Thursday, November 26, 2009

Stuffed like Turkey

Thanksgiving wasn't as bad as I thought it would be I think the worst thing was that I almost fell asleep during the toy category (my fave category) during the dog show. I almost missed the pug. :( Ok or maybe it was being "kicked out" of the front room while my dad watched football all day.

Can you believe I forgot to wish Shirley a Happy Thanksgiving on facebook. For shame!

Here's a funny story. When my dad was watching the football game I heard a McRib commercial, and I go excited and I was half asleep. I can get so excited for a sandwich.

Here's a list of the lame things I got excited for today:
The pikachu balloon in the parade
The Care Bears float in the parade
The Smurf float and balloon in the parade
The Hello Kitty balloon in the parade
Seeing the pug in the dog show
The McRib commercial
Turkey Skin (my favorite part of the turkey)

I did like the Care Bears float and the Smurf float and balloon. It gave the parade a retro feel. Well that and the Transformers toy commercial I saw during the parade. Usually the parade features toys for little kids like toddlers and babies. I think there is some rule that you can't advertise during the parade or something; I don't know. The funny thing was that Joel Goddard was the announcer again this year. I thought he retired after Conan moved to LA and used Andy. Jimmy Fallon looked really funny on the float singing Christmas songs. It was funny when my mom walked in and saw him. She said "Why didn't he sing 'I wish it was Christmas today'?". I didn't really think about that. It would have been funny though. Well maybe he would have needed Tracy Morgan, Horatio Sanz, and Chris Kattan. For some reason I really enjoyed those skits.

I forgot to add that the parade on CBS had horrible commentators. They were such rookies. I could have done better commentary than them.

Surprisingly I didn't eat too much this year. Either I've learned to have some moderation or I just wasn't hungry that much. Hate to sound arrogant here, but I gotta pat myself on the back for that. Unless I find myself binge eating late at night/early morning.

For some strange reason Tattoodles is back.
I have no idea why they brought this doll back. I barely remember the first incarnation of it. I forget how old I was when this doll came out, but I remember thinking it was dumb. I'm going to say the same thing I said last year. Hey toy companies bring back Lady Lovelylocks, but please don't mess her up too much. I'd hate for her to look like some kind of Bratz clone or something.


  1. Hi there again,
    Any chance that you drew the picture I used for the 'Dog new tricks' monthly song post?

    I stumbled upon image in google pictures. Seemed to be suitable.

    Check out this new shirley manson song, a live cover of 'Life on mars'. Not so good quality, but if you like Garbage you obviously want to hear it ( :


  2. Sorry, I did not draw that picture.

    I've seen that video. I liked it. ^-^