Monday, November 30, 2009

Commercial Nostalgia

This is another blog about my reporter teacher. Disclaimer: All opinions expressed about this teacher are solely my own.

I know I haven't written about her in a while I got the idea to post this blog after I told this story to my cousins and they thought it was funny.

My teacher decided to show us another outdated video. I knew it was outdated because it was about commercials and it had footage from a Pac Man cereal commercial I knew this video was pretty old if it featured footage from a commercial I use to watch back in like 1986. When I saw the footage it made me think of this article. Actually the footage wasn't easily identifiable as a Pac Man cereal commercial. You had to recognize what you were watching. I identified it because when I was a kid. I use to want a frilly 80s skirt like the girl is wearing that sits at the table in the commercial. I think I wanted the skirt more than the cereal. (appears at about 0:11 in the youtube video)I think the video might have also featured footage of the kids doing the "Pac Man". (When I was kid I use to do that dance too. Man! My mind is warped!)

There were other ways you knew the video was outdated because the statistics in it were old.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Epic Fail

As I was cleaning up today I found my old high school senior year yearbook. As I was thumbing through it. First of all I want to say that our varsity football team wasn't that good.

Aside from that I was wondering when did I start to fall? You know become a failure. I think it didn't start in college. It started all the way back in high school. Back in junior year. After I failed math for the first time I continued to ride a downward spiral in my senior year. I got kicked out of the one club I belonged to. I felt like a marked woman.

I guess when I went to college I thought I have a fresh start with high school behind me. Well then I failed math again. You know I was embarrassed, had too much pride, and all that.

I started thinking was I always a failure. You can ignore this pity party blog. But maybe I need to be like those people who ignore failures and just look at them as learning experiences or something.

Which made me think did I fail at life?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

December is Coming soon!

So I took yesterday off for the holiday. Well actually I forgot to post a blog. But it's nice to take a day off from blogging even if it is just one day.

I got a few things I need to do next month like getting ready for the city approved yard sale. I'm going to try harder this time, and put some ads on some of those free yardsale listing sites. I even opened up an account on Craigslist for this. Now I realized you have to put a lot of in for those yard sale listing sites. Why do they need to know your name? I don't want to use my real name and have angry people come back at me. I guess I could always be Betty Bluth or Annie Vandalay.

The good thing I'm going to try and apply for school. I'm not saying I will get in or not. I'll just have to wait and see what happens. It doesn't matter yet since I can't apply until next month anyway.

I've been having positive dreams too. Last week I had an amnesia dream which is bad, but this week I had 2 or 3 hidden passage dreams which are a good dream symbol. I use to have a lot of hidden passage dreams in high school.

I'm so happy I found my playlist I had on paper. I thought I had lost it. I posted one on lastfm that I wrote by memory. I only left out one song "Greener Pastures" by No Doubt

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Stuffed like Turkey

Thanksgiving wasn't as bad as I thought it would be I think the worst thing was that I almost fell asleep during the toy category (my fave category) during the dog show. I almost missed the pug. :( Ok or maybe it was being "kicked out" of the front room while my dad watched football all day.

Can you believe I forgot to wish Shirley a Happy Thanksgiving on facebook. For shame!

Here's a funny story. When my dad was watching the football game I heard a McRib commercial, and I go excited and I was half asleep. I can get so excited for a sandwich.

Here's a list of the lame things I got excited for today:
The pikachu balloon in the parade
The Care Bears float in the parade
The Smurf float and balloon in the parade
The Hello Kitty balloon in the parade
Seeing the pug in the dog show
The McRib commercial
Turkey Skin (my favorite part of the turkey)

I did like the Care Bears float and the Smurf float and balloon. It gave the parade a retro feel. Well that and the Transformers toy commercial I saw during the parade. Usually the parade features toys for little kids like toddlers and babies. I think there is some rule that you can't advertise during the parade or something; I don't know. The funny thing was that Joel Goddard was the announcer again this year. I thought he retired after Conan moved to LA and used Andy. Jimmy Fallon looked really funny on the float singing Christmas songs. It was funny when my mom walked in and saw him. She said "Why didn't he sing 'I wish it was Christmas today'?". I didn't really think about that. It would have been funny though. Well maybe he would have needed Tracy Morgan, Horatio Sanz, and Chris Kattan. For some reason I really enjoyed those skits.

I forgot to add that the parade on CBS had horrible commentators. They were such rookies. I could have done better commentary than them.

Surprisingly I didn't eat too much this year. Either I've learned to have some moderation or I just wasn't hungry that much. Hate to sound arrogant here, but I gotta pat myself on the back for that. Unless I find myself binge eating late at night/early morning.

For some strange reason Tattoodles is back.
I have no idea why they brought this doll back. I barely remember the first incarnation of it. I forget how old I was when this doll came out, but I remember thinking it was dumb. I'm going to say the same thing I said last year. Hey toy companies bring back Lady Lovelylocks, but please don't mess her up too much. I'd hate for her to look like some kind of Bratz clone or something.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Newsraw is a Joke!

I was going to blog about this yesterday, but I decided that a nostalgia blog would be better. Plus I had already almost finished that blog. Anyway while I was watching channel 4.2 which is KNBC Newsraw. (I think it's written as one word?) It was dead air! Well technically not dead there was a camera shooting and it was just shooting newscasters in the background. There was nobody reporting. This went on for a few good minutes. It was at 6 something PM.

Now I know the news is "raw" and not as polished as the evening newscasts or anything thing like that, but dead air?

Who knows maybe somebody who works for the station will read this and I'll have my own little segment on Newsraw.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kermit was always "Green"

I found this old PSA on youtube a few days ago. It's probably one of my favorite PSAs from the 80s along with Right to Say "NO", Bugs Bunny for Shriners, and Officer Byrd.

Fishing with Kermit
When I was a kid I use to love watching this PSA. Maybe this is where my love for Fozzie started, and maybe the Muppet babies too. According to the Muppet wiki this PSA started airing in 1984, but I remember it being on for many years after that.

Here's a funny story about that PSA. When I was about 2 my mom had put up this picture of a stream or a lake or something like that I don't remember very well. Anyway the picture sort of looked like the place they were fishing at in the PSA. I would go in the bathroom and say they were "in" the picture.

Officer Byrd
When I heard them tell him "1-Adam Bird" I heard"Banana Bird". I just loved the theme song. As a kid I would get so excited when I would see him ride the bike. It also spoke and said "Hello". It says that in one of those PSA. I remember them being shown on KTTV channel 11. When I was a kid I wanted a Macaw parrot; an Officer Byrd looking one, and that could hopefully ride a bike.

Bugs Bunny
I was so inspired by the Bugs PSA that I broke a sun tea jar trying to reenact the PSA. When I was a kid I thought pots could talk and turn into cartoons. I also remember this one being shown on KTTV a lot too.

I don't have much to say about the Right to say "NO" PSA aside from that I liked it and I remember it being shown a lot on Saturday Mornings especially on KABC 7.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Chandler Style

Does the title sound strange? This was bordering on a rant blog. I posted my rant in the rant blog.

I'm starting not to like Thanksgiving as much as I use to. It's not like it was one of my top holidays anyway. It's not like Halloween or Christmas. You don't get to dress up in outrageous or slutty costumes. Although I'm pretty sure there is a "slutty pilgrim" costume out there. Hey what do you know?! There is! And quite a few of them I must say. The girl in the blue looks like somebody I went to school with.
Christmas has; cheesey music, tacky sweaters, catalogs, presents, and specific candy. I'm not going to go into the "naughty elf" costume or "Santa's Ho".

I'm thinking about celebrating it Chandler style next year. You know Chandler Bing the character from the show Friends who hates Thanksgiving. According to the scrips I read online and my own memory. He eats tomato soup, funyuns, and grilled cheese sandwiches. I'd eat all that except for the tomato soup. I'll change that to another type of soup or maybe to ramen.
I'm trying to come up with a desert. What would be a good non-Thanksgiving desert? I'm straying away from anything pie related like pies, tarts, and turnovers. I'm also staying away from anything pumpkin, spice, or sweet potato flavored. What about a torte? Cookies?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Unhappy Anniversary

I just realized what today is it's the anniversary of me moving. Thinking about it just made me depressed as fuck.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Leaving Meez

You know it's had for a website to get my attention. I'm talking about corporate sites. I mean there are some pretty good hobby sites out there too, but they are usually not updated as much. Usually the people who run those have lives.

I usually don't leave sites by choice like I get bored with them. Usually there is some technical problem I have with the site that can't be fixed for some reason or the site shuts down. The strange thing is that I'll get really into a site, and then it shuts down for some inexpiable reason. This has happened to me on at least 5 occasions.

Actually the web got me through some hard times as a distraction. Which made me think of this quote from The Office episode "Murder" in which Micheal states "'Battleship' got me through my parents' divorce. 'Operation' got me through my vasectomy." In the spirit of Micheal Neopets got me though 2004 and Meez got me through 2008-2009.

Not to sound like a hypocrite or anything, but I do still go back to Neopets in December for the advent calender. I didn't do that last year because I was off line for a while. I do plan on going back this year though.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Dogs vs Football

So as luck would have it The National Dog Show is running against the Raiders vs Cowboys game in my time zone. (Pacific) My dad got mad because I'd rather watch the dog show than the game. I decided to be truthful and stand my ground. I think it's better to be truthful to myself than lie to everybody and pretend I like/am interested in football. To be honest I don't really like football that much. I didn't really understand how the scoring and stuffed worked until I was in 6th grade.

To anybody reading this I'm talking about American football and one of the traditional games involving either the Detroit Lions or the Dallas Cowboys.

Here's a cute pug for you to look at.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mystery Toys

I had previously written a blog about 2 mystery dolls. Nobody has provided an answer or even an inkling to what those dolls were.

I found these clippings from old Toys R Us circulars from the 90s. (I think the mid to late 90s)

The one with the tub I think was made by Cap toys, but I not sure. I’m drawing a blank on the name. I do like the girl’s updo in the picture.

What is the name of this stamper thing?

Does anybody have any idea what these toys are?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why Won't You Answer My Question?

I hate when you are having problems with a website and you email the site. You tell them you are having a problem, and then they just copy and paste the FAQ. Hello?! I already read the FAQ that's why I'm emailing you! With a faint possibility they send you some other resolution which also doesn't work. When you tell them that they give you the layman's terms of how work said unworkable solution. It's just a never ending frustrating circle of the same results!

JUST ANSWER MY DAMN QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!11111111oneeleven!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Worrying About Silly Things

I've been worrying about some silly things.

I don't know why I still think there is something wrong with me for not liking Lady Gaga. I don't know what is worse; me not liking her or worrying about it.

I was thinking I will be 30 soon. I thought I should dress more mature now that I'm going to be 30. Actually the phrase "dressing more mature" sounds like something a kid would say when be or act like a grown up or something. What do I think a 30 year old dresses like? I think they are polished in the way they dress; sophisticated. You know it's important to dress your age. Not too old and not too young.

I also need better hair. I mean I don't have strange teenager hair or anything like that. You know over teased or wacky colored streaks. I thought when I turn 30 I will need a more grown up hairstyle and possibly bangs since I'm getting older. Oh yeah and better color work.

Well I have about 4 years to start working on that; especially the hair. I'm notorious for having bad hairstyles/unkempt hair.

Monday, November 16, 2009

More Colorful? Color Me Bored

You know now I've been having more positive dreams recently. I had this one about climbing a tree. That is a positive dream symbol. Well except for that I climbed it and got stuck in it. I was towards the top though.

Who knows maybe one day people will be complaining about how I mismanage something like a channel or something like that.

Oh yeah NBC what are you doing!? This is their Thanksgiving night prime time line up. All times Pacific/Eastern.
8PM A rerun of The Office episode Niagara (aka Jim and Pam's wedding episode)
NBC's People of the Year
10PM The Jay Leno Show

No movie? Holiday programming? Are you just trying to drive people away from your network? Must ignore tv?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Blackout Shower

Ok the title is not as bad as it seems. I know it might sound perverted.

Anyway there was another blackout on the street. It happened at the strangest time to me. I was taking a shower. That has never happened to me before. There was this one time I was going to take a shower, and then there was a blackout. That was a long time ago when I lived at my old house. I think it was like back in the late 90s or early 2000s. It wasn't that back back then. I wasn't even in the bathroom or anything. I think I was getting a towel out of the linen closet or something. Anyway back to what happened to me today. The light were flickering at first and I know in this house that usually isn't a good sign. After it was dark in the whole house and I couldn't hear the football game my dad was watching I looked out the window to see if it was just this house. The house is old and sometimes when too many appliances are run the power sometimes goes out. But I saw the neighbor's house was dark and so was the 2 story house near them. Later my mom came in and brought in a candle. It said it made the bathroom ambient. She also told me power was out on the whole street. (sometimes it just goes out on the side I live on). I never showered during a blackout before. I guess there is a first time for everything.

In other news I got a word published in the Urban Dictionary. Is it hard to get one published? Anyway here is my word. I got the inspiration from my dad. :P

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Want one Too!

Actually this post was going to be about something else. So if the URL is weird that's why.

So I went to the mall looking for that elusive MP3 speaker pillow. Half the stores I went to had no idea what I was talking about. When I was at the Sears I was asking about one. It was so funny because the lady who was in line was all I want one too. They already told me that they didn't have any. She was right there when the worker said that.

I went to the calendar store. They had Tom and Jerry calendars there so I just had to get one. Tom and Jerry items are hard to find. The worker tried to sell me a WWE calendar; she noticed the wrestling shirt I was wearing.

You'll never guess who I saw at the mall! Santa. Isn't a bit early for him to be there. I haven't even sen Santa's appearance in the parade yet.

One of the funniest things I saw was a kiosk that only sold snuggies. X_x

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Scallops and Anime

You know what I tried for the first time today? Canned scallops. I thought they were going to taste horrible, but they aren't bad. I even ate some straight out of the can. they are a little grittier than the frozen ones though. I love scallops they are one of my favorite "sea meats".

Saw Lupin III for the first time today. It's not a bad anime. It's a product of it's time though. The think I like about it is that it doesn't use all these slick computer animated things. Probably because the technology wasn't available back then. I like the use of line work and shading. This is a show you can look at from an artist's point of view.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Finding Some Career Direction

Ok, since I decided to go back to school again I'm hoping this time I will not get bored with school so easily this time. Plus I should try and take the Microsoft Office Suite class again since the last time I took it at another school I didn't do so well. I just hope my dad doesn't try to get me to use his old outdated adult school book again. *rolls eyes*

I do think taking a computer repair class would be helpful too. Maybe I can figure out a way to fix my computer myself. I don't expect to be a proficient computer repair person that quickly though.

This time I have more drive. I think? Well since I figured out what I want to do. Last time I had to meet up with a counselor who recommended I be a teacher or a nurse. Two occupations that would not fit my personality. I don't like children or dealing with hurt people, and a combination of both would be even worse. I want to do something media related. At least this time when I meet with the counselor I won't say something like "I don't know.".

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Miscellaneous Blog #24

Was my last blog out of hand? Well whatever I'm not deleting it. I still think it's wrong to make fun of gay people. But enough about that.

I have a gripe with Dinosaur King. I'm not really into this traveling through time thing. It reminds me way too much of Flying House. There are many similarities; there are 3 kids (2 boys and a girl) and there is a robot. Of course Flying House is biblically based though.

You know I thought I was going to look "funny" with red hair, but I don't. Seriously I didn't think it would match my skin tone. Ok I'm not very fair or olive complected. I'm somewhere in between that. I just thought I wouldn't look right since I'm a natural brunette. I still haven't tried to pull off blond yet.

I'm also working hard at going back to school. I wonder why do people think you need to get a 2 year degree, and that you can't just start off at a 4 year university? But like I said before I need to get back to school because if I say at home bickering with my dad I will go insane. Anyway I'm going to try and take a new approach to school. With the economy being bad and all. I know I am going to have to be one thing. Hardworking? No. Attentive? No. The word is "ruthless". It's going to be much more competitive than it was before. But I told myself this time I wouldn't be snobby. Even if I do run into that annoying girl I don't like.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Let's Make Fun of Straight People!

First off I want to say it's ok to. Why not? I'm straight. It's like a redneck telling redneck jokes.

I'm staring a new movement. You know those PSAs that tell you not to say something is "gay"if it is dumb or bad. Which is a good thing. People should not be doing that. Especially Matt and Trey.

Well I thought why not say something is "straight"? "Your shirt is so straight." "My parents are not letting me go out tonight they are so straight." Of course the word would still be used in other contexts. So own it and use it.

Friday, November 6, 2009

More Costume Ideas

You know what I saw? A sexy crayon costume. Like I said before anything can be sexy if you try hard enough. Well crayons are somewhat phallus shaped. I’ll just leave you with that thought…

I still think there are a lot of untapped possibilities with literary characters. I found this sexy Pippi costume. What about a sexy Grinch? Cindy Loo Who? Or even The Cat in the Hat?

I came up with a new costume idea. A black plague doctor. It sort of looks like a character from the Mad Magazine Spy vs Spy series. It looks like an easy costume to make. Well I’d have to construct a mask or something. I’d also need to find a doctor’s hat.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I'm feeling in better spirits than I was before. As the Japanese would say "Genki". It means to be in good spirits.

I've been thinking about my life again while I was on facebook. I was thinking what is a profitable career? I think the health care sector will dry up soon. I'll say within the next 5 years. What about working with loans? I'm going to stay in the woodwork for now and just write inane things to Shirley and take wacky quizzes and compare the results with my cousin's results.

Anyway I got my Sweet Toof purse and it was on sale! ^-^

I also bought some candy. Caramel apple pops. I've been looking for some for a while.

Here is something funny. John Cena's first movie The Marine is on sale for $5 that's less than I paid to see it in the theaters when it came out 3 years ago.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Haven't Got a Hat

I think I'm most fully recovered from my illness since I caught myself binge eating yesterday.

I've been in a shit mood funk today. Then I got really depressed when I realized I've been living where I live for almost a year now.

Also since Halloween is over I got some ideas for costumes. I've even started some preliminary sketches. Of course most of my costume ideas never get past that point. None of these current designs are slutty ones.

I was thinking about an evil doll. I got the idea from this costume, but I would make mine different. A little like this costume too, but not as slutty.
What about some type of ghost maid? I really like this costume, and I think I could make my own version of it. Although I don't like the hat. I'd wear more of like a Loli headband thing. I think I could even alter the design to make it look like that little hat/headpiece they wear with their cafe outfits in Tokyo Mew Mew; to compliment my Lettuce hair.
I also like this nun costume. I like the idea of an evil/deranged nun.
What about something that is not scary? Strawberry Shortcake. Not just any version the 90s version. That is probably the least known of all the versions/incarnations. The 90s one is very dear to my heart. I also like her because of all the incarnations this one doesn't wear a hat for some reason.
The 1980s version wears a hat.
The early 2000s version wears a hat. So does the grown up version of her. The newest version does too. That makes the costume so much more easier to make. It sort of made me think about this article. Actually her outfit is reminiscent of the Berrykins dolls of the 80s. But there are 3 other 90s versions of Strawberry Shortcake. If you would like more information on the 90s dolls please go here.

Speaking of Halloween did you see Gwen's Halloween costume? It was cute and western. Gwen looks good with yarn hair as Jessie. But I still like her egg costume from last year better. I think I like her fairy costume best.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Engrish Funtime of the Stationary Kind

Ok I had been teasing this blog for a while

Here are some scans I took of some of my Engrish notepads. I think they are really funny. Sorry some of them are so small. If you can’t read it I will write what they say under them.

“Pianist Sky shs plays excellent jass piano”

“White Baby Cat…To Day is TTiTTi’s Day”

This cat looks more like a bear. I’m going to add this character to my list of “Hello Kitty Knockoffs”

“A vivid Sky

Hello! Everyone. My name is cute Sky.

I like a bautyful Flower, and Friends...

Have a nice-day!”

“Tennis Sky

Hi! My name is Sky…My habit is tennis, that is very funny sport…”

Here is a drawing pad that says “The energy which needs to study” I think that phrase is really funny. It sounds like something that would on a bottle of stimulants. The phrase on the pad was the reason I bought it in the first place.

I think the girl on the cover look a little like a mix of Sakura and Ichigo. My mom thinks the bird on the cover looks like DeDeDe from the Kirby series.