think I bought it because Joey is on the box. I don’t know if you can make it out but it says Konami on the top left side of the box.
Box Front
The back of the box has the same picture of The Pyro Mr. Volcano on it and a picture of Bakura with an injured arm.
Box Back
I got this funny mini comic in a pack of bootleg cards. It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever read! I scanned it for the purposes of this blog, but then I realized this comic is hard to read in real life. So I will make a transcript of it for you. I did not clean up the grammar or anything. I think “Dammed” is to signify a monster being destroyed. It’s used a lot in the comic. I will be using the dub names. They are used in the comic. This takes place during the Duelist Kingdom story arch. They have star chips.
Page 1374
Yugi: Frankly say.
You are unqualified to be my opponent!


Weevil: My…my insect army was all exterminated…

Weevil life point 450

Page 1375
Tristan: You can never win YuGi with your strength!

Joey: He! Insect guy, feel the severe attack!!

Crowd: Wow! Wow! Wow!

Tea: Is look like small YuGi was leaded in this game but…

Mai: (thinking) Hi Hi Hi…Is that what you think!

Tea: YuGi…

Joey: Set the trap inside enemy trap! This is called YuGi style.

Tea: A trap card contrary beat by another trap card.

Mai: (thinking) In magic card match, you can never know what is going to happen in the next turn. (speaking) So! Is too early to be happy.

Tristan and Joey: (together) Mai Valentine!

Mai: Ah!

Tristan and Joey: (together) Beauty!
Page 1376
Tristan: Me too.

Joey: Tea! I agree with Mai say!

Tea: You guys! (to Mai) He has many experience of winning the match.

Mai: The Inject Needle Weevil is the Japan champion.

Tea: So! We need to watch the continue turn to see who will win. (thinking) What? Where is this woman came out. Calling “small YuGi”!

Joey: But, he can not be careless! We can say that, Yugi will go to win (to YuGi) YuGi! Come on…

Tea: YuGi! Beat is guy quickly! (thinking) YuGi will fight this woman too

Mai: (thinking) YuGi……….

Page 1377

Weevil: I will let you feel deep regret!

Yugi 1350 Weevil 450

Yugi: I am not affright. Do your best…Oh! A daredevil guy…

Weevil: (thinking) When I launch this card I will win this game! Don’t be so happy…I have my trump insect card.

Page 1378
Weevil: I know!

Yugi: Weevil! You have no monster care in you field show your new monster!

Weevil: Defend position “Larvae Moth” Level 2

Yugi: (thinking) So strange…the attack power is very small. “Larvae Moth” Level 2... This Weevil guy…is he planning to use equipment card.

Weevil: (thinking) Yugi! Come on! Take you move to attack… Hi Hi!
Page 1379
Yugi: (thinking) Oh! I will never let you succeed! If my “Dark Magician” was exterminated, my life points will decrease too. If I attack, my monster will all exterminated. Because his trap card is still there…(speaking) Let use this card. (thinking) To destroy his trap card, I must make my injure as little as I could. (speaking) All cards are back in my deck. “Monster Recover” card.

Page 1380
Yugi: My cards on the field are all back in my deck. Take 5 new hand card. How can he escape like this?

Weevil: My trap card…


Weevil: Shuffle cards!

Yugi: Use the weaker monster first


Yugi: So, the trap card has destroyed.

Yugi 1050


Page 1381
Yugi: Then! Is my turn that my “Beaver Warrior” appear, ended this turn.

Weevil: YuGi, you are completely fall into my trap. Ha Ha Ha Ha! Hi Hi…

Yugi: What?

Weevil: This is my trump card!

Page 1382
Weevil: Matching with “Larvae Moth” “Cocoon of evolution”


Yugi: Ah Ah!!
Page 1383
Yugi: “Larvae Moth” was wrap by a big cocoon. A complete evolved “Great Moth”!

Weevil: When the time has come, then no on can beat the “Great Moth”. Ha Ha Ha! Now “Larvae Moth” was inside the cocoon. After 5 turn, it will evolved into a complete “Great Moth”!

There are also some instructions for playing the card game on the last page. There is an “04” at the bottom of the page. I think it was taken from a player’s guide or something. Here’s what it says:

NOTE: This Starter Deck contains 50 cards, so you will need more cards to create a Side Deck.

In any match, the Deck and Side Deck combined cannot contain more than 3 copies of the same card. Also, be aware of Forbidden and Limited Cards, p.35.

In accordance with the Official Rules, a Duel is conducted in the following manner:

Before you start a Duel, greet your opponent with a friendly handshake.

Both players shuffle their respective Decks and them to their opponent to shuffle (this is called cutting the Deck). The Decks are the returned to their owners and placed face-down in their respective Deck Zones on the Game Mat (the Game Mat p.6.).

When using Fusion Monster Card(s), place the card(s) face-down on the Fusion Deck Zone of the Game Mat. A Fusion Deck is a card or a group of cards consisting only of Fusion Monsters formed by fusing 2 or more monsters during a Duel (Fusion Monsters, p. 10).

Note: The cards of the Fusion Deck are NOT counted in the 40 cards minimum of the Deck.

Show your opponent that your Side Deck contains exactly 15 cards (the cards may be counted face-down). When your Side Deck cards are exchanged with those in your Deck, count the cards of your Side Deck with your opponent once again to verify that the Deck still contains the same number of cards.

For the first Duel in a Match, decide who starts first with a coin toss.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Ginger Love

I never really realized that I have a thing for redheads too. I know I do for blonds due to the successful brainwashing by my grandma. Of course she hates any hair color that is not blond. I remember how mad she was when some of my cousins dyed their blond hair red because that was the trend back then. This was back in like the mid to late 90s when red hair was really trendy.

To be honest I think it started with Ariel and Holly.

Here is a list I’ve complied of my favorite redheads. Some are real people and some are fictional characters. If you don’t like or disagree with my list then make your own.

Miss BG
Conan O’Brien
Shirley Manson
Pepper Ann
Holly Hallstrom (my favorite Price is Right model)
Gadget (is she a redhead? I thought she was a blond)
The Undertaker
Alfred E. Newman

The one thing I always wondered is why was there not a red haired Sailor in Sailor Moon. I’m not including the Amazoness Quartet. I mean the main ones. I remember making a fan character called “Sailor Sun” who is a redhead.

I was also going to include Ichigo Momomiya from Tokyo Mew Mew (aka Zoey from Mew Mew Power), but her hair is only red when she is not a Mew. When she is a Mew it’s pink.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cheese Steak

Ok so I was slacking off again today. I was suppose to have a blog ready, but I don't. The list I'm compiling for my blog is taking longer than expected. I do have 2 new blogs for The Rant Blog that are almost ready to go.

After much debating I polished my nails red and black. After I looked at my nails they reminded me of Harley Quinn from Batman or maybe playing card suits. That wasn't intentional though. I just couldn't decide.

I've been getting a lot of hits to my blog recently. Apparently people are looking up the phrase "slutty __ costume". They are reading the Sexy Nostalgia ones parts 1-4 and the blog I wrote about slutty and non-slutty costumes.

I was thinking about trying to make my own yarn falls, but I don't know yet.

I'm so tempted to do something with my hair, but I told myself I was not going to touch it (cut or dye) until November. Ok maybe late October if I can incorporate it into some type of costume. I did because I got really upset in August and rashly cut my hair. It's still growing out.

In other hair related subjects has anybody else heard about leaving the shampoo in your hair for 5 minutes to get it to work. I thought this was common knowledge, but my mom claims it's not.

Had another cheese steak sandwich today. I love those sandwiches. That is authentic cheese steak. When I go to Philly I'm going to eat a cheese steak sandwich from Domino's like when Micheal from The Office said he was going to eat New York pizza at a Sbarro's.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Exotic Latina

I hate when people have this stereotypical latina in their mind. Even MTV tres is accused of doing this.

Here is the criteria for a latina:
Dark hair
Dark skin
Almond shaped eyes
Big lips

Ok so my mom who is full Mexican doesn’t really fit the criteria. Let’s see… She has dark hair, full lips, and she’s curvy.

So I’m even more diluted since I’m half. All I have is curves and dark hair. But a lot of people have curves. Even my white cousins.

Why does that criteria have to be for a latina? There are many varieties of them even natural blonds and beady eyed ones. Why do they have to fit the mold? This really pisses me off.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Brown Ambition

My mom told me that I’m not ambitious anymore. Maybe I have lost my vigor. I think I am ambitious just not in the way she would like me to be. To be honest I should be really ambitious since I’m an only child Capricorn. Both personality types are ambitious on their own. So that would make me doubally ambitious. Although the water pig is not. That would cancel out one of the double ambitiousness. To be honest I think my ambition died off around 2003-2004.

Here is a funny thought I had. Remember I mentioned that my 10 year high school reunion will happen in 2012? Well that is a really significant year in some circles and religions. I wonder if this is a sign for me not to go to my reunion?

I also thought I should have a “fuck it” attitude towards my venture. You know just go ahead and get on with it already, and stop thinking about everything else.

I talked to my mom about is and she said it’s a bad idea because it’s volunteer work, and that I should get paid for my work. Which is sort of true. Well except for a few things. 1: I need some references. 2: This shows potential employers that I was doing something. 3: This could help me in getting a job working with animals. For the record I’m not one of those weird kids who believes everything their parents tell them. Even if my mom has more reasoning than my dad does. She said what if I get hurt or something. The thing I find funny is that she is making assumptions now instead of me. It’s like the tables have turned. I thought I’ll go and see how I like it. I mean if I don’t I don’t have to go back right? Now I want to do it more since it feels like forbidden fruit.

I mean what should I tell potential employers I’ve been doing all this time? “I write an inane blog, listen to Garbage music, and fight with my dad all day.” That’s not very employer friendly. I don’t even care if I do volunteer busy work.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Engrish Signage Funtime at the College School

Since I had a free day today I was goofing off and didn't properly prepare a blog.

These are some Engrish signs I saw back at my old school. I wish I had a camera phone earlier to take more pictures of Engrish signs I encountered at school. Oh yeah and I blocked out the names and numbers in all the signs.
This sign is mentioned in an old myspace blog I wrote.

My favorite thing to do at school was to go to the bulletin board where people would post things like fliers for work at home scams, lost dog/cat posters, stuff for sale, places to live, and other things.
I found this post while I was looking for a legitimate job post. I love the way this is written. Notice how it says “at”, but the person wrote “on” over it. Like changing that one word was going to fix the Engrish in it.

This one isn’t that funny. The only thing I found wrong with it was the part about the pets.
I’m not trying to copy That is a great site and you should visit it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Not Gaga over Gaga

Today I felt like leaving an inane comment for Shirley on her facebook wall. I haven’t done that in a while. ^-^

I decided what I’m going to name that little decorative crow I bought. I’m naming it Speedie.

Are there too many Garbage/Shirley references in this blog? I’m not sure. There use to be a lot on my myspace one before I changed blogs. Maybe…but I think there are a lot of references to other things like the one I made about my 12th grade US Government teacher, and John Cena, and a bunch of other things. Making references to things and people is “dopeass”. (See if you can catch the reference there)

You know I am I like the only person who doesn’t like Lady Gaga? I’m not counting my mom because she doesn’t know who that is. Just because she is popular I have to like her? I didn’t know that if something is popular you immediately have to like it. I’ll tell you a little secret *whispers* I don’t like the Beatles either. Please don’t tell me that you don’t know them so don’t judge them crap. I don’t know any musicians personally the ones I like or don’t like.

Also why do I have to like her because I like Gwen’s solo work? Why does that obviously make you a fan? There a lot artists I should like because I like solo Gwen like Madonna. I really don’t like her. I only like about 3 Madonna songs. And Kylie too, but I haven’t really heard enough of her songs to make a judgment. I do like “Red Blooded Woman”.

Today is the fall equinox which means it’s the official start of fall and that the “Summer of Celebrity Deaths” is officially over. Since it’s over let’s reflect on the celebrities we lost this summer. This is not a compressive list.

Farrah Fawcett
Ed McMahon
Michael Jackson
Billy Mays
John Hughes
Ted Kennedy
Patrick Swayze
Mary Travers
Henry Gibson

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sandwiches and DVDs

Ok I just want to say a few quick things.

I found out some DVDs I wanted will only cost about $35 instead of $50 like I thought they would. And these are standard DVDs not blu ray or anything. I think I can spend $35, but not $50 that is like a pair of shoes to me. A good pair of name brand shoes.

Oh yeah and I have a recipe for everybody and it's really simple, but it contains meat. It's called the low carb salami sandwich.

You get 2 thick slices of salami. Then you put a spice of American cheese between them. And that's it. You have your sandwich.

Lastly there is somebody who I know that is having a baby and I just want to say congrats the couple. I knew she would be a mom. I always figured she'd be one of those soccer moms. She 's got that kind of personality.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Blog! The Rant Blog

I opened a new blog since I felt that the rant blogs I was writing were taking away from my main blog.

Here it is: The Rant Blog. There is only one entry right now. That is the place where I will do most of my ranting.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Slutty and Non-slutty Costumes

This is another blog Halloween costumes. But this one isn’t only about sexy/slutty costumes. I‘ll talk about slutty and non-slutty costumes.
This is a slutty Sailor Moon costume I found. It’s ok I guess. The Sailor Soldiers/Senshi (Scouts) wear some pretty sexy outfits. If I recall this costume is called Sailor Sweetie. A lot of people who dress up as Sailor Moon character get accused for making the costume look “trashy” or “slutty” because they wear “stripper boots” with the dress. Of course it wouldn’t matter with this costume since you want to look like that. Read #13 on this site.
I think this costume would’ve looked cuter if it had shorter sleeves or was sleeveless and the model was wearing long white gloves. I think the costume comes with the hair ribbons. I don’t know why, but for some reason I think the costume model kind of looks like Christina Aguilera.
Here is another Strawberry Shortcake knockoff costume. This one is really ugly. I found this picture while I was searching for pictures of slutty Rainbow Brite costumes. I think this costume is pretty ugly. That fruit on the apron looks like a blackberry, and what’s with the pink fabric and white dots?
Here are 2 slutty nostalgic designs I made. They are for a Moondreamer (Crystal Starr) and for Lady Lovelylocks.
Speaking of costumes what am I going to dress as? I don’t know…yet. I’ve narrowed it down to 3 choices; a witch, a ghost or the Twitter Bird. I think it would be fun to be the Twitter bird. I’d make that costume out cardboard or something.
I’m thinking about trying Horror Flesh makeup. I’ve been wanting to try it for a long time. Has anybody else used it? Is it good? Does it make you face itchy? You know like when you slather on too much of that cheap water based cream makeup, and it cracks all over your face and makes it itchy.

I even bought some more costume supplies. You know a lot of people don’t really think about this, but you can find a lot of costume supplies during the transition from summer to fall. Here are some summer items you can use. Beach balls you can papier-mâché them and make character heads. Especially ones for round headed characters. Swim noodles are great for making costumes. Here are some costumes using swim noodles. Bead bag, flip flop, and a crab trap. Swim goggles are really useful especially if you are going to dress as a swimmer or a superhero or something like that.
I picked up some blue swim goggles since they reminded me of Gadget’s goggles. Especially since they were blue. Maybe I can even use them for a cybergoth/cyberpunk costume I just need some dreads. Maybe with some blue in them. If I can find another pair in pink I might buy those.

When I first saw these I thought they were stupid. But after I thought about it. Something came to me “Lettuce hair!” Especially this green color. I mean using it as a flat headband Since the hair is cheap and tangles easily. It would be easy if I braided it because it wouldn’t tangle as much. Plus Lettuce’s hair is hard to achieve. I could use it for a Lettuce costume and just dye my hair green. I braided it, but it is not finished since I need to add bows to the bottom in true Lettuce fashion. For all you Mew Mew Power fans Lettuce’s dub name is Bridget.
I also found this small crow. I like it. I think I’m going to name it. But I haven’t come up with a name yet. I was thinking “Blackie”. Or is that too racist? If you have any name suggestions please send them to my blog. I like the way this picture came out. Especially the lighting. It makes it looks ominous.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Repeating Trite Phrases

You know my dad STILL doesn’t know how to send emails with attachments in them. Didn’t I mention this before? I’m pretty sure I did. Ok well I need to help him do it since he can’t do that kind of stuff on his own even though he thinks he can. The fun thing is when I do what he does to me back to him. The problem with my dad is that he likes to tell you a bunch of trite phrases. So I just to it back to him concerning his inability to use computers. Hell he did it to me when I couldn’t grasp algebra and he “tutored” me. Oh yeah and when I was a bad driver. This is what he likes to say “You have to learn how to do this on your own”. So I just say it back to him.

I forgot I had to explain to him what internet bookmarks are. @.@

So you know that venture I was talking about doing. I’m having second thoughts about it. I mean at first I was just going to go out and do it. But then I realized I’d better not in case there are some scheduling conflicts. It’s not like I need to tell my parents what I’m doing. It’s just that they should know. (It‘s nothing bad though) I’m not sure though my dad still needs to be babysat while he uses the computer.

Mary Travers died and so did Henry Gibson. I know who Mary Travers is she was in Peter, Paul and Mary. Henry Gibson. I really don’t know who he is. I have never seen an episode of Laugh-in. It made me think of this. Read #2.

I don’t know why my dad thinks I’m an idiot and thinks he has to explain all the jokes on Saturday Night Live. You know this is one of the reasons I hate watching tv with him.

Since I mentioned Weekend Update. Let’s play “Really” again in the spirit of Weekend Update.

You think I don’t get the jokes on the show?
I’ve been watching this show since I was 11 and getting the jokes?
You don’t think I know who Jimmy Carter is?
Just because I wasn’t alive during his administration I don’t know about him?
And I learned nothing in those US History classes I took?
This has been Really?

Oh yeah how cool is this? Drew Carey replied to a tweet I twittered to him. ^-^
Here’s what I tweeted to him: ”@TPIRhost Is there going to be a Halloween themed episode this year? I really liked the last 2."
He tweeted back: “TPIRhost@pikapal We already taped Halloween show. Our best yet! Don't want to give the costumes away, but you'll all want to copy them. :)”
I wonder what that means?

Actually I was thinking about the Halloween episode from 2008 when he had a wild hair style and an ax in his head. I remember he kept hitting the contestants with the ax by accident. Actually Halloween is very important to Price fans since that was the day in 2006 that Bob mentioned he was retiring.

Oh yeah Glee and Community are funny shows.

I bought some goodies at the dollar stores to blog about. I need to take pictures of the items.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sexy Nostalgia Part 4

This blog is only going to focus on the sexy Rainbow Brite costumes. At first I was only going to write a paragraph about them until I realized that there a few female characters in the series and untapped slutty designs. I know I left out Stormy, Moonglow, and Baby Brite.

Rainbow Brite is close to me since I dressed as a character from the series once in 1987. That kid in the Twink costume is me. I wonder what a slutty version of a Twink/sprite costume would be?
Actually the character Rainbow Brite and I have had a history together during Halloween. When I was little about 10 months I didn’t go out trick or treating that year. Anyway my mom kept me by the door in my highchair to see all the kids come in their costumes. Some girl came to the house as Rainbow Brite, and every time some kid came to the door I thought it was going to be somebody in a Rainbow Brite costume.

When I was in 7th grade there was this girl dressed as Rainbow Brite. It’s Halloween and you know you are more likely to stare at people just cause you like their costume or you are trying to figure out what they are dressed as. Anyway there was this girl in my math class, and she was dressed as something familiar. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Remember this is 1996 so Rainbow Brite wasn’t exactly at her peak or having a revival. When I see the girl who had blondish dyed hair way before she dressed as Rainbow Brite. When it finally hits me and we are walking down the hall I tell her “Are you suppose to be Rainbow Brite?”. I can’t believe I used the word “suppose”. Even though I did she was happy she said I was the first person to recognize what she is. How’d she achieve that ringed look? She had layered different colored scrunches on her arms and legs.
Let’s start with the star of the series and it’s namesake Rainbow Brite. Let’s start with the “starburst girl” costume or whatever this one is called. There is even a sluttier version that is a top and a skirt.
Here is the teen version I think this one is called “Rainbow Girl”. The only difference I see between this one and the other one is the way the skirt is. The other one has a V shaped skirt. The sleeves look a little different, but that could just be the way the model is posing.
This is the kids’ costume. It think it’s called “Rainbow doll” or something like that. It’s kinda cute. It’s more modest than the others.
The one thing I don’t like about these costumes is the lack of sleeves. The thing that I always liked about the outfits of the Rainbow Brite characters is the tall sleeves. I guess there was really no cost effective way to replicate this. I know the costumes are knockoffs, but why can’t there be a rainbow on the belt? Or would that be too close. It doesn’t even need to have the star on it. One question why does she have a wand? If I recall correctly Rainbow Brite didn’t have a wand. Didn’t she use something that looked like sprinkles. I think she could also use her belt as a weapon. The legwarmers/shoes. I think this costume would have looked better if it had shoe covers instead. Especially since Rainbow Brite’s boots look like snow boots.
Look! I even found a dog version of this costume. Freaky. Shouldn’t you be dressing your dog as Puppy Brite instead? Or even Starlite. (Rainbow Brite‘s horse) if you are going for a semi-authentic Rainbow Brite look. Sorry the Puppy Brite picture is small. If you want to see a better picture you can just look it up.
I found this unofficial costume for sale on Amazon. I’d buy this one. It looks pretty accurate, and it’s pretty modest too.
Patty O’Green she’s a cute character. I have a book about her looking for clovers for a birthday present for Buddy Blue. Too bad the model does not have green hair. It would have made the costume look a little better. I don’t know why she has striped legwarmers and arm warmers. I guess it’s to capture Patty’s puffy long ringed sleeves and boots. The funny thing is that this costume comes with hair bows that kind of look like Patty’s. the one thing I’m wondering is why didn’t they put the model’s hair in braids?
Shy Violet now I swore somewhere I saw a sexy version of her outfit. It wasn’t a custom thing it was for sale like on Yandy or somewhere. I saw it last year on one of those mega costumes sites, but for some reason this year I couldn’t find it listed. I tried a lot of different search words, but found nothing. If I remember correctly it was called something like “purple girl” or “lavender girl”. Here is my rendition of how I remembered it looked. I’m drawing this from memory. I think I got the bottom of the dress wrong though.
Tickled Pink I found this sexy version of her outfit. The one thing I have to say about this one. It does capture the tall puffy sleeve things. I also like the use of the shiny material. It’s reminiscent of the dresses the Mattel dolls wore. But her arm things/sleeves looks like she just stacked a bunch of rubber charity bracelets on her arms. I don’t know what her shoes look like since the picture doesn’t show them. Here is my formulaic design for a Tickled Pink costume. I’m using the “starburst girl” design. In my design the hair bows would be included.
Canary Yellow her outfit looks easy enough to “slut out”. I mean all you have to do is get rid of the yellow body suit under and make the top plunge really low and add some 4 inch heels. I decided to make her outfit into 2 pieces.

Lala Orange I thought hers is easy to “slut out” too. I mean all you would have to do was make the skirt high cut or sheer. In my design the hat (beret) would be included.

Indigo her sexy costume could be like one of those I Dream of Jeannie costumes. I mean all you would have to do would be make the pants really sheer, and turn her top into a crop top. In my design the hair bows would be included.
All my designs had to be touched up a little in paint. I had to give my designs a little color. That is the whole premise of Rainbow Brite. I mean they aren’t called the Color Kids for nothing.
Oh and as a last thought look this picture for the revamped design of Rainbow Brite for 2009?! When I first saw it I thought it was fan art or something. Were they looking at the knockoff costume when they designed this? Whoa! X_x @o@
The girl with the purple hair is Moonglow and the one with the pink hair is Tickled pink. Here is a picture of the old Moonglow.