Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cheese Steak

Ok so I was slacking off again today. I was suppose to have a blog ready, but I don't. The list I'm compiling for my blog is taking longer than expected. I do have 2 new blogs for The Rant Blog that are almost ready to go.

After much debating I polished my nails red and black. After I looked at my nails they reminded me of Harley Quinn from Batman or maybe playing card suits. That wasn't intentional though. I just couldn't decide.

I've been getting a lot of hits to my blog recently. Apparently people are looking up the phrase "slutty __ costume". They are reading the Sexy Nostalgia ones parts 1-4 and the blog I wrote about slutty and non-slutty costumes.

I was thinking about trying to make my own yarn falls, but I don't know yet.

I'm so tempted to do something with my hair, but I told myself I was not going to touch it (cut or dye) until November. Ok maybe late October if I can incorporate it into some type of costume. I did because I got really upset in August and rashly cut my hair. It's still growing out.

In other hair related subjects has anybody else heard about leaving the shampoo in your hair for 5 minutes to get it to work. I thought this was common knowledge, but my mom claims it's not.

Had another cheese steak sandwich today. I love those sandwiches. That is authentic cheese steak. When I go to Philly I'm going to eat a cheese steak sandwich from Domino's like when Micheal from The Office said he was going to eat New York pizza at a Sbarro's.

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