Monday, November 30, 2009

Commercial Nostalgia

This is another blog about my reporter teacher. Disclaimer: All opinions expressed about this teacher are solely my own.

I know I haven't written about her in a while I got the idea to post this blog after I told this story to my cousins and they thought it was funny.

My teacher decided to show us another outdated video. I knew it was outdated because it was about commercials and it had footage from a Pac Man cereal commercial I knew this video was pretty old if it featured footage from a commercial I use to watch back in like 1986. When I saw the footage it made me think of this article. Actually the footage wasn't easily identifiable as a Pac Man cereal commercial. You had to recognize what you were watching. I identified it because when I was a kid. I use to want a frilly 80s skirt like the girl is wearing that sits at the table in the commercial. I think I wanted the skirt more than the cereal. (appears at about 0:11 in the youtube video)I think the video might have also featured footage of the kids doing the "Pac Man". (When I was kid I use to do that dance too. Man! My mind is warped!)

There were other ways you knew the video was outdated because the statistics in it were old.

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