Saturday, December 5, 2009

All I Needed was a Dead Seal

I know the title sounds funny, but it's a reference to the Frasier episode "The Seal Who Came to Dinner". If you read the rest of the blog you'll see why I reference this episode.
Ok so I know this post says I started writing it about 2 something AM.

This blog is about my yard sale. I know it hasn't happened yet... But I'd like to start this story from about 2-3 days ago. See last time I had a yard sale I realized I only sold one thing because my neighbor took pity on me or so my dad says, and aside from my dad trying to sabotage me. (like usual Wait! that should be in my rant blog) Never mind...

I thought one the reasons nobody came was that I didn't advertise very aggressively. All I had were some signs. This time I decided to post my sale on a bunch of free yard/garage sale listing sites. I think I posted at least 8 of them. I even put an ad on craigslist, but I think it got lost in the shuffle there. Just so nobody could track me down I used a fake name and phone number in the ads. Only the address was correct. After I posted the ad I started getting all these silly spam messages that said something like "Hi your yard sale looks great please come to mine.". It sort of reminded me of deviantart.

Another reason is and I'll admit this I sell junky items. I know there are a lot of yard salers out there. The ones looking for that sucker who sells some valuable thing for a penny because they don't do their research. I do/did my research. I know what will sell better online. Like when my mom told me to sell my MIB G3 My Little Ponies for $4. I could get like $7 selling them online!

Also I tend to sell a lot of small items which don't really get people's attention like something big like tires or a washing machine would.

When it's morning I have a feeling it's going to do badly. My mom really hoped I'd sell all my stuff. I didn't feel I would sell all of it, but I thought I would sell at least something. My goal was to sell 2 items. No matter if I sold all my items or none at all I decided this was my last yard sale. They aren't that successful. I'm sick of having them.

The first mishap was there was graffiti on the sidewalk in front of the house again! My dad got all worked up about this. So now he is on "graffiti patrol" again *rolls eyes*. That means more late nights of him up glaring out the window. I had mentioned this previously in The Rant Blog. I don't do "patrol" or be "on guard" anymore. He got mad at me because I wasn't "on guard". After this happened I tweeted about this. I saw the graffiti it doesn't look like a bomb. It looks like boundary graffiti.

The second thing was that my dad went shopping, and I had to wait until he came back to set up since I put my stuff at the end of the driveway to sell. I don't know he just didn't go shopping the day before?

Mishap number 3 my dad wanted to call the graffiti removal people, but they aren't open on Saturday, so he called the police instead. When he told me this it made me think about that Frasier episode. In that episode the police come to their dinner party. The Crane brothers are notorious in the show for throwing dinner parties that end in disaster. That is a running joke throughout the series. Actually I thought maybe the police would take pity on my lame yard sale, and buy something. I wasn't sure, but I could hope. So they come 2 of them in 2 separate patrol cars. They parked pretty sloppily and in the middle of the street. People were slowing down in front of my sale because the police were there. They were looking alright, but not at my sale. My dad was trying to help the police by pointing out "evidence" he found. See? Being a detective. LOL! XD The police told him the "evidence" he found wasn't really evidence. Too bad I couldn't sell anything to them.

I gave it like an hour after the police left, and nobody came so I just gave up. After my previous 2 yard sales. This one was the worst!

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