Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I'm feeling in better spirits than I was before. As the Japanese would say "Genki". It means to be in good spirits.

I've been thinking about my life again while I was on facebook. I was thinking what is a profitable career? I think the health care sector will dry up soon. I'll say within the next 5 years. What about working with loans? I'm going to stay in the woodwork for now and just write inane things to Shirley and take wacky quizzes and compare the results with my cousin's results.

Anyway I got my Sweet Toof purse and it was on sale! ^-^

I also bought some candy. Caramel apple pops. I've been looking for some for a while.

Here is something funny. John Cena's first movie The Marine is on sale for $5 that's less than I paid to see it in the theaters when it came out 3 years ago.

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