Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ironic Store Location

After that really lame yard sale, and me throwing in the towel. Surprisingly I did not get people who came from all those internet ads I posted. Enough about the yard sale though. So I thought I had a sweater to wear to the Ferguson taping, but I couldn't find it. The thing I hate is that when you are looking for something you need you can't find it. That mean I had to go to the mall and buy something.

It was hard to find something I liked all the sweaters were really cheap and thin. I almost ended up wearing something polyester. Shirts that are mostly polyester like 80% and greater remind me of 6th grade. The cashier had really pretty purple streaks in her hair. Maybe I should dye my hair purple again? It doesn't look bad with brown hair. After I change my color again. I can dye my hair at the end of the month/next year since I dyed it on Hallloween.

My mom told me the dreadful "D" word; "diet"! @0@

I went to the candy store and tried some candy called Techno Bears.
I'm a big gummi fan and I like tasting new gummi variates. They are very pretty and pearlescent. I wanted to buy them just because they were pearlescent. To my recollection I've never seen pearlescent gummis before. They are ok. The flavor is really intense. They are sour, but not like a sour patch kid. They are a different kind of sour. I can't really describe it.

I really wanted some licorice I was craving some the day before. I bought some gourmet licorice. You know the kind you can't really find in the store. I don't like to go to the candy store, and just buy candy that you can buy at the Walgreens or the dollar store.

Actually I was there because I wanted to show my mom some old nostalgia candy they sell there. She likes nostalgia candy.

There was also some Glee Gum. I didn't buy any, but will chewing it make me sing like Rachel or Kurt?

The thing I find really funny is that where there use to be a plus size store it got turned into a bakery! What an ironic store location! they sell some good cookies there. They taste like the kind they sell out of the Figi's catalogue.

She was upset because there were no personalized ornaments with her name on them. I mean her name wasn't even available. I didn't think my mom's name was too uncommon. I mean it's not "made up" or anything. My name wasn't there either; well it was sold out.

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