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Yu-Gi-Oh! Engrish Comic of the Bootleg Kind

So a few years ago when Yu-Gi-Oh was popular and was everywhere there were a lot of bootleg items around. Here are some of the bootleg items I have; a cup, a bowl, a bag/purse and fake cards. I think I paid no more than $2-3 for any of them. Here is a picture of the fake deck box. Sorry the box is crushed. I accidentally stepped on it at my old house. I have no idea who that guy is on the front of the box with the fire coming out of his hand. Maybe he is The Pyro Mr. Volcano. The other guy is obviously Joey. I think I bought it because Joey is on the box. I don’t know if you can make it out but it says Konami on the top left side of the box.
Box Front
The back of the box has the same picture of The Pyro Mr. Volcano on it and a picture of Bakura with an injured arm.
Box Back
I got this funny mini comic in a pack of bootleg cards. It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever read! I scanned it for the purposes of this blog, but then I realized this comic is hard to read in real life. So I will make a transcript of it for you. I did not clean up the grammar or anything. I think “Dammed” is to signify a monster being destroyed. It’s used a lot in the comic. I will be using the dub names. They are used in the comic. This takes place during the Duelist Kingdom story arch. They have star chips.
Page 1374
Yugi: Frankly say.
You are unqualified to be my opponent!


Weevil: My…my insect army was all exterminated…

Weevil life point 450

Page 1375
Tristan: You can never win YuGi with your strength!

Joey: He! Insect guy, feel the severe attack!!

Crowd: Wow! Wow! Wow!

Tea: Is look like small YuGi was leaded in this game but…

Mai: (thinking) Hi Hi Hi…Is that what you think!

Tea: YuGi…

Joey: Set the trap inside enemy trap! This is called YuGi style.

Tea: A trap card contrary beat by another trap card.

Mai: (thinking) In magic card match, you can never know what is going to happen in the next turn. (speaking) So! Is too early to be happy.

Tristan and Joey: (together) Mai Valentine!

Mai: Ah!

Tristan and Joey: (together) Beauty!
Page 1376
Tristan: Me too.

Joey: Tea! I agree with Mai say!

Tea: You guys! (to Mai) He has many experience of winning the match.

Mai: The Inject Needle Weevil is the Japan champion.

Tea: So! We need to watch the continue turn to see who will win. (thinking) What? Where is this woman came out. Calling “small YuGi”!

Joey: But, he can not be careless! We can say that, Yugi will go to win (to YuGi) YuGi! Come on…

Tea: YuGi! Beat is guy quickly! (thinking) YuGi will fight this woman too

Mai: (thinking) YuGi……….

Page 1377

Weevil: I will let you feel deep regret!

Yugi 1350 Weevil 450

Yugi: I am not affright. Do your best…Oh! A daredevil guy…

Weevil: (thinking) When I launch this card I will win this game! Don’t be so happy…I have my trump insect card.

Page 1378
Weevil: I know!

Yugi: Weevil! You have no monster care in you field show your new monster!

Weevil: Defend position “Larvae Moth” Level 2

Yugi: (thinking) So strange…the attack power is very small. “Larvae Moth” Level 2... This Weevil guy…is he planning to use equipment card.

Weevil: (thinking) Yugi! Come on! Take you move to attack… Hi Hi!
Page 1379
Yugi: (thinking) Oh! I will never let you succeed! If my “Dark Magician” was exterminated, my life points will decrease too. If I attack, my monster will all exterminated. Because his trap card is still there…(speaking) Let use this card. (thinking) To destroy his trap card, I must make my injure as little as I could. (speaking) All cards are back in my deck. “Monster Recover” card.

Page 1380
Yugi: My cards on the field are all back in my deck. Take 5 new hand card. How can he escape like this?

Weevil: My trap card…


Weevil: Shuffle cards!

Yugi: Use the weaker monster first


Yugi: So, the trap card has destroyed.

Yugi 1050


Page 1381
Yugi: Then! Is my turn that my “Beaver Warrior” appear, ended this turn.

Weevil: YuGi, you are completely fall into my trap. Ha Ha Ha Ha! Hi Hi…

Yugi: What?

Weevil: This is my trump card!

Page 1382
Weevil: Matching with “Larvae Moth” “Cocoon of evolution”


Yugi: Ah Ah!!
Page 1383
Yugi: “Larvae Moth” was wrap by a big cocoon. A complete evolved “Great Moth”!

Weevil: When the time has come, then no on can beat the “Great Moth”. Ha Ha Ha! Now “Larvae Moth” was inside the cocoon. After 5 turn, it will evolved into a complete “Great Moth”!

There are also some instructions for playing the card game on the last page. There is an “04” at the bottom of the page. I think it was taken from a player’s guide or something. Here’s what it says:

NOTE: This Starter Deck contains 50 cards, so you will need more cards to create a Side Deck.

In any match, the Deck and Side Deck combined cannot contain more than 3 copies of the same card. Also, be aware of Forbidden and Limited Cards, p.35.

In accordance with the Official Rules, a Duel is conducted in the following manner:

Before you start a Duel, greet your opponent with a friendly handshake.

Both players shuffle their respective Decks and them to their opponent to shuffle (this is called cutting the Deck). The Decks are the returned to their owners and placed face-down in their respective Deck Zones on the Game Mat (the Game Mat p.6.).

When using Fusion Monster Card(s), place the card(s) face-down on the Fusion Deck Zone of the Game Mat. A Fusion Deck is a card or a group of cards consisting only of Fusion Monsters formed by fusing 2 or more monsters during a Duel (Fusion Monsters, p. 10).

Note: The cards of the Fusion Deck are NOT counted in the 40 cards minimum of the Deck.

Show your opponent that your Side Deck contains exactly 15 cards (the cards may be counted face-down). When your Side Deck cards are exchanged with those in your Deck, count the cards of your Side Deck with your opponent once again to verify that the Deck still contains the same number of cards.

For the first Duel in a Match, decide who starts first with a coin toss.

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