Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Misinformed Tourists (a Rose Parade Blog)

On Sunday in the Tribune there was suppose to be a magazine insert for the Rose Parade. It's a helpful little magazine for tourists and stuff. It has information on such things as the parade float order, the game and the queen and the court.

Well anyway my dad went looking for one. He called up the newspaper office. According to him they told him that they only put that magazine in there for subscribers now. HOW STUPID! What are the tourists suppose to use for informative parade information? And why did they put an ad on their front page advertising the magazine? It's not like they subscribe to the Tribune. I guess that was a cost cutting measure since they are Bankrupt. I think? I know they are hurting for sure. He had to pay $1 for the magazine.

Speaking of things affiliated with the Tribune. I'll be watching the parade coverage on KTLA. They are the only English language station that does local coverage. A lot of people get mad at me because I don't watch the Spanish language telecast, but I'm sorry I don't understand Spanish very well and I'm sorry if that offends you. You know parade banter is pretty easy to write. I mean that was made fun of in a Christmas Frasier episode. Frasier wrote his own parade banter. The station I use to like watching when they did local parade coverage was KTTV. They use to do a lot of gimmicky things. I remember one year the parade was in "3-D", but when I watched it with the glasses it didn't look very 3-D at all. This was a long time ago like back in the 80s. When I use to live in Rosemead I use to hear the jet planes from the parade fly over my house. Well I did live in a flight path anyway.

I remember one year I think it was 2000 it was nearing 2001. My cousin and I wen to Knott's Berry Farm just to hang out and stuff during the afternoon. That day Disneyland was so overcrowded with tourists they had to close it down. (it was filled to capacity and they didn't let anymore people in the park). I guess the over spill went there. The place was filled with Washington Husky fans. If I recall I didn't see many Perdue fan there. Well Washington is closer than Perdue.

The Rose Parade is a good place to go when you are ingoing somebody, and then post picture of yourself there on the Internet. This person was in the crowd watching it, and not actually in the parade. Actually if they were in it that would have been a better more believable story.

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