Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sexy Nostalgia Part 4

This blog is only going to focus on the sexy Rainbow Brite costumes. At first I was only going to write a paragraph about them until I realized that there a few female characters in the series and untapped slutty designs. I know I left out Stormy, Moonglow, and Baby Brite.

Rainbow Brite is close to me since I dressed as a character from the series once in 1987. That kid in the Twink costume is me. I wonder what a slutty version of a Twink/sprite costume would be?
Actually the character Rainbow Brite and I have had a history together during Halloween. When I was little about 10 months I didn’t go out trick or treating that year. Anyway my mom kept me by the door in my highchair to see all the kids come in their costumes. Some girl came to the house as Rainbow Brite, and every time some kid came to the door I thought it was going to be somebody in a Rainbow Brite costume.

When I was in 7th grade there was this girl dressed as Rainbow Brite. It’s Halloween and you know you are more likely to stare at people just cause you like their costume or you are trying to figure out what they are dressed as. Anyway there was this girl in my math class, and she was dressed as something familiar. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Remember this is 1996 so Rainbow Brite wasn’t exactly at her peak or having a revival. When I see the girl who had blondish dyed hair way before she dressed as Rainbow Brite. When it finally hits me and we are walking down the hall I tell her “Are you suppose to be Rainbow Brite?”. I can’t believe I used the word “suppose”. Even though I did she was happy she said I was the first person to recognize what she is. How’d she achieve that ringed look? She had layered different colored scrunches on her arms and legs.
Let’s start with the star of the series and it’s namesake Rainbow Brite. Let’s start with the “starburst girl” costume or whatever this one is called. There is even a sluttier version that is a top and a skirt.
Here is the teen version I think this one is called “Rainbow Girl”. The only difference I see between this one and the other one is the way the skirt is. The other one has a V shaped skirt. The sleeves look a little different, but that could just be the way the model is posing.
This is the kids’ costume. It think it’s called “Rainbow doll” or something like that. It’s kinda cute. It’s more modest than the others.
The one thing I don’t like about these costumes is the lack of sleeves. The thing that I always liked about the outfits of the Rainbow Brite characters is the tall sleeves. I guess there was really no cost effective way to replicate this. I know the costumes are knockoffs, but why can’t there be a rainbow on the belt? Or would that be too close. It doesn’t even need to have the star on it. One question why does she have a wand? If I recall correctly Rainbow Brite didn’t have a wand. Didn’t she use something that looked like sprinkles. I think she could also use her belt as a weapon. The legwarmers/shoes. I think this costume would have looked better if it had shoe covers instead. Especially since Rainbow Brite’s boots look like snow boots.
Look! I even found a dog version of this costume. Freaky. Shouldn’t you be dressing your dog as Puppy Brite instead? Or even Starlite. (Rainbow Brite‘s horse) if you are going for a semi-authentic Rainbow Brite look. Sorry the Puppy Brite picture is small. If you want to see a better picture you can just look it up.
I found this unofficial costume for sale on Amazon. I’d buy this one. It looks pretty accurate, and it’s pretty modest too.
Patty O’Green she’s a cute character. I have a book about her looking for clovers for a birthday present for Buddy Blue. Too bad the model does not have green hair. It would have made the costume look a little better. I don’t know why she has striped legwarmers and arm warmers. I guess it’s to capture Patty’s puffy long ringed sleeves and boots. The funny thing is that this costume comes with hair bows that kind of look like Patty’s. the one thing I’m wondering is why didn’t they put the model’s hair in braids?
Shy Violet now I swore somewhere I saw a sexy version of her outfit. It wasn’t a custom thing it was for sale like on Yandy or somewhere. I saw it last year on one of those mega costumes sites, but for some reason this year I couldn’t find it listed. I tried a lot of different search words, but found nothing. If I remember correctly it was called something like “purple girl” or “lavender girl”. Here is my rendition of how I remembered it looked. I’m drawing this from memory. I think I got the bottom of the dress wrong though.
Tickled Pink I found this sexy version of her outfit. The one thing I have to say about this one. It does capture the tall puffy sleeve things. I also like the use of the shiny material. It’s reminiscent of the dresses the Mattel dolls wore. But her arm things/sleeves looks like she just stacked a bunch of rubber charity bracelets on her arms. I don’t know what her shoes look like since the picture doesn’t show them. Here is my formulaic design for a Tickled Pink costume. I’m using the “starburst girl” design. In my design the hair bows would be included.
Canary Yellow her outfit looks easy enough to “slut out”. I mean all you have to do is get rid of the yellow body suit under and make the top plunge really low and add some 4 inch heels. I decided to make her outfit into 2 pieces.

Lala Orange I thought hers is easy to “slut out” too. I mean all you would have to do was make the skirt high cut or sheer. In my design the hat (beret) would be included.

Indigo her sexy costume could be like one of those I Dream of Jeannie costumes. I mean all you would have to do would be make the pants really sheer, and turn her top into a crop top. In my design the hair bows would be included.
All my designs had to be touched up a little in paint. I had to give my designs a little color. That is the whole premise of Rainbow Brite. I mean they aren’t called the Color Kids for nothing.
Oh and as a last thought look this picture for the revamped design of Rainbow Brite for 2009?! When I first saw it I thought it was fan art or something. Were they looking at the knockoff costume when they designed this? Whoa! X_x @o@
The girl with the purple hair is Moonglow and the one with the pink hair is Tickled pink. Here is a picture of the old Moonglow.


  1. One of my friends made a Rainbow Brite costume for Halloween this year... and I decided I wanted to join in the fun. Since I was already in the process of making a Horse/Zebra costume, I agreed to do Starlite. I have attached some pics from various adventures with me as Starlite as well as some of the construction... I hope you enjoy these. It has been a great joy to bring back the 80's with this suit.

    For the record, she hand-made her suit so that it would be more "conservative" than a lot of what's out there now.... I don't have any fickr pics of her due to her personal requests.

    Let me know what you think!

  2. ...It would help if I included the link...

  3. That costume is a unique take on the Starlite character.