Saturday, September 5, 2009

Semi-successful Yard Sale

Ok so my yard sale fared a little better than the last one. My mom wanted me to use the foil paper I bought for crafts and use it on the sign. Why would I waste good foil paper on some crappy yard sale sign I’m just going to throw away?

I thought it was going to be doomed. My dad had to water the yard right before I was going to set up. He doesn’t just water he floods. That was one of the gripes I had with him when I use to have a swing set as a kid. He would water it and make it rust even more. He use to lie and say he didn’t, but I would see him do it out the window. He never lets me do anything on my own. He always has to meddle.

Remember my goal was to sell something to someone and I did! I sold 1 thing to my next door neighbor. So my goal was met! If I set my goals low then I have a better chance of accomplishing them. I wish I could’ve told that to my younger self. Sometimes I can be too Capricorn.

The funny thing is that I thought people were slowing down in their cars to look at what I was selling. Then I remembered that there is a speed bump between the house and my neighbor’s house.

I thought it was going to be like that episode of Reading Rainbow when Levar has a yard sale, and ends up not selling anything because he couldn’t find anything he wanted to sell. Or it could have been like in Arthur when D.W. sold a singing fish for $1000 at her family’s yard sale.

Oh yeah I should have been a little more prepared because I should have put an ad for my yard sale on Craigslist. I know what I’m selling. I’m not an idiot. I know there are people who go to yard sales, and see somebody selling something really cheap that could fetch a lot of money on the internet. That’s how they make money. I check what I’m selling. I know what will yield more money on the net. For some reason my mom doesn’t understand that. I’m not going to even try and compete with the people down the street who are like mega sellers. I got my own thing goin’ on. Plus for some reason bigger items (like slides and strollers) were more popular than smaller items this time.

In unrelated yard sale related news. I don’t know how I did it, but I scratched the screen of my MP3 player. It has a big gash in it, and I’m really upset. To be honest I really use to abuse my Zen player, but my Zen doesn’t have a screen.

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