Friday, September 4, 2009

Gum Doesn’t Even Help

This is another blog about my reporter teacher. Disclaimer: All opinions expressed about this teacher are solely my own.

One time towards the end of the semester I had to muster up what little if any motivation to go to her class. I was growing increasing bored with each class. (Not that I wasn’t since the beginning) Before class I went to the library since I had time to waste before class. I got out my gum for class. When I get to class I see that she is not there, and the other students are waiting outside. I was mad because I had been chewing that gum for like 5 minutes. Everybody was scrambling to turn in their quizzes. I read on the board that there was a new issue of the school newspaper coming out on the next class session. I was planning to be absent on that day. She said there were 2 more issues left. She told the class she thinks Rupert Murdoch and Bill Gates are trying to take over the world.

While I was chewing gum in class I think she was getting mad at me, but I didn’t care. I was cool, calm, collected, and nonchalant. The gum sort of worked. I felt it did pass the time a little better. Maybe I should try Mentos. :P

She said her daughter is concerned with thinness. It comes from the parent and the issue of control. I learned that from Loveline. And seeing how she treats her class. I just wonder how she treats her kids and could drive them to this.

I did actually learn something relevant in class John Cena and Shakespeare have the same birthday; April 23. I thought that was an interesting little fact.

She asked me a question and I wasn’t really paying attention, and I think she could see that I just gave a blanket statement. Then she got side tracked anyway so I was saved.

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