Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Need Some Cred

This is a joke blog.

Ok how can I get some cred here?

What is the snobbiest No Doubt and Garbage album to listen to? Is it “Beautifulgarbage” and “No Doubt”? I don’t mean among the No Doubt and Garbage fans I mean among the music snobs/elitists.

I’m not a “real” fan right? Because I like the “popular” albums. My favorites are “Tragic Kingdom” and “Garbage”. The only reason I like those 2 albums is because I fell in love with them in junior high and they bring back nostalgic memories. What an awkward little 7th grader I was. I also use to listen to “Jagged Little Pill” a lot back then too. That album is probably frowned upon too. Just to point out do own both of their complete discography of No Doubt and Garbage; all 7 of No Doubt’s albums and all 5 of Garbage’s albums. Although I think 2 other “popular” albums are “Rock Steady” and “Version 2.0”.

Which made me think what songs are the fan favorites among fans and non fans? “Only Happy When it Rains” and “Don‘t Speak”?

What is the “purest” way to listen to a No Doubt or Garbage album? Maybe you are suppose to listen to a Garbage album while drinking a Gin Daisy? No wait I got it! You listen to “Sex is not the Enemy” while jumping on the bed. For No Doubt let’s see… you listen to “The Beacon Street Collection” while cruising the streets of Anaheim driving past the Beacon Street house. I guess you would listen to “Sunday Morning” while eating spaghetti. Oh wait! We didn’t even get into formats. Which situation calls for which format? CD? Cassette? Vinyl? Digital file? I’m pretty sure they don’t have any releases on 8 Track.

You can’t be a “bad” fan either. You need to get the song titles right. What could be worse than meeting a musician and telling them you love some song they perform, but you call it by the wrong title. Would they end up telling you something like this “How dare you call yourself a fan! Get the song title right! Get away from me! You don‘t deserve to be my fan anymore!”

But I think Shirley Manson doesn’t think this way. She would not have written something like this ”A big hand of love to everyone who has ever gone crazy for one of our tracks, laughed and screamed and cried at one of our shows, stuck us on an homemade compilation, written us a letter, called themselves a Garbage fan or even acted like one. To you and to all my, family bandmates and friends, Peace x.”.

Should I even be listening to them at all? They are too mainstream. I should be listening to some obscure female fronted band nobody has ever heard of. Golly…I need to do some research and a lot of studying. :x

I’ll just take 2 of my mom’s albums: “On the Beach” by Neil Young and “Blonde on Blonde” by Bob Dylan. Think my mom is a music snob? Nah. She just likes these artists.

I know how to bump up my cred! I’ve been listening to Blondie since I was 8! Wait there is no way to prove that unless you knew me at 8. Oh well… *shrugs*

I also need some cred in the anime department too.

My favorite anime series is Sailor Moon! @o@ *faints* Yeah I know I’ve mentioned that before; numerous times.

I shouldn’t be allowed to be an anime fan or even watch any series with some “depth” to them. I guess I’ll be relegated to watching stuff like Dragonball and Pokemon. Poor me!

Actually I think of those series as “gateway anime” you know like “gateway drugs”. Some people are like the occasional drinker/smoker. They watch a little bit of anime sometimes when they are in the mood to. Then there would be somebody like your chain smoker/alcoholic who pretty much only likes one series/genres and only watches that. There would also be the people how get into harder drugs or in this case more obscure anime. One person thinks Eureka Seven is like Ecstasy. Which is funny since I really like that series and I’m rewatching it.

I even heard about some guy who was going to raise his kids on Ojamajo Doremi aka Magical Doremi for you dubbies out there. (I‘m assuming subs of this series or even possibly the raw Japanese version) I just have one question. What if they don’t like it? I mean like when you parent(s) want you to be in Little League and you hate baseball.

How dare I call myself a fan of anything because I don’t like the obscure. I guess I’m too uncool for my own good. Which is better than thinking I’m cool and better than everyone else.

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