Monday, December 28, 2009

Entertain Me! Then Feed Me!

This is a blog about the entertainment and food trends of the decade. This blog is probably the weakest of all my "looking back at the decade" blogs.

Now Disney has been around for a while, but I’m talking about those tween shows like Hannah Montana and That’s So Raven. Don’t forget their movies like High School Musical, the Cheetah Girls and Camp Rock. Oh yeah and Disney music.

PokémonA trend that carried over from the 90s. Did Pokémon ever really go away? They just added more characters and Pokémon. I can’t wait until Pokémon Uranium comes out!

I’m not talking about the baseball team.
After Pirates of the Caribbean everybody wanted to be a pirate. The funny thing was I always wondered was did all pirates along time ago wear dreadlocks and eyeliner?

The thing that debunked the pirates; they are hotter than ever. Better not eat that garlic! Now they do silly things like sparkle. I liked when they wore capes or when Buffy was slaying them.


They were really popular with movies like March of the Penguins Happy Feet, and Surf’s Up. They were everywhere and trendy.

This is the music portion of the blog. Please don’t complain if I accidentally misclassified something.

Nu Metal
This genre was really popular at the beginning of the decade and pretty much held on strong.

Garage Rock
This genre started off strong at the beginning of the decade.

Boy Bands
They carried over from the 90s, and pretty much lost their popularity by around 2002.

Emo Music
Don’t get mad at me and tell I’m misclassifying music. I’m talking about the early 2000s emo that came out. There was some spillage from the late 90s. Then there was that wave after it when a lot of bands were being misclassified as emo. It was used as umbrella for a lot of music that didn’t belong to the genre.

Pop Punk
This is a genre a lot of people hate. I like it. Kill me ok? I have a crush on Mark Hoppus. *blushes* This genre waxed and waned throughout the decade.

Ok I’ll admit I never really listened to Reggaeton. “Gasolina” is probably only one of reggaeton songs I can name.

I’m gonna talk about food trends.

Low Carb Craze
This was started by the Atkins Diet and other similar plans. You couldn’t go anywhere without find something that said “low carb”. I sort of liked this trend. You could just eat meatballs and no pasta. (I don’t really like pasta). I embraced it …sort of. It was the low carb wraps I couldn’t stomach.

BaconI loved bacon ever since I can remember. A lot of people say that it has become a trendy food due to the low carb craze. Bacon isn’t exactly a new food or anything though.

Well you know my views on boba.

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