Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Too Old and Stagnant

I'm not going to lie I like things that are old and out of style. I have not been trendy or "cutting edge" for a while. To be honest I think I still live in the 90s. I hope I still don't dress like I live in the 90s.

It was so funny my dad coaxed me into going into the store. I didn't want to go in there because I knew all they would have would be; Twilight stuff. It was the same type of stuff they had there last time well except last time they had slutty Halloween costumes because we went there near Halloween time. That store makes me feel so old. I stopped feeling relevant in there a few years ago maybe like 2 or 3. Like in 2006 0r 2007 which would have made me between the ages of 22-23. They don't even sell good novelty socks there anymore. I was even in the mood for buying over priced crappy jewelry, but they didn't have anything I liked. Not even chokers. They had purple ones, but I wanted a pink one.

The funniest thing was that my dad was trying to be all hip in there or something. It was really embarrassing too. @.@ X_x

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  1. New shirley manson interview :
    Seems like the music is not on the way anytime soon...but more acting


    Happy holidays