Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Decade of Trends

There were quite a few trends this decade. (that I could think of) I think I'll make a seperate entrainment blog.

Gel PensThis is a trend that carried over from the 90s. They aren’t really popular now. I know they are with crafters and scrapbookers. I like to use them in my journaling.

Bratz and Similar dolls
For a while all the “dollz” had that “look”. The biggest was the Bratz who started that trend back in like 2001 or was it 2002? Oh I forget! Does it matter? (Bratz fans don't hate on me) Everybody thought and hoped they would dethrone Barbie and they did for a while. I’ll admit they did have some cute concepts. I thought the Tokyo line was cute. Their lack of feet disturbed me. Ok, ok it was not like the dolls didn’t have feet they were just detachable instead of having just the shoes that came off like a Barbie.

Everybody was copying them. Mattel gave a few attempts there were the Diva Starz (both incarnations) the Flavas My Scene. Of course My Scene lasted longer than those other 2 lines. There were Lisa Frank dolls that had “Bratz” look to them(sorry couldn't find a picture). Even the Trollz looked Bratz like. I mean they even had a “z” in their name. The show was better than the toys. The dolls looked creepy. Some people said that the Playmates Strawberry Shortcake dolls looked “Bratz like” To be honest I don’t see that.

There were a lot of "dollar store" knockoffs too.

There was a lot going on in the world of cell phones. They are a highly customizable item. I’m just talking about decorating the phone. I’m not going into things like ringtones. There were the face plates. I think that’s what they were called. That was back when most people had a candy bar phone. Those phones were a bitch to use. I hate that they turned on with the tiniest bit of pressure. There was also cell phone “bling” which was just sticky jewels you stuck to your phone. Don’t forget cell phone charms. I’ll admit I like this trend. I have 2 charms on my phone right now.

MP3 Players
They have come a long way since the Rio player.Green
Environmentalism has come a long way since the 90s. Back in the 90s we use to think the ice caps were melting we just didn’t know they were doing it at an alarming rate. Of course there are a lot of green things people do like using fabric bags, not driving a car, not running appliances, and buying bulk stuff.

Revival toys
Some of them are having a successful run like the Care BearsStrawberry Shortcake My Little Pony Littlest Pet Shop.

There were some less successful ones like Sweet Secrets PJ Sparkles.

Virtual plush

You know what I’m talking about; those plush toys that have some kind of redeemable code on them to make some kind of virtual pet. Some examples include the WebkinzShining StarsLittlest Pet Shop VIPs. Of course that meant people going all over online begging for codes.

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