Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween aftermath

Now Halloween is over and it's November. I'm so thankful for that extra hour I needed it to recover. You know after Halloween is over it is the best time to get ideas for costumes and stuff from what you saw. I think I'm going to get out my sketchbook and draw some designs. Some are slutty and some are not. This means my blog won't getting as many hits as it was during the Halloween season while people were looking for "slutty" costumes. Thanks for all the hits people!

I was thinking of all the things I have dressed up as over the years I have never dressed as a pirate for some reason. Maybe I should be a clown pirate, and shop at the pirate store with Tony. I'll need an eye patch. :P XD

You know there is going to be a Friday the 13th this month? Get your charms out if you are superstitious.

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