Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Dawn of September

September is upon us now. It came so quickly. Labour day is next week. Yeah I spelled it the British way. Pretty soon it will be October, and then Christmas and then my birthday.

I have big plans for this month. Well actually talking about them isn't going to do anything I have to act on them. First up is the neighborhood yard sale. I'm going to be more prepared than last time. Hopefully people buy something. Then I'm off to my next venture. But I'm taking one thing at a time.

I'm working on some more blogs about Halloween costumes; slutty and non-slutty.

How likely is it for all the tv and radio towers to burn down on Mt. Wilson? You know people said they were going to burn down on Sunday night. I'm really wondering what would happen? Well I have a DVD ready in the player in case there is no tv.

You know I still haven't changed layout for my myspace page. I updated my lastfm profile, so I'm not touching that for a while. Maybe I'll change my facebook profile pic this month. To something that represents me better. I'm also thinking about changing the background on my twitter page again.

I went shopping today, and I bought a lot of hair accessories. I bought a purple hair band with a bow on the side as an impulse buy. It reminded me of Stella from Winx Club. Her season 1 casual/civilian outfit.
I like hair bands. They remind me of Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl too. Blair always looks so polished.

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