Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Miscellaneous Blog #25

Well I registered for school. the strange thing is that they said they were going to send me an email with important information. I registered at about 12PM and I still haven't gotten anything. The good thing was aside from that I registered without a hitch. It's so distrating when you are trying to register for school/get classes while your dad is yelling at you. There was no yelling, so it was pretty successful.

The new season of Scrubs was ok. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Too bad Elliot wasn't really in the episode at all. That new character Lucy is ok. I like that's she's neurotic. I like neurotic characters I guess it's because I'm a little neurotic too. Too bad Sunny couldn't stay. I really don't like Denise. I know a lot of the fans like her. At least they explained why the janitor left. Too bad they didn't say his name. Did they explain where Carla went? Is the medical school series like a spin-off or a continuation? That confuses me. Oh yeah and all the titles now start with "Our". Most of the ones that JD narrated started with "My" like "My American Girl". There were a few other ones that started with "Her" "His" or "Their" when another character was narrating an episode. Spoiler: The plot with Lucy and Allan was so predictable. How many times as this been done? 3?

Oh yeah and those cheer-ful Gap commercials are driving me insane! What does "talk to the moose mean anyway?"

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