Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Get his Attention by Pretending to like Something

You know watching Gossip Girl I can understand where Serena is coming from. Ok so maybe I might not be famous enough to get my pictures in magazines or anything like that. I know how Serena can get her dad’s attention. She can pose as an Oakland Raiders fan. Oh wait that’s what I did to get my dad’s attention. But I don’t really like (American) football.

So we lost another one. Patrick Swayze died. There is still more time during the “summer of celebrity deaths”. I don’t have much to say about him. I can’t recall if I’ve seen one if his movies in it’s entirety.

Kanye well what can I say about him. That guy really needs to shut up. I know him doing that probably made a lot of people like him even more. His interview on Leno; how could you not know what you were saying? Especially when he wasn’t accepting the award or anything. Some people said it was going to be like the Hugh Grant interview. I’m old enough to remember that. I watched it. Actually I remember the prostitute’s 15 minutes of fame. She was in a commercial for a radio station which is now the Sound. (Any Angelenos remember this?)

Jay’s new show is ok. I don’t know I’ve never been a big Leno fan. I really don’t find him all that funny. I think he’s not as funny as Conan or Letterman. I mean I enjoy the Headlines segment and Jaywalking, but that’s about it. I mostly watch his show for the guests he books and not for him. The one thing I don’t like is that there is no desk when he does interviews. There are just 2 chairs. It reminds me of a daytime talk show or something.

Speaking of The Sound my dad sure likes that station even though he totally denies it. Like he does with most everything. For him not liking it he visits the website a lot, signing up for their website, and when my mom and I turn on the radio in the car it’s usually on that station. My mom and I don’t listen to that station.

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