Wednesday, September 9, 2009

College Memoirs

I was thinking about my first day of college after reading my cousin’s tweets about his first day of college. For me the first day of college is up there in my school memories along with the first day of kindergarten and my first day of high school. The funny thing for all 3 of those school life milestones is that I worried about what I was going to wear.

I dressed badly. Remember this was 7 long years ago. This was when a lot of people wore suede retro trainers which was the style at the time (I sound like Grandpa Simpson LOL! :P) I really wanted some dusty rose colored suede trainers, but I couldn't find any.
I wanted to dress “emo” because that’s how I thought college people dressed. I wore rolled up dark denim pants and cute socks. I had an obsession with socks back then. I only wanted to wear printed socks. I thought white socks were boring and plain. When I shopped for school clothes I was more interested in buying socks than any other type of clothes. Even more than shirts and pants.

My first day was very strange. Let’s see…I took a lot of bad college “advice” from my dad and I’m using the term really loosely here. First off I took a class at 7AM. It was so hard to get to. I guess he assumed I would be driving. Seriously nobody willingly signs up for a 7AM college class anymore. To be honest for the first semester he scheduled my classes. Can you say “Helicopter!!!!!!!???????” It was really hard to get to a 7AM class by bus. Especially since I rode more than one.

He told me to take all my books for the day (I didn‘t need to take books for class I was having the next day). I was in so much pain!

The other hard part was that he scheduled 2 classes back to back and the classes were nowhere near each other. (Now I like to leave a 30-60 minute cushion of time)

He kept telling me not to get lost on campus. This was a big concern for him. I’m convinced this happened to him because every time I go to a new school he tells me this.

I was happy because when I came home from school I got a letter from my dead friend (who was alive at the time). I remember I wrote to her about wanting to go to the No Doubt concert, and the pandas I saw at the San Diego zoo. I use to write her such long winded letters, and hers were so succinct. I loved receiving correspondence from her.

Sorry I didn't have really good pictures to go with this blog. I couldn't find the magazine I was referencing.

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